Beautiful Story! Princess Lila’s Last Gift: Lola and her Kittens


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This newly written story is part of my Lilechka Tribute Series. It picks up where my previous story Princess Lila and I left off. This story is also my contribution to the worldwide #LightForPets Remember Me Thursday – the pet adoption day.

Princess Lila’s Last Gift: Lola and her Kittens

Her name at birth was Tiger Lily due to her striking tortoiseshell coloring. When I adopted her, somehow, the original name fell by the wayside and I called her Lily Cat, or affectionately, Lilechka. But as she grew, in that small body, covered with soft a silky fur, a great spirit started emerging. Without any effort, she became Princess Lila. She was my loyal and loving companion and super-familiar for almost 20 years.

Lilechka cropped2

Before leaving us, Lilechka left some precious gifts. One was the gift of love she poured out in her last days, hanging on for an extra day and night because she saw how deeply upset I was she may leave us. She masterminded her last days and the days after she would be gone with precision, and she made it happen in the exact way she wanted to go. Behind her, she left the lingering blessing of her love.

We realized all that only after the events of the end of April 2014 took place. At the time, things were moving so fast that there was not a moment when we could distance ourselves from what was happening to think and reflect.

Another of Princess Lila’s gifts was of a much more physical nature. This story is about that gift.

The winter of 2013-2014 was harsh. Snow and ice covered our yard and driveway most of the time. We had to constantly plow and clear the ice. For the first time ever, our car skidded and got stuck in the icy hilly driveway. It took us hours to crush the ice and get it moving again.

Only by the end of March the sun finally warmed up the land enough to melt the last ice and snow. By mid-April our garden started blooming with some early blooms and the sun was again in abundance. By then, the gentle spring rays sent enough warmth so that both birds and animals started feeling the call to bask in the sun.

Lilechka, who turned 19 on August 9th 2013, stayed inside all winter. She was always a small kitty, but that winter she slowly got thinner. When we purchased the house, one of the main attractions were the two spacious covered porches – in the front and in the back. Lilechka loved staying on a porch during all seasons to get some air and survey the neighborhood. Because of our climate, covered porches were a must, so she could come out whenever she pleased, regardless of the weather.

In her younger years, Lilechka was very adventurous. As she aged, she became more and more an indoor cat, preferring either to cuddle by a warm radiant heater, or to sleep on top of my desk, on her favorite pillow. But coming out for some fresh air and to lounge on the porch remained her sacred daily ritual.

sleeping Lilechka

That last winter she didn’t come out once. Instead, she tried to seek out the precious little sun wherever she could find it. She had taken to sleeping on the dining room rug, warmed up by the small rectangle of a morning sun.

IMGP6406She also ate less, often refusing to finish her food. We fed her a balanced diet of dry and healthy wet food, as well as frequent treats of chicken, turkey and deserts of cream or cream cheese. She always liked variety. But that winter she stopped eating dry food altogether. We understood that it was getting hard for her to chew and started putting her unfinished dry food dishes out in the back porch, in case some other kitty or animal needed food. We always found the dish licked clean, but we never met the invisible kitty responsible for that.

By spring, Lilechka was often leaving most of her wet food on the plate as well. We started putting her dishes out on the back porch more and more often. Same result – they always were cleaned to a shine. By April, we were feeding her almost exclusively with very finely minced, soft chicken because she was refusing any other food. She was leaving more and more on her plate, and we started getting worried. Perhaps we needed to change her diet? While we started exploring her diet options, we were observing her closely. She was extremely sensitive to pet clinics, and she was always extremely healthy, so we decided to hold off talking to a vet, unless we really had to.

Meanwhile, we continued putting out full dishes regularly, and the food on them disappeared overnight like a clockwork.

In mid-April, Lilechka started coming out to bask in the sun, sitting on the warm garden soil, among the first spring blooms. The weather was changing rapidly to some very pleasant, temperate one, and we hoped that as the summer drew nearer, Lilechka would be feeling better and better. Indeed, her appetite seemed to somewhat come back.

Once I observed her siting in the back garden, while two neighborhood kitties approached. One kitty was a gray tabby and another black. The visiting kitties were non-aggressive and they seemed shy. They stopped at a distance when they saw Lilechka. Then, there was some sort of silent exchange between the parties. Lilechka stared at them, while they stood and stared back. Then Lilechka produced a mew. The two kitties silently turned around and left our backyard.

One day, we had the door to the back porch semi-open, while cooking chicken. As the smells of chicken wafted into the air, we expected Lilechka to show up in the kitchen, as she always did when the delicious food smells tickled her delicate nose.

Instead of Lilechka, we suddenly saw a short-haired tabby in our back porch. She slowly approached the back door and stood at the threshold, expectantly. Lilechka showed up in the kitchen and again, there was a silent exchange between the two. Then the gray kitty backed off, but stayed in the back porch.


We gave Lilechka her finely minced chicken and then, we minced more chicken for the tabby, who patiently awaited her cut. She gobbled up everything on the plate with the ultrasound speed and looked up at us. “Can I have some more, please?” was saying her whole demeanor.

We gave her more. She finished the second round just as quickly, but stayed on the porch. When Lilechka ate her fill, we gave the gray kitty Lily’s leftovers, and she finished that off as well.

She remained on the porch, looking at me with her big, intelligent eyes, still hoping for more.


“Sorry,” I said. “We didn’t count on a guest. There is no more chicken left. Come back tomorrow.”

She left reluctantly. That night I put out a full dish of dry food. By the morning it was all gone. Again, we made fresh chicken for Lilechka, hoping that the new diet would make her stronger and she would recover. Indeed it seemed the case. She was eating better, went out more and seemed to get stronger.

The gray tabby showed up again, and again we gave her some chicken and dry food. She kept coming back day after day, eating everything we gave her, be it dry or wet food, or chicken, with equally ravenous hunger.

One day, Lilechka finished her meal and decided to come out to sit in the back garden. The gray kitty, as usual, was hanging out in the back porch. Lilechka emitted a mew, meaning basically, “Hey, it’s still my property; do you mind?”

Again, there was a silent exchange between them, which I understood fully only after what happened later. Lilechka was saying, “I am still here. You can come and eat, but you cannot take over until I am gone. Remember, it’s still my domain.”

The tabby understood and backed into a far away corner of the porch, where she awaited her cut.

After I made sure Lilechka was comfortable in the garden, I turned to the gray. “Now it’s your turn.” Filling up her plate, I added quietly, “You are welcome to come here and eat any time, sweetie, but please do not upset Lilechka while she is not feeling well, ok?” The kitty looked at me with her intelligent eyes, and I knew she understood perfectly.

For a couple more days we had a gentleman’s agreement, according to which our visiting tabby waited discretely in the front porch until Lilechka ate and went to bask in the garden sun. Then she would come to the back porch and I would feed her to her heart’s content.

We were happy to feed this kitty, who was in such apparent need of nurturing. She always ate as if she was storing food like a camel, for the future use. We felt that unspoken agreement developed between the two cats. Something like this: “Lilechka to gray: you can have my extra food, I don’t eat that much any more.”

The tabby gratefully accepted everything we gave her, but once she was full, she never lingered. I often would come out on the back porch, hoping to pet her and talk to her after her meal, but the moment her third or fourth helping was finished, she immediately disappeared in the unknown direction.

And then, on April 29th 2014, Lilechka was suddenly gone. It was a crushing blow, something for which I was completely unprepared. With sorrow and tears, the guilt settled in. What have we done wrong? What could have we done differently to keep her going? Maybe we could have done this, or that…


The guilt was a road to nowhere. We understood that intellectually, but especially at night, my sorrow overwhelmed me. Even my hubby, who wasn’t usually prone to sadness, shed a tear.

The gray tabby continued religiously coming to the back porch for her chicken fix. Her presence proved a great distraction from our sadness. She ate even more ravenously than before, and we found ourselves busy cooking chicken every day. She always consumed that chicken as if she hadn’t eaten for a month. That little kitty ate more than a grown man – bowlfuls of freshly made chicken disappeared in her belly like they were nothing.

When we were preoccupied with Lilechka, we didn’t have the time to question why this kitty ate so much. At first we choked it up to the fact that she probably liked chicken too much and that she probably had a very difficult winter. She didn’t seem thin. But perhaps the food she usually ate wasn’t as nutritious? That still didn’t explain just why she ate such unusually large amounts of food, and she wasn’t telling us.

But since her appetite didn’t abate, we started looking deeper into the reason. I already understood that Lilechka had an unspoken agreement with this kitty in need that she could stay here after Lilechka was gone, but not before. It was becoming apparent to me that our smart Princess Lila had timed everything to perfection.

Still, even I had no idea how many more surprises she had in store for us.

The gray kitty was now letting me pet her. I did that as much as I could while she was eating. It really helped me forget my sorrow. Now she didn’t rush to leave our back porch quite as quickly as before, but she still left shortly after having finished all her food. “Look at you,” I remarked to her reproachfully. “You just come here, eat and leave. It’s not so nice of you. You could stay a little longer, you know.”

We started looking forward to the gray’s visits every day. Lilechka’s fur was rich, soft and silky. Petting this kitty was a different experience. She was short-haired, with fur tough like a bristle; her coat was a lovely looking gray stripes; her face was cute and expressive, eyes steady and intelligent. In her own, understated way, she really was a good-looking cat.


A couple of days after Lilechka’s passing, as I was petting her, the gray kitty raised her head and gave me a look of adoration. As she did, I noticed something strange. There were some bald spots that looked like large red sores on both sides of her mouth, where her whiskers were. I knew something was wrong and I tried to look closer. But she didn’t want to stay still. I asked for my hubby’s help and together we were able to determine that those indeed were raw sores flanking her mouth on both sides.

“Sweetie,” I addressed the kitty. “Has someone been abusing you? Has someone plucked your whiskers out and made these sores?” The kitty looked at us, but said nothing. We decided to examine her closer to make sure she was alright otherwise. I scratched her under her chin to help her relax, and as I did, I felt a large patch of missing fur on her upper front chest. It wasn’t noticeable when you looked at her, being covered by the rest of her fur, unless you literally stumbled upon it.

I parted the fur to examine the bald patch. It was covered by tough skin and appeared to have healed. “It’s probably an old battle wound,” commented my hubby. “And the sores around her mouth could be from lack of good nutrition, and stress.”

“I hope it’s not something worse than that,” I said.

We treated her sores with colloidal silver, a wonderful holistic remedy that worked well on various infections. For years we successfully treated Lilechka whenever she would get an eye infection, which she was prone to in her later years. A small drop of colloidal silver got rid of such infection in one day.

I turned to the kitty. “Darling, if anyone is mistreating you wherever you live, you are welcome to come and stay here any time. We’ll protect you.” She looked at me steadily, and as she did, an idea floated into my mind.

“Wait a minute,” I said, trying to lift her. “I think I know why she eats so much.” She was heavy and being used to Lilechka’s feather-weight, I couldn’t hold her as she started slipping out of my hands. But I lifted her enough to see her tummy.

There were protruding pink nipples covering her entire underside. Our mystery cat was a nursing mommy.

I looked her in the eye and said again, “Sweetie, you can come here for food any time, or if you need anything else, just let us know. We’ll take care of you.”

Next morning, she showed up earlier than usual.

“You are early today, sweetie,” I told her. “We haven’t started cooking chicken yet.”

“Mew,” she replied. That was the first time I’d ever heard her voice. It was a nice, melodic sound, if a bit low. “Mew,” she said again and did something that reminded me of Lilechka. When Lila wanted us to follow her somewhere, she would mew, look at us, then jerk her head in the direction she wanted us to go and start running in that direction. It sounded like, “C’mon, follow me, I need to show you something important over there.” We loved it when she did it. It was just so awfully cute.

This cat did something very similar. I followed her as she led me to the azalea bushes in the front yard. She glanced at me periodically to make sure I was with her.

“What did you want to show me, darling?” I asked, as we approached our blooming azaleas, which covered the entire perimeter of the front porch, providing a splash of color and lots of added privacy. She silently stood facing the bushes, as if saying, “Just look inside.”

I obediently crouched down in front of the low stone wall framing the bushes and peered inside the dense vegetation. In the murky depths of our azaleas I saw movement. When I looked closer, I clearly distinguished two tiny kittens who made themselves comfortable in the roomy shelter of the bush. One was gray, with very unusual wide swirly stripes, and another black, with charming snow cap paws and a matching white ascot, similar to Lilechka’s. I looked at the kittens mesmerized, while they made themselves comfortable inside the bush, staring back at me.

“Wow, darling, you do have kittens, and they are so pretty. You are a lucky momma.” I called my hubby and we both marveled at the kittens. She listened to our superlatives with delight and smiled. As her smile got wider, I noticed that her mouth sores were starting to heal. I made a mental note to keep treating her with silver.

“Ok,” I said. “Looks like they are safe in the bush for now. We’ll figure out later where to put them. Now, how about I go cook some chicken for you. Clearly you need to eat for three. No wonder you’ve been so ravenous.”

I went back inside to make her some chicken, while she silently disappeared. One hour later, she still wasn’t in the back porch, which was strange. I went to the front to check up on the two kittens. When I looked inside the azalea bush, there were four kittens.

I examined the street to see if she was around. Instead of our new kitty friend, I saw a lady who walked up to me and said, “This gray cat has been bringing her kittens to your front yard all morning, did you know? I live at the end of the street and I’ve noticed her walking past my window, carrying them one by one in her mouth. She just carried one and dropped him on the street. He was probably the heaviest. Then she picked him up again and kept hauling him here.”

“Yes,” I said, “I told her to bring them here. They seem to need a home and they are welcome to stay.”

I went back to the kitchen, and several minutes later, she was in the back porch, hungrier than ever. After she ate, we both went to the front and now there were five kittens playing and sleeping inside that welcoming azalea bush.

“You are so smart, aren’t you,” I said to her. “You first made sure we realized that you were a nursing mommy. Then you brought us two of your cutest babies, to make sure we liked them. I notice that the first two kittens are also the smallest, so they were the easiest to carry. You played your hand carefully and made sure we wouldn’t object. After you saw how happy we were to see them, you brought the rest. I admire your strategic talents, sweetie.”

She sat and looked at me, smiling mysteriously. And at that moment her name popped into my head. I knew that she should definitely be called Lola.

From that moment on, Lola and her kittens stayed with us. At first we were unprepared for such an invasion. But the days were lovely, and getting warmer, and the six cats really enjoyed our front porch.

Lola and her five kittens sleeping on our porch:

IMGP6779 IMGP6780

For years, Lilechka remained our only kitty. We were completely unequipped to deal with six cats. While we were thinking where and how to best accommodate them, the playing kittens and their momma on our front porch attracted a lot of attention from the neighbors. Mobs of people began ogling them standing by our low front stone wall. People climbed up onto the porch to take their pictures and to leave them some food. Someone started dropping open cans with cat food into the bushes, probably thinking they were starving, thus polluting our property. More than once we had to clean out those cans of dirty food from the bushes.

No question, the kittens and Lola were adorable. But it was really getting out of control. We were forced to hang a sign: “Private property, no trespassing!”

To get away from the curious crowds, we got busy organizing a play pen for Lola’s brood in the back porch. We also continued cooking daily for the nursing momma-cat. As she continued nursing, she ate so much that at one point we made her chicken three times a day. The kittens were starting to eat regular food as well. We welcomed being constantly busy. It took our minds off our sudden loss. Only at night the sorrow for Lilechka came flooding back.

I started spending more time playing, taking pictures and shooting videos of the playing kittens, who grew happy and were getting more and more adorable by the minute. Lola was happy too, seeing her kittens well fed and playful.

As I observed them, I started giving them names that went with their personalities and looks. The very first kitten Lola brought to us became my favorite. He was the best adjusted of all, the most playful and the cutest. I named him Tigger for his cuteness and bold swirly stripes.

This is Tigger:

IMGP6660 IMGP6663 IMGP6689


The second kitten she brought to us became Yin-Yang for his striking black fur and contrasting white ascot and paws.

This is Yin-Yang:

IMGP6721 IMGP6763

More pics of Yin-Yang and Tigger, who loved to hang out together, and Lola the mommy cat:

IMGP6713 IMGP6717

Then there was Shadow, who was completely black, undoubtedly taking after his daddy.

This is Shadow:

IMGP6686 IMGP6676

The last two were very close in coloring. They were definitely momma’s boys. One had striped markings similar to Lola’s, but his fur had a grayish-peach shade. I named him Peach. The last kitten – the one that was the heaviest, and whom Lola dropped while carrying him to our home, had a pretty bluish-gray shade to his fur. He also had very striking blue eyes. All five kittens had gorgeous blue eyes, but that one stood out. After much hesitation, I finally settled on calling him Blue.

All five kittens sleeping together on our porch, Blue and Peach are upfront:


Lola nursing the kittens. Right to left: Peach, Blue and Yin-Yang are on top:


We sometimes gathered on the front porch and watched the kittens play with each other, or eat, or simply rest huddled together, in one big fluffy fur ball.

IMGP6755 IMGP6756 IMGP6757

IMGP6729 IMGP6773

One day several people walked up to our porch and told us Lola’s story. They lived a block away. Their neighbor had a cat who had a litter. Lola was one of that litter. When the woman moved away, she took her cat with her, but left the litter behind. The poor kitties had to fend for themselves. These nice people let Lola stay on their porch with her kittens. But their house was already full with their own several cats and a dog, so they couldn’t let her inside.

Generally, their quarters were cramped and not in very good condition. No wonder our smart Lola chose to move to our house.

“She is much better off here,” said the man. “You have no idea how crowded it is on our side. Everyone has at least a few cats. They are vying for space and food. But here, there is so much more space and privacy for them.”

As we were talking, the kittens played on the grass. “They are happy here,” he added.

“They’ve moved up the social ladder,” his wife joked.

As we talked, a car pulled up to the curb. A woman came out, explaining that she had been bringing food for the kittens. I thanked her, asking her not to do that any more as they were fully taken care of.

The cat lady explained that she was helping stray kittens to be neutered and adopted into good homes. After Lola stops nursing, she said, her kittens and herself need to be taken to the vet and neutered. And I can help them get adopted as well, she added.

She would help pay, she said, to take Lola and the kittens to the vet. They needed to do some tests to see if they had worms.

“They have no worms,” I blurted out. “I guarantee it. I would have felt it if Lola or the kittens did. She is generally very healthy,” I added, “except for those terrible mouth sores.”

“What sores?”

I explained that when Lola first showed up she had raw sores around her mouth, but after we treated them with silver, they vanished within two days. She looked at me incredulously. It appears she had never heard about colloidal silver, or that sores could be gone so fast.

I thanked her and took her number. Still mourning Lilechka, at that point we were uncertain how we wanted to proceed. We knew that Lola was a precious kitty, who could make anyone very happy. The kittens, especially my favorite Tigger, were adorable, and we didn’t see any problem finding them loving homes, if we had to.

The six cats were a handful. They kept us busy all day as we moved furniture and re-purposed our huge back porch as a cozy playpen for the kittens and our dinette as their feeding area. But keeping ourselves busy and being around all that young, pulsing energy let us forget our sudden loss.

We were extremely grateful for the distraction, realizing now full well our Princess Lila masterminded her last gift of Lola and the kittens. Lilechka knew we would be heartbroken losing her; she anticipated we would need a distraction, and she obviously wanted to help Lola get a better home. The young and playful energy of Lola’s kittens, and Lola’s calm and grateful demeanor did a lot to make us feel better.

We stopped feeling guilty, irrationally second guessing ourselves about what we could have done differently to keep Lilechka alive a bit longer. We now understood that she knew it was her time to go and that she went in the exact way and at the exact time she had wanted.



As the always hungry five kittens and their nursing mommy kept us working, we noticed that a healing of the recent wound started taking place. Again I marveled at how amazingly everything fell into place. If not for Lola and her kittens, the wound could have festered a lot longer and with much more pain.

We also marveled at how well Lila and Lola organized the whole thing, how gently and gradually, only when we were ready, Lola broke the news of her kittens to us.

We toyed with the idea of keeping Lola and Tigger, while getting the rest adopted. As all six started feeling quite at home in our house, wandering around and exploring, I couldn’t stop being amazed at how smart Lola was, almost Princess Lila smart. She would silently ask me to take a tour of the house, jerking her head in the direction of the second floor and looking back at me – are you with me? As she walked into a room, she would look up at me as if saying, I could see myself in this room. What about you?


I really wanted to. Yet, every time I looked at her, I saw Lilechka.

It was still too close, and too raw. I would never look at Lola on her own merits, I realized. This rare feline, so beautifully calm, intelligent, caring and brave, deserved more than just being Princess Lila’s shadow. Lola and I often had silent conversations. She was good at silent communication – that I noticed since her stealth psychic exchanges with Princess Lila. I was pretty sure Lola knew how I felt.

We also knew that within a couple of years we would be moving again. Our many moves were always hard on our Lilechka, but she bravely endured them, for us. I didn’t want to do this to Lola and Tigger.

We finally decided to foster them while Lola was nursing, and then give them all up for adoption to good homes with the help of the nice cat lady we had met. We got attached to our six kitties and we knew we would miss them terribly. But it was the best and most reasonable thing to do for all.

Clearly, the Cat Goddess, assisted by the fairy godmother, Princess Lila, was looking out for our Lola and her kittens. This, once upon a time abandoned, homeless kitty, who had to survive on someone’s dilapidated porch even in the coldest of winters, had experienced a complete turnaround.

Lola and Tigger were adopted together by the cat lady’s friend, who had a big yard and lots of space for them to roam around. Yin-Yang and Blue were adopted together by another family, for their little girl and boy. Shadow, the black kitten, was adopted right away as well. Peach lingered the longest, but later he was also adopted by a nice family.

Lola’s terrible mouth sores had completely healed and we spoiled her so much with all that chicken that in the end she couldn’t look at it any more. The vet who neutered her gave her a clean bill of health. No worms, no sores, no problems. The kittens were as healthy and happy as they could be. How did you do it? The cat lady and the vet asked us. It appeared they expected worms and other problems.

We thought we didn’t really do anything special. Perhaps we just poured out on Lola and her kittens all the love that was once reserved for Lilechka.

And love heals all.

Lila cropped

Post Scriptum

This is part of the story of Princess Lila and her many gifts. I hope you enjoyed the inspiring tale of Lola and her five kittens. One day, I plan to publish a book about Lilechka, whose working title is PRINCESS LILA’S LAST GIFT.

We expect to be moving again next year. It will be a big move and we’ve decided to hold off on adopting a kitty till after we’ve settled down. My hubby wants an orange kitty (he has always been secretly in love with Garfield). I am dreaming of a white kitty. Two would be nice, so they can play with each other, but maybe we’ll also get a black kitty as well, to remind us of Princess Lila’s cosmic spirit as a giant Black Panther (read about that in Princess Lila and I).

Black Panther 5

Three kitties are even better than two, don’t you think? ;)

We are keeping our options open, while keeping our eyes and ears open as well. We know, our life will lead us to the right kitties at the right time.

For now, when we go for our long walks around the city, we meet a lot of beautiful cats of all colors and breeds. They usually run to us and we get to pet them to our – and their – hearts content. These precious kitties would run to me and my hubby, their tails up in the air, with a little curl at the tip (a sign of respect); they would roll on the ground, exposing their belly and asking to be petted. They would snuggle against our legs and jump on our lap. The city where we live is kind and welcoming, and local house kitties feel quite at home on its shady streets. On our walks we also meet a lot of beautiful dogs and get to pet them, too.

It always amazes me how much unconditional love animals have. They pour out all that affection on us, humans, asking for very little in return – that we love them back.

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Copyright 9/24/2015 Lada Ray

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Who will be a on September 24? Will it be you?

Use #LightForPets with your personal pet adoption story to help orphan pets find homes.

The Remember Me Thursday® global awareness campaign encourages individuals to light a candle this day (literally or virtually) and to opt to adopt, reducing the millions of orphan pets euthanized each year.

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Unite with pet-lovers and animal welfare organizations around the globe on Thursday, September 24, 2015 (the fourth Thursday of September, annually) , with a worldwide pet candle-lighting ceremony.

The candles, lit on the exact same day across the world, honor the millions of pets who lose their lives without the benefit of a loving home and shine a light on the millions of healthy pets who are still awaiting adoption.

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Heart-Warming Dog Rescues by Hope For Paws in LA


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These people are angels. Hope for Paws’ Eldad Hagar is one of those I mentioned in my recent article: Feminism vs. Sacred Feminine – Male Chauvinism vs. Sacred Masculine as an example of the manifest Sacred Masculine on our planet.

Cola & Pepsi: bonded poodles struggling to survive in a sewer get a heartwarming rescue.

Not knowing the people’s intentions, look how the brother tries to protect his little sister! Such nice little sweeties. 


A scared Golden Retriever panics during her rescue. Her reaction once she was saved is amazing!

Golden Retrievers are probably the kindest, nicest dogs in existence. How is it even possible that someone would abandon such treasure? And it appears the dog was abused, judging by her fear of humans.

But even being scared, she never attacked back and never barked. My heart melted when I saw her covering her eyes, like a scared little child. Every dog is a gift. But Golden Retrievers are just so magical and intrinsically benevolent that they stand out.

We do lots of walks and it just so happened that in our recent walks we’ve met a lot of Golden Retrievers. They always are the kindest and most huggable doggies imaginable. Usually, both dogs and cats we meet in our long walks run to us and we get to do a lot of petting.

To me, Golden Retrievers are a dog equivalent of dolphins because of their always positive, benevolent attitude and lovely disposition.

Blessings to all!

My next post in the LILECHKA series is coming soon. It’s about Princess Lila’s amazing last gift. Stay tuned!

August 9, 2015: Beautiful Cornell Plantations


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A continuation of the tribute series, dedicated to Princess Lila, aka, Lilechka.

Lilechka helping me work

Lilechka was my super-familiar, beloved friend and companion of nearly 20 years. She passed on April 29, 2014 at the age of 19 and almost 9 months old.

In her memory, on August 9, 2015 we celebrated her 21 birthday. Lilechka had loved to bask in the sun in our big garden, which she missed terribly after we sold the house and moved to a more urban environment.


Our old garden

On May 9, 2015 we decided to remember Lilechka by visiting one of our favorite spots, Cornell Plantations at Cornell University, NY.

The gardens were fragrant and lush in their generous bloom. What’s especially remarkable is that Cornell Plantations grow many wonderful varieties of lilies. This always reminded us of our Lilechka, who was named Tiger Lily at birth for her lily like coloring.

We have taken lots of pictures of the gorgeous flowers and charming secluded corners.

As we walk you through the garden, please enjoy the views together with us!





Author Feature. Paulette Mahurin’s New Release: To Live Out Loud


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My dear friend Paulette Mahurin from California has just published her new book To Live Out Loud. She is one of the sweetwest and kindest people you will meet. Her books are about justice, compassion and about those who fight for the truth and against injustices of this world. Paulette is also a huge animal advocate; profits from her book sales help in dog rescue.

A couple of years ago I did a review (5 stars) of Paulette’s first book:

Book Review: The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap by Paulette Mahurin

The new book continues the historic and justice themes. It is a relatively short read – the paperback is 172 pages long.

Paulette Mahurin bookSYNOPSIS

In 1895, France was torn asunder by a scandal that rocked the nation and divided the country. An innocent Jewish military officer, Alfred Dreyfus, was unjustly sentenced to life imprisonment on a desolate island. The news that could exonerate him was leaked to the press, but was suppressed by the military. Anyone who sought to reopen the Dreyfus court-martial became victimized and persecuted and was considered an enemy of the state. Émile Zola, a popular journalist, determined to bring the truth to light, undertook the challenge to publicly expose the facts surrounding the military cover-up. This is the story of Zola’s battle to help Alfred Dreyfus reclaim his freedom and clear his name. Up against anti-Semitism, military resistance, and opposition from the Church of France, Zola committed his life to fighting for justice. But was it worth all it cost him, to those around him, and to France? This is a narrative of friendship, courage, and love in the face of the adversity and hatred. It is a story of how one man’s courageous actions impacted a nation. From the award winning author of The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap comes a book that will leave you examining your notions about heroism, courage, and your role in social change long after you read the last sentence.

Paulette Mahurin


Paulette Mahurin lives with her husband Terry and two dogs, Max and Bella, in Ventura County, California. She grew up in West Los Angeles and attended UCLA, where she received a Master’s Degree in Science.

While in college, she won awards and was published for her short-story writing. One of these stories, Something Wonderful, was based on the couple presented in His Name Was Ben, which she expanded into this fictionalized novel in 2014. Her first novel, The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap, made it to Amazon bestseller lists and won awards, including best historical fiction of the year 2012 in Turning the Pages Magazine.

Semi-retired, she continues to work part-time as a Nurse Practitioner in Ventura County. When she’s not writing, she does pro-bono consultation work with women with cancer, works in the Westminster Free Clinic as a volunteer provider, volunteers as a mediator in the Ventura County Courthouse for small claims cases, and involves herself, along with her husband, in dog rescue.



MILDRED PRESS ARTICLE:  VC STAR Sept. 9, 2012 Sunday Life Section:









A heartfelt thank you to everyone who purchases my books and takes the time to write a review. All profits from my books go to help get dogs out of kill shelters.


Hopeful News! Costa Rica Is Shutting Down Its Zoos And Freeing All Animals In Captivity


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Great and hopeful news for all of us, who feel the grave injustices of this world and who want to help the defenceless animals! Costa Rica Is Shutting Down Its Zoos And Freeing All Animals In Captivity!

Bless you for posting this, Lou! Let us hope that this initiative does go through and that it becomes an important global precedent.

What humans have done to our Planet Earth and her animals is truly appalling! It is time to reverse this horrible trend of enslaving other beings. It’s up to humans to grow up and realize they enslave themselves when they enslave others.

The word ‘civilization’ is misused and misunderstood by those humans who think they are superior to other beings. The word that should be used here is ‘CONSCIOUSNESS.’

When consciousness on our planet has grown sufficiently so that human race (or human civilization – the right usage of the word) at large realizes they can under no circumstances harm other beings, then our work is done. Only then the presently sequestered humanity would be allowed to truly rejoin the inter-galactic community.
(Please forgive me for digressing into cosmic matters, but all this is directly related).



Feminism vs. Sacred Feminine – Male Chauvinism vs. Sacred Masculine


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Reblogged from FuturisTrendcast.  Click to read complete article.


On March 8, I published a very positive, complete with nice pics, article entitled:  Dear Women! Happy International Women’s Day! This article on Lada Ray Blog received quite a resonance, with lots of reblogs and social media shares. While most readers enjoyed it, I also saw that it confused some men to the point that we had to delete one or two angry comments.

One of my long-time supporters Emil Resmann wrote

“Dear Lada, Thank you for reminding me that Women’s Day can and should be something positive!
Sadly in Sweden it is not. Sweden, next to the US, is probably the country worst poisoned by distorted feminism! Swedish society is slowly being destroyed by feminists fighting against men! Every day in the newspaper there is at least one article about how women are being mistreated by, raped or beaten by, or discriminated against by men or by the system! There is almost never a word about the difficulties facing males. Obviously International Men’s Day is unknown in Sweden, as according to Swedish feminists every day is “Men’s Day”!
Having a Thai wife, and one foot in Thailand, some aspects of Swedish society are becoming unbearable to me.
Well, Lada, enough of negativity from my part! Maybe you have some interesting thoughts about western distorted feminism?”


The importance of understanding and making peace with 3D issues

The readers on both of my blogs FuturisTrendcast and Lada Ray Blog are approximately 50% men and 50% women. Similarly, when I wrote my novels, I also didn’t discriminate, like some writers do, by targeting exclusively women or men. The readership for my books was always both men and women. When both sexes resonate with the truth of what I say equally, this denotes a true yin-yang balance, crucial for making peace with our 3D world.

There is a lot of talk about Ascension, which means ascending spiritually and physically into 5D – the Fifth dimension. What most people have to understand (and this includes those who consider themselves spiritual) is that in order to ascend to 5D, we have to SETTLE ALL the karma associated with 3D. This effectively means we have to raise our vibration through wisdom, understanding, knowledge, truth and forgiveness. We have to make peace with everything that bothers us in 3D. This, however, is not the same as wearing rosy glasses or closing our eyes to the ugliness that goes on around us. It means just the opposite: opening our eyes and actively participating in changing the ugliness into beauty.

Some will ask, what happens if you are dealing with ugliness – and it rubs off? What if you yourself become bitter and angry, what if you yourself lose the way? This has happened to some people; this fear is real for a large number of spiritual seekers. This is why so many prefer not to look at the dark side of things, fearing they won’t be able to hold on to the light in them. I met such people, who, in my opinion are only doing themselves disservice by closing their eyes to one half of their reality. We discussed how this works in The Energy is Shifting! Together, We Have Averted the Worst Outcome!

The actual solution is just the opposite: we need to DIVE deeply into the actual situation that causes us distress or trouble, be it internally or externally. This is why I spend so much time writing and speaking about the profound issues, bringing the most hidden secrets and predictions to light. The purpose is to help us all understand what and why is happening around us.

Let’s just say this is the opposite of muddying waters even further with sensationalist fantasies and conspiracy theories not based on true knowledge of circumstances (not to be confused with true conspiracies that do exist around us). When you understand the underlying issues behind any event or behavior, you will not look the same way at it ever again. Such deep understanding, which I usually explain on psychological, historic, geopolitical, karmic (cosmic) and mystical levels, will lead to compassion and forgiveness, which may in turn lead to exalting your Calibration (quantum energy vibration) to the levels of mastery and magic: LOVE and above.



Quantum Scale of Consciousness: Life-Creating Calibrations (ProjectEarthShift 2)

Quantum Scale of Consciousness: life-diminishing calibrations (ProjectEarthShift 1)


Is it possible to ascend in a small group, when Earth clones itself, while leaving the rest of the unascended humanity behind? Sorry, this isn’t going to happen. Such belief is akin to the beliefs of some religious sects, who think they will be saved, while the rest of the sinners on the planet will go to hell (or stay in it, if you consider hell what’s going on on the planet today). This is the attitude of escapism. The process of Ascension is something our human world has to actively achieve together.

This is why people like myself are here to write and speak about it, in order to help those who are ready to understand the truth, make peace with it. This is called Wayshowing and people who do this are called Wayshowers.

All this is very important, and we’ll get to all the intricacies of it on this blog eventually. At this time, let’s get back to the issue forming an important part in understanding of what I have said above:



is the actualized in 3D enlightened side of the female nature: creative, nurturing, feminine. It has highly balanced yin-yang in a very productive way. Positive, happy, valuing others and herself highly; taking full responsiblity for resolving problems in her own life, but not rejecting help and support, in fact, asking for help and support when needed, while gratefully accepting it.


is the darker, and at times destructive, side of female nature; it is rebellious, angry, protesting – oftentimes rightfully so against injustices, but usually going too far in such protest, or putting the responsibility of such injustices on the wrong shoulders. It is oftentimes a backlash against the historic victimization of women, thus making women unduly masculine. It may accompany a certain gender confusion and it always represents one-sided or unbalanced yin-yang. 

As always, the coin has two sides:


(alas, rare on our planet so far) is representative of a fully actualized in 3D enlightened male; this is a courageous, heroic, protective of all life and justice, nurturing and loving in a masculine way, self-sacrificing and yin-yang balanced side of the male nature. None of this has to be flashy, and it can manifest in the everyday reality in a very quiet and unassuming way. In my above-referenced video about Life Creating Calibrations – under Calibration 480-499: Humanity and Compassion – I give an example of a dashcam image of a Russian officer helping an old lady across the street. This, to me, is one of the manifestations of the Sacred Masculine in everyday life.


is the dark and yin-yang unbalanced side of the Masculine duality, based on fear, anger, ignorance and confusion of what this soul is doing on Earth. Survival fear gone berserk is at the root of the problem. Instead of being the guardian responsible for others, such person becomes oppressive or destructive, believing this is the only way to preserve his power, which to him is equated with his very survival. That primal unenlightened belief that it’s kill or be killed taken to the extreme, had caused terrible things to manifest in human history. Male chauvinism is destructive, angry, aggressive, arrogant and disregarding of anyone else’s interests, or life itself. 

The interesting thing is that both manifestations of both genders are equally important and necessary, as they both reflect our today’s polarized 3D reality on Planet Earth – its light and dark sides. Another interesting thing is that we, as a human race must learn how to reconcile these differences, in order for this human civilization to survive and move forward.

Click to read complete article


You can find much more about my Quantum Scale of Calibrations on

Princess Lila and I


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LADA and LILY edited7

This and the following week’s posts are dedicated to my beloved friend and companion of almost 20 years, Princess Lila, known affectionately at home as Lilechka. Today, on August 9, 2015, Lilechka would have turned 21. She passed just a few months short of her 20th birthday, last year.

Lilechka looked young, was active and sharp till almost the very last week. I was stunned and completely unprepared to her passing, and it took me a long time to get over it. I didn’t see it coming – I didn’t want to see… Meanwhile, Lilechka made it as easy for me as possible on so many amazing and unbelievable levels! Throughout my life I have experienced so many of Princess Lila’s gifts, all unique and precious in their own way.

Lila cropped

Princess Lila (Lilechka) August 9, 1994 — April 29, 2014

But the biggest of them all was the gift she left when she knew she was about to leave us. The love and beauty she poured out those last weeks of her life were incredible. Her practically heroic behavior the last two days before her passing to make it easier for me, is something I will never forget. And the gift she left behind… is the stuff of legends.

It took me a long time to be able to sit down and start putting all this in writing, and it’s still hard. But deep down, I have been thinking about it since last year. The idea of the book was born almost immediately after she passed. I am starting to write this book, whose working title is Princess Lila’s Last Gift. I hope I will be able to release it next year.

Between this and the posts I plan to publish in the following weeks, I am offering you a glimpse of Lilechka’s story.

Princess Lila and I

When Lilechka was about 17, my hubby and I did a Psychic Q&A. This is a session in which I go into Alpha/Theta state and he asks me questions about the future. Psychic Q&A is my invention, and it capitalizes well on my gift of claircognizance, which means ‘clear knowing.’ Responses simply pop up in my head as knowledge. In some ways it’s clearer than clairvoyance, although it includes the elements of clairvoyance and clairaudience.

In that session one of the questions my hubby asked was whether Lilechka would be with us past her 20th birthday. Lilechka was still going strong at the time, but she was getting on with age and sometimes we both secretly wondered how long we had left with our beloved familiar. The three of us were so close that we sometimes jokingly referred to ourselves as the Holy Trinity.

Question: ‘Will Lilechka be with us past her 20th birthday?’

I heard my voice answering: ‘No, she will pass just short of her 20th.’

‘No?’ replied my hubby, taken aback.

‘No,’ I repeated sadly. ‘She won’t live past her 20th.’

This made us both sad and we wrapped up our Psychic Q&A. I thought a few times about that episode, but life went on, Lilechka kept healthy and strong, and with everything else that was happening in life, we forgot all about my prediction.

We only remembered it after Lilechka was no longer with us.

We had a good, long life together, Lilechka and I. We met well before I met my husband.

Lilechka is a Russian American kitty, born August 9, 1994; her striking tortoiseshell, lily flower-like fur caused her at birth to be named Tiger Lily. Her mommy, a Russian kitty called Diana, lived in Massachusetts and had a litter from the local tomcat. All kittens were adorable, but Lilechka was the cutest. Everyone who came to adopt the kittens wanted her. Soon, the hostess was forced to hang the sign:


Tiger Lily is spoken for

(she is a gift for a little girl’s birthday) 

Like myself, Lilechka was a traveler, adventurer and explorer. When she was only 3 months old, she was riding a bus. My neighbor, that same nine-year-old girl to whom Lily was promised as a birthday gift, was taking her home in a small holed box lined with a towel. In the middle of a 3-hour trip, Lily got out of the box and decided to explore the bus. When the tearful girl discovered Lily was gone, the whole bus frantically searched for her in every nook and cranny.

The girl’s parents were away and they asked me to meet their daughter and her nanny, who accompanied her on the trip. When I met them at the New York Bus Terminal, the little girl was still shaken and in tears, but Lily was safely back in her box.

Soon after, the family moved away and the little girl quickly forgot the kitty over whom she once cried. And the kitty… became one of the biggest gifts of my life.

It happens sometimes that certain people enter our lives to deliver precious gifts, and after they do, they leave forever. More than once such a thing happened in my life.

The original Tiger Lily name somehow fell by the wayside. I called her Lily Cat, or affectionately, Lilechka. Lilechka always was a small and dainty kitty. Till old age she always kept her model-like girlish figure and excellent health. She weighed on average only 8-9 pounds. But as she grew and developed, behind that small frame, I saw a great spirit emerge.

Lilechka helping me work

Lilechka’s favorite place: on my desk, helping me with my work!

Lilechka loves to sleep on my desk

Lila’s favorite place – mommy’s desk next to plants and sunshine; beloved pastime – meditating on her favorite pillow

Agatha Christie fan

Lila, the Agatha Christie fan: Having worked hard, we both relax to watch 4:50 from Paddington. Well… I watch, while Lilechka enjoys her well-deserved nap on her favorite pillow, on top of her favorite desk, close to her favorite human ;)

Lila, the Cosmic Panther

As Lilechka grew older and wiser, her spirit started manifesting as that of a giant Cosmic Black Panther – the great protectress of the Universe, who travels stealthily and benevolently across the stars. Lila, the Cosmic Panther has a beautiful sparkling crown made of stars, and huge, strikingly shimmering green eyes.

As I started clearly seeing Lily as the Cosmic Panther, her name naturally morphed into Princess Lila. Lila means Divine Cosmos (Divine Creation) in Sanscrit, so it’s very fitting.

After she passed, Lila started appearing to me as the Cosmic Panther that she really was. It’s amazing that such a small, 8-pound kitty could embody such great spirit and leave such an indelible trace in one’s life.

In memoriam: Celebrating her life!

in memoriam 1

4/30/2014, one day after Lilechka left us. My desk. Lights and computer off. Her favorite pillows where she loved to sleep; flowers and golden orgone pyramid in her honor…

in memoriam 2

4/30/2014. Flowers for Lilechka, overlooking the blossoming garden where she loved to be in the last days of her life

I wish I took more pictures and did more videos of Lilechka.

Still, she did star as the Halloween Cat, in my video

ENCHANTED HALLOWEEN, starring The Halloween Cat!

The video isn’t spooky at all. It’s humorous and funny. Check it out!


She also appeared in the role of a sassy, smart and heroic cat Princess Lily in my first mystery STEPFORD USA (Accidental Spy Small Town Adventure) – ebook now happens to be on big sale on Amazon for only $1.49. It’s an easy read, great for cat and dog lovers, and lovers of light mysteries with happy endings and humor.


Princess Lily later returned as a cameo character, psychically connected to the heroine Jade Snow, in GOLD TRAIN (Accidental Spy Russia Adventure).GOLD GT COVER ebook

We had many adventures together, Lilechka and I. The story above is one of the stories I plan to include in my future book, Princess Lila’s Last Gift (I hope to finish and publish it next year).

Coming in September to Lada Ray Blog: the incredible story of Lilechka’s precious last gift.

#LightForPets #cat


Much more about Animal & Mother Earth Protection

More posts about Lilechka:


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It’s a beautiful thing… Adorably Unusual Animal Friendships and Animals as Protectors


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Uplifting pics and vids compilation

Beautiful and loving animals in photos:happy dog and cat 2

monkey and jaguar babieslittle lamb and dogbaby monkey and dovedog-cat-friends

kitty and parrot

peace on earth christmas animals

Peace on Earth


It’s a beautiful friendship!


Animals as fearless and kind protectors


Wishing you all a wonderful and loving weekend!


This weekend is dedicated to my beloved friend and companion of almost 20 years, Princess Lila, aka, Lilechka. Lilechka would have turned 21 on August 9 this year. She passed just a few months short of her 20th birthday, last year. 

This weekend I will have more posts dedicated to Lilechka.

Lilechka cropped2

Lilechka, I miss you. Eternal love and blessings always!

US dentist kills beloved African #LionCecil: Zimbabwe asks to extradite lion killer


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Portrait of a big male African lion (Panthera leo), South Africa

I once dowloaded this picture of a magnificent African lion from an imaging service, as part of my paid subscription.

Isn’t he gorgeous! But while we, the normal people, admire the beauty of such amazing creature, marveling at the miracle of life on our wonderful planet, others go around destroying and mutilating this fragile beauty! And for what? Not because they are hungry, not because someone made them do it, not because they have crying children to feed. NO! It is done for sport, for trophies, for ego, or for enrichment! And this can never be tolerated!

It is the human who is the biggest and most vicious predator on the planet!

US dentist illegally kills beloved African Cecil the Lion, causing outrage in the US and internationally.

From RT: The Zimbabwean government has requested the extradition of the US dentist Walter Palmer, who killed the southern African country’s most celebrated lion, Cecil. The American trophy hunter lured the lion out of a national park and tracked him down. READ MORE:


Palmer paid $50,000 to his accomplices for the pleasure of killing!

Extradite that SOB as soon as possible to face the music!

Most importantly, stop outrageous African safaris (or any other illegal hunts), in which innocent, beautiful and rare animals, who are the precious gift of our Mother Earth, are hunted down by spoiled, bored out of their minds rich scum from the US and other fat countries!!!

Link to White House Petition to extradite the killer

The petition gathered almost 220,000 signatures as of this writing.

I signed it – please sign it too!

#animalprotection #animalrights #LionCecil #Africa #Zimbabwe

From CNN article: Link

A White House petition requesting that dentist Walter Palmer, who killed a prized lion in Zimbabwe, be extradited to the African nation to face justice should receive a response from the Obama administration.

The petition needed to receive 100,000 signatures by August 27 to get a response. It had more than 146,000 signatures as of Thursday evening.

“We urge the Secretary of State John Kerry and the Attorney General Loretta Lynch to fully cooperate with the Zimbabwe authorities and to extradite Walter Palmer promptly at the Zimbabwe government’s request,” the petition said.

CNN reported that Palmer, a dentist from Minneapolis, Minnesota, killed Cecil the Lion earlier this month. Since news of the killing sparked international outrage Palmer has been nowhere to be found.

Related: Where is Walter Palmer?

Palmer is in the public crosshairs after the Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force said Cecil was lured out of an animal sanctuary in Zimbabwe and shot with a crossbow.

“He is alleged to have lured Cecil from the safety of the national park to kill him. Two of Palmer’s local accomplices are already in custody. Zimbabwe authorities now actively seeking Palmer in connection with this incident,” according to the White House petition.

It is not clear when the White House will respond.


When some kill, others serve and protect…

Related: Russian hero cop rams into incoming car to save children’s lives

Lada’s Guide to the 85 Subjects of the Russian Federation


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Reblogged from FuturisTrendcast

Posts in this series appear under category Ask Lada

For the new Ask Lada episode, I chose the following question.

In response to my latest video, WHO REALLY RULED USSR? The Secret of Brezhnev’s Passport

Question: Is an Oblast comparable to any American governmental subdivision such as a State or County? 

Lada’s reply

If located in the densely populated European part, oblast in size could be between a US state and county. It’s typically bigger than any US county, but usually (not always) smaller than a state. If it’s located in Siberia, it tends to be bigger than many of the world’s countries.

Sometimes oblast is incorrectly translated as a ‘region.’

Russia’s administrative structure is federative, which means that there is a federative agreement between various parts of the country. This is due to the multinational, multi-confessional and multi-cultural composition of Russia. In fact, Russia is the most multi-national country in the world, with about 100 nationalities living on its territory. It is also one of the few truly multi-confessional countries, although the main religion is considered Russian Orthodoxy.

Russian_Regions-EN.svgMany, but not all, federation subjects are oblasts. Oblasts are generally the predominantly and traditionally Russian-populated territories within Russia, directly subordinate to the capital, Moscow. Such as Moskovskaya Oblast (area around Moscow – excluding Moscow proper, which is a separate subject of the Federation), Voronezhskaya Oblast in central Russia (city of Voronezh and surrounding areas) and Novosibirskaya Oblast in Western Siberia.

Another administrative subdivision in addition to oblast is kray. A great example is Krasnodarsky Kray, which includes some of the most fertile agricultural lands in Russia, as well as the famous Black Sea resorts, such as Sochi. Kray (krai) means a parcel of land, or alternatively, ‘the end, edge or outskirts.’ Incidentally, the word Ukraine ‘ u-krai-na’ is a derivative of the word kray.

sochi palms

Black Sea resort of Sochi (Sochi Winter Olympics 2014 venue), Krasnodarsky Kray

Normally, krays are those lands where the cossacks had traditionally settled. They were given land and special rights by the Russian Empire, and later, by the Russian Federation. Their administration was a little different. Kray is often bigger than oblast, although some are comparable in size and population. Other examples are Krasnoyarsky Kray in Eastern Siberia (capital Krasnoyarsk) and Dalnevostochniy Kray (the Far Eastern Kray).

Read the rest of this article!

Don’t Murder 2 Million Feral Cats in Australia – Plz petition gov’t


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Lada Ray:

For a huge animal lover, and especially cat lover such as myself, this is terrible to hear!
I recently fostered an abandoned cat, whom I called Lola and her 5 kittens, until we were able to find nice homes for all of them. This is a beautiful story. I will eventually have it in print, together with lots of pics!

Please sign the petition and spread the word. Thanks so much!

Direct link to PETITION on

Originally posted on 1EarthUnited:


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Target: Australian Environment Minister Greg Hunt

Goal: Don’t unnecessarily murder two million feral cats.

Australia recently announced a plan to kill two million feral cats in the country because they are “harmful,” despite the fact that animal rights groups say this won’t do much to help.

The Australian Environment Minister claims the cats will be killed humanely, but is there really a way to murder innocent animals who are just trying to survive? French actress Brigitte Bardot condemned the minister’s plan in an open letter, saying, “This animal genocide is inhumane and ridiculous. In addition to being cruel, killing these cats is absolutely useless since the rest of them will keep breeding.”

Bardot said the money set to murder innocent animals would be better used to sterilize them and decrease the population in that nonviolent way. The government plans to shoot and poison…

View original 248 more words

We All Share One Mother Earth


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It seems so easy to understand. If only more humans remembered this precious wisdom…

Native American wisdom

Lada Ray @LadaTweets thanks her Twitter pal  for this image!

 Blessings to all!

Have a peaceful and beautiful summer!


Quantum Scale of Consciousness and Quantum Calibration Reading


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Great News! 

New on

Quantum Scale of Consciousness


Quantum Calibration Reading

Quantum Calibration

Lada’s message:

I have been working with Dr. David Hawkins’ Scale of Consciousness (based on his book Power vs. Force)  since 2002. I used his scale consistently to help me determine the course and outcome of personal and global events, energy level of people and places, as well as usefulness of any objects I wanted to purchase. Over the years, Calibrations have assisted me in making the right decisions. I also used calibrations for years as an additional tool in my Feng Shui and Earth/Personal Shift Consultations. Little by little, I started developing my own additions to the classic scale, polishing up and expanding it, adding my own values and deeper interpretations.

The result was Lada Ray Quantum Calibrations Scale. I find that my Quantum Calibrations system goes much further and deeper than the original Hawkins Scale of Consciousness. It works together with my Chi Kinesiology – the system I created for calibrating. This complete system is very practical, precise and specific.

I am finally ready to offer a dedicated Quantum Calibration Reading. I find calibrations to be a very important and valuable tool, providing answers with astounding accuracy. My system also offers precise and detailed interpretations.
The new Quantum Calibration Reading is designed to help you understand deeper various events happening in your life; gain clarity and answers; assist you in making the right decisions for your future. It is the tool for co-creation of your life and destiny.

We made these readings as affordable as possible, considering their value. They are: $30 for single and $60 for double reading.



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Quantum Calibrations and Chi Kinesiology – definitions and Q&A
Lada Ray’s Complete Quantum Calibrations Scale

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Part 1: Life-threatening calibrations   Part 2: Life-creating calibrations

Read my recent FuturisTrendcast article: Quantum Calibrations of Major Events: Iran Deal, SCO/BRICS Summit, Russian Sanctions, Ukraine, Armenia and Greece. In it I provide geopolitical calibrations for important recent events and relations between countries. This post demonstrates that calibrations can also be an incredibly revealing and helpful tool when interpreting global events.


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Pope Francis and World Religions – Karma and Consciousness (Ask Lada: Ep1)

Reblogged from FuturisTrendcast: Pope Francis and World Religions – Karma and Consciousness

(This post is a continuation of Putin’s New Ally: Pope Francis)

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What is a Spell and Can You Cast One for Me?


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I thought some of my readers might be interested in this topic. It relates to #Druid or Celtic #magick, #wicca, psychic powers, #shamanism and other Earth-based esoteric disciplines and beliefs. This is the latest radio show by Melodi Grungy, my friend from Ireland, the hostess of Cat’s Eye on the Future show on TIME MONK RADIO.

Melodi interviewed me on three occasions so far. You can find all my interviews with her and with The Plane Truth show in the new INTERVIEWS playlist on Lada Ray Channel. All future interviews will be added to that playlist.

Incidentally, Melodi and I are planning a new interview about EMPATHS as soon as the Time Monk producer is able to record it. Since both Melodi and I are very powerful empaths, we will talk about what this means, how the world is seen by empaths, the cosmic role (destiny and karma) of an empath and how to protect yourself if you are one. That should be either late June or mid-July.

We are also planning the interview about the Grigory Rasputin mystery: the real truth surrounding his historic role, life and death. This will be a show tieing together esoteric and material, history and geopolitics, humanity’s future and cosmic/alien consciousness. This interview will be in part based on my book The EARTH SHIFTER, where I talk about Rasputin, and in part, on my upcoming EARTH SHIFT REPORT, The Putin Enigma. It’s coming in August or September, 2015.


Incidentally, Melodi is also a well-known psychic card reader. I just had a fabulous, hour-long reading with her via Skype (thank you, Melodi!). It confirmed some things I foresaw myself, as well as predicted certain events, some of which have already taken place. Those interested, please check out Melodi’s site:, or find Melodi on Facebook (I personally don’t do Facebook, although I know many of my readers and listeners do).

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Incidentally, I recommend two of the latest posts on FuturisTrendcast:



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New Exclusive Video Earth Shift Report 4. ALIEN TECHNOLOGY & NEW RUSSIAN WEAPONS


Intro by Lada Ray

The United States of America undoubtedly has the largest, best equipped and best financed army in the world. USA spends more on military than the rest of the world combined. USA seems to dominate in every type of conventional warfare, be it on land, air, or sea.

Per the accepted global geopolitical theory, world powers are divided into sea, hybrid and land ones. USA today, like the British Empire before it, is the dominant sea power. As is fitting for such super-power, USA’s Navy is the most powerful, and by far the largest, in the world. Until recently, the US Navy, it seemed, owned our planet’s oceans and seas.

Since mid-2000s a rumor circulated that the reason US never attacked Iran from the sea was because they knew Russia could disable the entire US Navy fleet. What mysterious weapon could have been used for such purpose?

While usually Russian defence programs are very secretive, recently, Russia started coming out publicly with more and more breakthrough designs, such as the world’s most advanced Armata tank first presented during the May 9, 2015 Victory Day parade on Red Square.

For a few years now, some Russian politicians have been urging the government to reveal new designs so that the West wouldn’t get any ideas about attacking Russia, like it happened in 1941. The need to make them understand that Russian Army is fully ready to defend the country became especially pressing after the USA and EU’s direct interference in Ukraine, including supplies of weapons, mercenaries and military advisors. As the smell of potential new world war intensified, Russia made a decision to begin showcasing the technology that was kept under wraps all these years.

As my readers and listeners know, I have predicted in the beginning of 2014 that Russia would NOT send any troops to Ukraine, instead ‘gradually remolding the situation in her favor using all quiet and peaceful means at her disposal.’ I said that there would be NO direct confrontation between USA and Russia and that there would be NO hot World War III. I also said back then that the hidden global war would continue raging, be it diplomatically, economically, financially, electronically, or as spy and propaganda war.

This is exactly how the situation has been developing for the past one and a half years. It will continue developing the same way, until the massive EARTH SHIFT we are going through is complete (read more in PREDICTIONS).

Some call it a hybrid war. I call it 4D warfare.

It is beyond the fully incarnated, physical 3D reality. It’s often fought by computer geeks, masterminds, and invisible operators. It can only be gleaned if you know behind which curtain the wizard is hiding.

One of the main reasons the world will NOT go through the physical carnage of another devastating world war is Russian preparedness. This is the best deterrent against any possible aggressor. It falls to Russia, as the Great Balancer of our planet, to become the Sacred Shield and Sword against any global aggression.

As such, Russia always has to be ready. This is why the image of a soldier, protector and Defender of the Motherland, is so important to Russians.

We all recall the strange case of the USS Donald Cook, dubbed ‘Donald Duck,’ which had to urgently retire from the vicinity of the Crimea and the Black Sea after it was buzzed by the mysterious Russian device called KHIBINY, rendering the world’s most sophisticated electronic AEGIS system onboard helpless. What is referred to as KHIBINY is an older Soviet device. If you know about KHIBINY, believe me, you know nothing yet!

In this program we will see for ourselves how target cloning works; how Russian subs confuse and disable attack and spy planes; how a single, ordinary-looking all-terrain vehicle can create an invisible shield to protect the entire city against blanket rocket fire; how to make ballistic missiles explode before they reach target, or better yet, how to prevent them from taking off in the first place, thus rendering any missile system obsolete; how a bullet-proof vest could make the bullet change its trajectory and how a target can vanish from radars.

The program includes Russian Army’s inside footage and, until recently top-secret, demos and live tests; interviews with designers; until recently classified, real names of producers and real names of new Russian weapons, designs of the future, and much, much more!

What appeals to me most is that all designs and weapons you will see are of defensive, or non-offensive, nature. These are not aggressive attack weapons most military documentaries might showcase.

Another thing worth mentioning is the fact that they all seem straight out of Star Trek or a movie about aliens.

Finally, I want to draw your attention to two episodes. One mentions “an undisclosed conflict several years ago.” Per the narrator, throughout that conflict, the Russian army didn’t lose a single plane or helicopter, despite incessant blanket fire from the adversary’s BUK systems. What conflict are they talking about? And how did they avoid any losses?

KHIBINY and the Donald Cook episode are also mentioned, while some interesting details are revealed.

But why don’t you find out for yourself!

Click to watch this video report!

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Video program stats: Length 40 minutes. 
In Russian, with English subtitles. COPYRIGHTED authored translation: Lada Ray


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Please note: the new Earth Shift Reports are available for a donation of any amount. We appreciate that different people have different financial circumstances and we want to make sure as many people as possible can read Lada Ray’s reports. Lada makes a lot of information available for free on her blog and YT channel. However, the biggest topics, juiciest news and intel will be reserved for her Earth Shift Reports. The money raised through donations will be used by Lada to continue providing free information and predictions, on site and blog maintenance and security, to expand research and to purchase new audio/video equipment and software for Lada Ray Channel. As Paul Craig Roberts once said, “It’s expensive to think in America.” Well, it’s expensive, time-consuming, dangerous and taxing on the system to think, tell the truth and write in our world.

All new reports will be available from the EARTH SHIFT REPORT page on

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Stats: This report is the size and scope of a small book: 19,500 words, 42 print pages; plus 3 videos

Report contains: in-depth historic, sociological and geopolitical analysis; rare video interviews and latest intel with Lada’s authored translation; personal stories growing up in Ukraine and Russia; juicy inside scoop and new predictions, plus a substantial Reference section.

Report Description

Ukraine’s most powerful oligarchs, their fortunes and more
Spiders in a jar – the Ukraine mafia
The difference between Russian and Ukrainian oligarchs
Inside story. Putin and Russian oligarchs: Khodorkovsky, Berezovsky, Prokhorov, Abramovich
How the Kiev oligarchic junta differs from German Nazis
Poroshenko vs Kolomoysky – who won, who lost?
Jewish oligarch “Benya” Kolomoysky and his right-hand man Korban: video admissions to die for
USSR collapse: aftermath, consequences and manipulation
My personal stories growing up in Ukraine and Russia
Who is really pulling the strings?
What is Kolomoysky doing in the US?
Agony of the regime: latest Ukraine killings
US, EU, Ukraine, Novorossia, Donbass, Russian world – what is coming? New predictions
To top it all off! Real source of her russophobia: Victoria Nuland’s adventures in 1982 Soviet Odessa

Also watch/read NEW Exclusive Video Report 4: 



Update on: GAME OF RUBLES. Anticipated release: June, 2015. Description and more info: EARTH SHIFT REPORT page on

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