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A continuation of the tribute series, dedicated to Princess Lila, aka, Lilechka.

Lilechka helping me work

Lilechka was my super-familiar, beloved friend and companion of nearly 20 years. She passed on April 29, 2014 at the age of 19 and almost 9 months old.

In her memory, on August 9, 2015 we celebrated her 21 birthday. Lilechka had loved to bask in the sun in our big garden, which she missed terribly after we sold the house and moved to a more urban environment.


Our old garden

On May 9, 2015 we decided to remember Lilechka by visiting one of our favorite spots, Cornell Plantations at Cornell University, NY.

The gardens were fragrant and lush in their generous bloom. What’s especially remarkable is that Cornell Plantations grow many wonderful varieties of lilies. This always reminded us of our Lilechka, who was named Tiger Lily at birth for her lily like coloring.

We have taken lots of pictures of the gorgeous flowers and charming secluded corners.

As we walk you through the garden, please enjoy the views together with us!