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5/31 quick update: STEPFORD USA and GREEN DESERT free promos are over. Over 3000 free copies of my books have been downloaded during the past few days and both books appeared on Kindle international bestseller lists. A million thanks to All for your interest and support! I wish all my readers a very happy reading and hope you enjoy my books! 🙂 Do remember to support your favorite authors by liking their books and contributing Amazon & Goodreads reviews!

This was the first time I’ve done the free promotion and I intend to share the results, my impressions (which are mixed at best), and thoughts on Kindle KDP Select program and the direction it’s taking, in a future post. For all the details/blurbs/book trailers/rankings see: STEPFORD USA postGREEN DESERT post. I initially intended to include GOLD TRAIN in this free promo, but based on my impressions, I reconsidered it, at least for now. For more about that read my future post. For more about all my books see official author website: http://www.LadaRay.com

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I am very pleased to announce that STEPFORD USA, psychological mystery thriller, Jade Snow International Adventure #1, is FREE on Kindle 5/29-5/30! Download your copy today!

Stepford USA (Jade Snow International Adventures Prequel)

Bestseller rank:

US: #193 Kindle FREE; #29 Mystery & thrillers; #9 Mystery; #8 Women Sleuths

UK: #358 Kindle FREE; #14 Mystery & Thrillers/ Women Sleuths

DE: #259 Kostenfrei Kindle; #5 Krimis & Thriller/ Krimis (mystery); #50 Populare Belletristik (popular fiction)

5 Star rated psychological mystery thriller, set in an idyllic Massachusetts town harboring a dark secret. Cool characters and setting, intense adventure full of surprising developments, amazing pets and humor! Check it out!

Here are the buy links:

Amazon US FREE: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B005L36DG6

Amazon UK FREE: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B005L36DG6

Also FREE Amazon: DE   FR   ES   IT

SynopsisPsychological mystery thriller, Jade Snow US Adventure. A cool play on The Stepford Wives, STEPFORD USA will dazzle you with an array of funny, outlandish, dangerous and utterly realistic characters. Who committed rape and murder: a corrupt police chief, crooked politician, millionaire-nerd, or womanizing banker?

“This exciting page-turner will have you guessing from the very beginning. Lada skillfully weaves many surprises into this psychological thriller. Her exquisite scene setting together with compelling dialogue makes Stepford USA a fascinating, if at times nail-biting, read. I highly recommend Stepford USA. Jade Snow is intelligent, warm and witty. Join her as she puts the pieces together and helps release a town from its dark, hidden past.” Jason Sullivan, Author, The Dark Yergall

“Psychological thrillers don’t get much better than this. Excitingly and yet chillingly gripping… plot line that surprises you at every turn and absolutely does not let you go.”  J.J. Collins, Author, Famine to  Freedom (UK)

“I enjoyed reading this uplifting book by Ms. Ray, filled with intrigue and irresistible characters.” Amazon review by a reader

“Very well written and gripping tale that will leave you guessing to the very end! Excellent storytelling!” Amazon review by a reader

Ladies from the Stepford Knitting Club know it all, except that the town has been hijacked by criminals posing as pillars of local community. That’s where Jade Snow comes in. A new breed of amateur sleuths and international journalist, she’s thoroughly at home in the brave, new, globalized world, but unprepared for one challenge – the dull existence in this sheltered American town. And that’s exactly where she ends up after getting married and pregnant. Aided by a super-intelligent calico cat and a psychoanalyst from New York, Jade’s on a mission to solve baffling mysteries, uncover a local conspiracy and turn this sleepy paradise upside down… if she can survive the attraction to an enigmatic convicted rapist, and the encounter with a desperate killer.
Warning: Contains enough suspense, psychology, mystical happenings, amazing pets, virtual reality, romance and humor to be a thrillingly delightful, yet dangerously sobering read.

Category: novel, psychological mystery/thriller
Word count: 69,800. Print pages 248

Check out Stepford USA Trailer!

Also by Lada Ray:
GOLD TRAIN: rip-roaring thrill-ride mystery/thriller set in Russia and based on true historic events (Jade Snow #2, Russia Adventure)
Green Desert: riveting story set in Iraq (Jade Snow Prequel)

Reminder: 5/28 is the last day to download GREEN DESERT for FREE! Check it out here!

NOTE: While each book in the Jade Snow International Adventure Series stands on its own, it is advisable to read them sequentially to fully appreciate the character development and plot twists.

For more about Lada, her books and current projects, visit LadaRay.com

Cheers and happy reading to all! 🙂