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This and the following week’s posts are dedicated to my beloved friend and companion of almost 20 years, Princess Lila, known affectionately at home as Lilechka. Today, on August 9, 2015, Lilechka would have turned 21. She passed just a few months short of her 20th birthday, last year.

Lilechka looked young, was active and sharp till almost the very last week. I was stunned and completely unprepared to her passing, and it took me a long time to get over it. I didn’t see it coming – I didn’t want to see… Meanwhile, Lilechka made it as easy for me as possible on so many amazing and unbelievable levels! Throughout my life I have experienced so many of Princess Lila’s gifts, all unique and precious in their own way.

Lila cropped

Princess Lila (Lilechka) August 9, 1994 — April 29, 2014

But the biggest of them all was the gift she left when she knew she was about to leave us. The love and beauty she poured out those last weeks of her life were incredible. Her practically heroic behavior the last two days before her passing to make it easier for me, is something I will never forget. And the gift she left behind… is the stuff of legends.

It took me a long time to be able to sit down and start putting all this in writing, and it’s still hard. But deep down, I have been thinking about it since last year. The idea of the book was born almost immediately after she passed. I am starting to write this book, whose working title is Princess Lila’s Last Gift. I hope I will be able to release it next year.

Between this and the posts I plan to publish in the following weeks, I am offering you a glimpse of Lilechka’s story.

Princess Lila and I

When Lilechka was about 17, my hubby and I did a Psychic Q&A. This is a session in which I go into Alpha/Theta state and he asks me questions about the future. Psychic Q&A is my invention, and it capitalizes well on my gift of claircognizance, which means ‘clear knowing.’ Responses simply pop up in my head as knowledge. In some ways it’s clearer than clairvoyance, although it includes the elements of clairvoyance and clairaudience.

In that session one of the questions my hubby asked was whether Lilechka would be with us past her 20th birthday. Lilechka was still going strong at the time, but she was getting on with age and sometimes we both secretly wondered how long we had left with our beloved familiar. The three of us were so close that we sometimes jokingly referred to ourselves as the Holy Trinity.

Question: ‘Will Lilechka be with us past her 20th birthday?’

I heard my voice answering: ‘No, she will pass just short of her 20th.’

‘No?’ replied my hubby, taken aback.

‘No,’ I repeated sadly. ‘She won’t live past her 20th.’

This made us both sad and we wrapped up our Psychic Q&A. I thought a few times about that episode, but life went on, Lilechka kept healthy and strong, and with everything else that was happening in life, we forgot all about my prediction.

We only remembered it after Lilechka was no longer with us.

We had a good, long life together, Lilechka and I. We met well before I met my husband.

Lilechka is a Russian American kitty, born August 9, 1994; her striking tortoiseshell, lily flower-like fur caused her at birth to be named Tiger Lily. Her mommy, a Russian kitty called Diana, lived in Massachusetts and had a litter from the local tomcat. All kittens were adorable, but Lilechka was the cutest. Everyone who came to adopt the kittens wanted her. Soon, the hostess was forced to hang the sign:


Tiger Lily is spoken for

(she is a gift for a little girl’s birthday) 

Like myself, Lilechka was a traveler, adventurer and explorer. When she was only 3 months old, she was riding a bus. My neighbor, that same nine-year-old girl to whom Lily was promised as a birthday gift, was taking her home in a small holed box lined with a towel. In the middle of a 3-hour trip, Lily got out of the box and decided to explore the bus. When the tearful girl discovered Lily was gone, the whole bus frantically searched for her in every nook and cranny.

The girl’s parents were away and they asked me to meet their daughter and her nanny, who accompanied her on the trip. When I met them at the New York Bus Terminal, the little girl was still shaken and in tears, but Lily was safely back in her box.

Soon after, the family moved away and the little girl quickly forgot the kitty over whom she once cried. And the kitty… became one of the biggest gifts of my life.

It happens sometimes that certain people enter our lives to deliver precious gifts, and after they do, they leave forever. More than once such a thing happened in my life.

The original Tiger Lily name somehow fell by the wayside. I called her Lily Cat, or affectionately, Lilechka. Lilechka always was a small and dainty kitty. Till old age she always kept her model-like girlish figure and excellent health. She weighed on average only 8-9 pounds. But as she grew and developed, behind that small frame, I saw a great spirit emerge.

Lilechka helping me work

Lilechka’s favorite place: on my desk, helping me with my work!

Lilechka loves to sleep on my desk

Lila’s favorite place – mommy’s desk next to plants and sunshine; beloved pastime – meditating on her favorite pillow

Agatha Christie fan

Lila, the Agatha Christie fan: Having worked hard, we both relax to watch 4:50 from Paddington. Well… I watch, while Lilechka enjoys her well-deserved nap on her favorite pillow, on top of her favorite desk, close to her favorite human 😉

Lila, the Cosmic Panther

As Lilechka grew older and wiser, her spirit started manifesting as that of a giant Cosmic Black Panther – the great protectress of the Universe, who travels stealthily and benevolently across the stars. Lila, the Cosmic Panther has a beautiful sparkling crown made of stars, and huge, strikingly shimmering green eyes.

As I started clearly seeing Lily as the Cosmic Panther, her name naturally morphed into Princess Lila. Lila means Divine Cosmos (Divine Creation) in Sanscrit, so it’s very fitting.

After she passed, Lila started appearing to me as the Cosmic Panther that she really was. It’s amazing that such a small, 8-pound kitty could embody such great spirit and leave such an indelible trace in one’s life.

In memoriam: Celebrating her life!

in memoriam 1

4/30/2014, one day after Lilechka left us. My desk. Lights and computer off. Her favorite pillows where she loved to sleep; flowers and golden orgone pyramid in her honor…

in memoriam 2

4/30/2014. Flowers for Lilechka, overlooking the blossoming garden where she loved to be in the last days of her life

I wish I took more pictures and did more videos of Lilechka.

Still, she did star as the Halloween Cat, in my video

ENCHANTED HALLOWEEN, starring The Halloween Cat!

The video isn’t spooky at all. It’s humorous and funny. Check it out!


She also appeared in the role of a sassy, smart and heroic cat Princess Lily in my first mystery STEPFORD USA (Accidental Spy Small Town Adventure) – ebook now happens to be on big sale on Amazon for only $1.49. It’s an easy read, great for cat and dog lovers, and lovers of light mysteries with happy endings and humor.


Princess Lily later returned as a cameo character, psychically connected to the heroine Jade Snow, in GOLD TRAIN (Accidental Spy Russia Adventure).GOLD GT COVER ebook

We had many adventures together, Lilechka and I. The story above is one of the stories I plan to include in my future book, Princess Lila’s Last Gift (I hope to finish and publish it next year).

Coming in September to Lada Ray Blog: the incredible story of Lilechka’s precious last gift.

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