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Lily is very loving, beautiful, smart and fluffy, and I love her with all my heart. She co-starred in Stepford USA, and made her appearance in Gold Train as the super-intelligent and sassy cat, Princess Lily. She also starred in my YouTube video, Enchanted Halloween, as the Halloween Cat. Despite these lofty credentials, Lily Cat likes simple pleasures of life.

LADA and LILY edited6

Lily and I, when we were just a notch younger


Us again, today

Hello, I am the official greeter

Lily’s famous ‘white paw pedestal pose’ featured in Stepford USA

And another version of the same pose

This carpet is very comfortable

Lily, this famous master of meditation, can meditate anywhere, even in the kitchen

Meditation over, time to go

Under the Bodhi Tree. A great place to relax, Buddha style

The Bodhi Tree meditation

I want my privacy, please!

Time for a nap

Lily: a portrait

Another rendition

Lily of the garden

The best hiding spot

A cozy spot by the warm heater on a cold winter day

What wouldn’t I do for a nice meal!

Time to say goodbye. See you again soon!