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You are reading excerpt from INTRO TO:


a new book by Lada Ray 



Total number of countries and global organizations in the book:

Countries: 91

Global Organizations: 10

Also included as a separate section: Superpower & Great Power Ranking Index (15 countries), with extensive, never shared before Power Scale, new Criteria and Definitions.

Plus, in-depth bonus articles:

Every Country Deserves Its Government: The Importance of Calibrating a Country Leader

Business/ Corporate Worlds’ Comparative Calibrations: 7 leading countries

World’s 8 Most Powerful People

Q&A: Why Western armies calibrate so much lower than Russian Army?


Rather than by continent, the countries are clustered according to their affinity groups and relevant regions. This makes it more logical and easy to compare peer countries’ performances.

The book is divided into sections by the following regions and affinity groups, in alphabetic order:

Africa; Anglo-American World; Asia (Southeast); Eurasia: Russia, Russian World and Post-Soviet Space; Europe and EU; Latin America and the Caribbean; The Middle East and Muslim World.

The countries within each region and affinity group are presented not alphabetically, but rather logically.

The expanded list of calibrations presented in the book for a number of countries includes:

Whole Country Quantum Calibration (QC) and CHI

Plus the QC and CHI for:

the current country leader, army/defense, economy, financial solvency and sovereignty (level of).

In some cases added are additional bonus calibrations for specific sectors of economy, specific historic figures and past leaders, additional important people and/or specific cities/regions of said country. In a number of cases presented is also additional expanded intel, analysis and predictions. In other cases you may see a more in-depth Earth Shift and Multidimensional view of a specific country or continent. All this will enrich your reading experience and deepen the understanding of the whole.

Depending on the country, you will see one of the three categories of posts: Expanded, Full or Short.

Many countries get their own, substantial EXPANDED interpretation articles, as seen on Lada Ray Patreon. Some other countries will get FULL calibrations with a brief interpretation. Included is also another category, called SHORTS, in which we calibrate the (QC and CHI only of certain smaller countries as a whole, with brief or no interpretation. The set of Shorts expands the book’s geography. It gives the reader an additional idea how a peer group of countries stacks up against each other, and how a specific region of the world fares. In addition, for several regions we have REGIONAL calibrations with interpretations. The biggest such region is Africa (Sub-Saharan), which is a major case study, including past, present and future calibrations. Three separate Post-Soviet/Russian World affinity regions also have their own Short calibrations, with interpretations, thus providing a fuller picture (Central Asia, Caucasus, Baltics).

The ten largest and most important geopolitical International Organizations are included in the end, as a separate section. The calibrations for Organizations are comparative and predictive (futurist).

The book also includes a number of valuable bonuses (see full list above), and the closing section with COMPLETE QUANTUM & GEO CALIBRATIONS  DEFINITIONS and INTERPRETATIONS. This full table is shared publicly for the first time. It was previously available only as part of ESR17, or to Lada Ray private clients who ordered Personal Multidimensional and Quality of Life Geo Calibration Written Consultations.

Among many other things, Quantum Calibrations are exceptionally useful in helping us determine where each city, country or region of the world shines, where it has a good future and advantage, vs. where it has problems. It is especially important to compare countries peer to peer. The structure of this book will allow you to see how peers stack against each other. Peer-to-peer comparison and analysis will demonstrate immediately where the weak links are, and what a country needs to focus on, in order to be competitive in the future. Often calibrations will confirm what politicians and people have already known to be a problem. But sometimes, a hidden, surprising problem will be revealed.

Examples of peer-to-peer comparisons are: superpower to superpower, such as USA, Russia, China and EU; Northern or Western Europe countries; Club Med countries; Slavic countries, African countries, Latin American countries; Post-Soviet Space countries, small prosperous countries with stable political/economic systems, the BRICS countries, etc. All this you’ll find in the book.

Comparing non-peer countries also gives us an enormous amount of information. By revealing differences in calibrations, we can clearly understand the nature of differences in statute of various countries and regions of the world. We can project into the future and determine what needs to be improved.




 RELEASE: FEBRUARY 20-25, 2019!


New book Info:


 Official site: LadaRay.com

New Author Site

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RELEASE: FEBRUARY 20-25, 2019!

The book will be released as ebook and paperback!

It will be sold on:

Amazon worldwide, Barnes&Noble, Apple Store, Smashwords, Sony and more.

Stay tuned for 







To start…



Lada Ray’s New Quantum and Geo Calibration System is based on the ground-breaking Calibrations of Human Consciousness, introduced by David Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D. in his book, Power vs. Force

Between 2002-2018, based on the foundation of Hawkins original scale of consciousness, Lada developed her own advanced system of Quantum and Geo Calibrations. This breakthrough system goes well-beyond the original, introducing a more targeted, refined and high-consciousness result. 

Lada has developed the new all-encompassing system of definitions and values, including the notions of Quantum Calibrations (QC), Geo Calibrations (GC), CHI (Earthly Manifestation Energy), HC QC and CHI (Heart Chakra Quantum Calibration & CHI), Power Vortex, various chakras and whole energy field calibrations, as well as a number of higher-dimensional values, such as Soul Dimension, Soul Mission, Galactic IQ (GIQ), Karmic Acceptance Match (KAM), Prosperity Darma, and many others. Lada also has created the Empath Index, as well as the values of AP (anger pollution), EPI (energy pollution index), HI (harmony index), etc. 

Lada Ray’s system has for years been successfully applied in Private Consultations, with the vast majority of Lada’s clients remaining her return clients for life. The system continues being perfected; new findings are being regularly shared on Lada Ray Patreon with advanced group of Patrons and Supporters of Lada’s work. 

Quantum and Geo Calibration System works closely together, complimenting and enriching Lada’s other two cutting-edge systems: Earth Shift and Multidimensional Universe.  

After years of development and application, it can be confidently said that Quantum and Geo Calibration System is the most efficient, all-encompassing and profound tool for revealing the fundamental energetic, structural and spiritual truth about any event, subject or object in our world, currently in existence.

The truths that have been hidden, deliberately or not, will come to light. Where there previously was confusion and chaos, the realization, clarity and structure will emerge. A new, deeper and higher understanding will take place, allowing us to see forward and to act in the best and most beneficial way. These are just some of the benefits of the Quantum and Geo Calibration System.


Quantum and Geo Calibrations are an amazingly valuable tool: based on them we can assess more accurately the present and past, and we can predict the future (but always keep in mind: in my future predictions, the calibrations are just one element; there is so much more to the multidimensional predictions and forecasts!). The biggest value of calibrations is the fact that they astonishingly accurately quantify and pinpoint the true energy and true nature of any situation, event, object or subject, however someone tries to hide or distort it. If used with correct intention, precision and pure heart, calibrations will give you the result with crystal clarity and a directness of truth.

~ Lada Ray, 2018, LadaRay.com



Official site: LadaRay.com

New Author Site

Lada Ray Patreon




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The big day is nearing!


Today, I am revealing the Inside Front Page of my new book, which includes at-a-glance description!

The OFFICIAL BOOK COVER REVEAL is soon! I think it’s looking good and I am very excited about it!

In the next 2-3 weeks before and after the book release, I’ll be posting inside peeks, exclusive previews, excepts and much more!

Please stay with me!

Watch for FREE previews, sneak-peeks, insights and in-depth articles on:

LADA RAY PATREON, YouTube and FuturisTrendcast!

**Yesterday’s big report includes material from the book! Read FREE on Lada Ray Patreon:

MOLDOVA SHIFT & Igor Dodon, the Putin of E. Europe (Multidimensional Geopolitics, Quantum Calibrations & Election Predictions)!

Book release date: February 20, 2019!

This book will become a fascinating read, an unsurpassed research tool and a handy reference for all those who want to know where their country, continent and the world in general is moving, who want to understand the whole truth and underlying reasons for each country’s conditions, and for those who want to compare various countries and regions of the world for academic or practical reasons, such as decisions on relocation. But this book does more! It gives you an in-depth look at my new core theory of Quantum and Geo Calibrations, allowing you to get in touch with the higher consciousness through my brand of predictive futurism. It gives you a good glimpse at my other core theory and practice, namely The Great Earth Shift and Russia the Great Balancer.


Official site: LadaRay.com

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NEW AUTHOR SITE & LADARAY.COM STORY! (OpenCreativeKitchen Essay 3)


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As much else in a storyteller’s life, it has a story of its own…’

Just published today!

As a continuation of the DOUBLE ANNIVERSARY OPEN HOUSE JANUARY, here’s a new essay for you on Lada Ray Patreon!

READ BELOW — or Visit the Complete Original: NEW AUTHOR SITE & LADARAY.COM STORY! (OpenCreativeKitchen Essay 3)!


READ OpenCreativeKitchen Essay 3:


Home Page of my New Official Author site:

As much else in a storyteller’s life, it has a story of its own…

You probably know that my current official site and main portal for all my work is LadaRay.com. It has its own section dedicated to BOOKS where I’ll be posting my book updates! But as I began preparing my new non-fiction books, to be released in 2019 and in the years after, the need arose in a dedicated book author site.

In 2010 I initially envisioned LadaRay.com to be the domain reserved for my official fiction author site. At the time I was working on my novels Stepford USA and Gold Train, and shorts Catharsis and Green Desert, and later, on The Earth Shifter.

Ever since I wrote my first fiction books, my work, worldview and spiritual consciousness have evolved into another galaxy. A whole new world opened up and the manifestations of all my work can be gleaned through my many projects!

First in 2013-14, came FuturisTrendcast  as well as the expanded LadaRay YouTube.

I was very busy writing articles for FuturisTrendcast, with the sole purpose of dispelling lies, preventing a new manipulation of history and enlightening humanity as to the truth.  I was also doing occasional podcasts on YT. Being pre-occupied with the new attack against truth and a new dark attempt to distort history and reality, I didn’t pay attention to my domain, and I let it expire. But shortly after I knew that I again needed the main portal to consolidate my fast-growing body of work, where I could house my new theories, plus my Earth Shift Reports, Consultations and later, Webinars. However, I discovered that someone hijacked my LadaRay.com domain while I was looking the other way, and that someone was now demanding $30,000 for me to buy back my own site! At the time I decided it wasn’t worth it.

Later, I was able to buy it back during an auction. And now you can enjoy the many things my official site, LadaRay.com, has to offer! It houses my Earth Shift Webinars and Reports, Private Consultations, plus loads of free predictions and Earth Shift, Multidimensional & Quantum Calibration primers.

LadaRay.com – official Earth Shift Creator site:

My work continued expanding, and currently my most cutting-edge & advanced NEW projects are the upcoming non-fiction BOOKS:

and LADA RAY Patreon:

For a time, my old author site was all but forgotten. Now that I am back to writing and publishing books, I’ve given it a new life, and it will now be dedicated specifically to all my books, both past and future! The site will continue being worked on and expanded, but the main work is done.

I am pleased to present to you my new official book author site: 


Please check it out and spread the word! The news of my future non-fiction books will be posted there as well!

Check it out! The BOOKS page:

The BIO page – this is the original author bio, now available exclusively on this site:

The new site also has my comprehensive BLOGS & SM Directory!


Some of these have extensive subdirectories – check’em out! I’ll be expanding the Reviews, Bookstore, Trailers and Excerpts pages. Come back soon for more! Preparing some treats and surprises in 2019!

**NOTE! LadaRay.com remains the OFFICIAL main site & portal for ALL my work!



Please read previous Essays!


I Am Sad and Disappointed! WHY? BIG CHANGES! (OpenCreativeKitchen Essay 1)

More to come – stay tuned!

**Creative Kitchen is an Exclusive Patreon Feature, where patrons can peek into my creative secrets & find out first what I’m working on!

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LadaRayBlog, FuturistTrendcast and LadaRayPatreon story!

Snapshot2 LadaRay Author Site

On January 16, 2019, Lada Ray Patreon is turning 1!

And at the same time, January 2019, Futurist Trendcast turns 5!

This post is part of the Double Anniversary Open House & Gift Fair! All the details in this post: LADA RAY DOUBLE ANNIVERSARY OPEN HOUSE! Generous FREEBIES, SpecialGifts, Exclusive Bonuses, Awesome Perks!

Every subscriber to Futurist Trendcast and every Lada Ray Patreon Member will receive something special, cool and valuable!

The Double Anniversary Open House & Gift Fair runs between January 13 and 31, 2019. During this period we’ll have some very special and valuable bonuses and perks for each existing patron! And we’ll have tons of FREE content for interested non-patrons and FuturisTrendcast subscribers!

COME ON IN AND SAMPLE THE GOODIES! Coming: A number of FREE Lada Ray’s in-depth articles and reports! In addition, we’ll have some FREE Earth Shift Podcasts! But it gets even better and ALL PATRONS will receive lavish gifts, surprises and exclusive perks!




(OpenCreativeKitchen Essay 2)



If you are new, please read the comprehensive OVERVIEW, which explains all about  LADA RAY PATREON and my work as a whole! 

This is Video Overview with more pics and details!

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MY ‘TIME OF RUSSIA’ PREDICTIONS PLAYING OUT IN FULL: Far North & Siberia Thriving, Contrary to Western Predictions!

Special Feature – check out the story, pics and vids.

Futurist Trendcast

This report is part of the 


FREEBIES, Special Gifts, Exclusive Bonuses, Awesome Perks!

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tyumen siberia russia

Tyumen, Siberia, Russia

The Time of Russia & Period 8 Predictions

Amazing news are coming in from all directions in Russia, but especially from Russia’s Far North, Siberia and the Far East! Everything that’s happening is a major confirmation of my Period 8 and the TIME OF RUSSIA predictions made in EARTH SHIFT WEBINAR 4 (ESW4): PERIOD 8 GLOBAL PREDICTIONS!

Read my story below, check out the cool pics and fascinating short videos I’ve picked for you and you’ll see the whole unbelievable unfolding picture! Russia’s Far North, Siberia, Chechnya and… well, Russia itself, were written off by the West so many…

View original post 208 more words

LADA RAY DOUBLE ANNIVERSARY OPEN HOUSE! FREEBIES, Special Gifts, Exclusive Bonuses, Awesome Perks! DON’T MISS!

Lots of specials, free articles and features! Come and sample the goodies!

Futurist Trendcast


Welcome to LADA RAY DOUBLE ANNIVERSARY OPEN HOUSE & GIFT FAIR! FREEBIES, Exclusive Bonuses and Awesome Perks Coming Your Way!

On January 16, 2019, Lada Ray Patreon is turning 1! 

And at the same time, January 2019, Futurist Trendcast turns 5!


Lada Ray Double Anniversary Open House & Gift Fair, January 13-31, 2019! 

Every subscriber to Futurist Trendcast and every Lada Ray Patreon Member will receive something special, cool and valuable!

The Double Anniversary Open House & Gift Fair runs between January 11 and 31, 2019. During this period we’ll have some very special and valuable bonuses and perks for each existing patron! And we’ll have tons of FREE content for interested non-patrons and FuturisTrendcast subscribers!

COME ON IN AND SAMPLE THE GOODIES! Coming: A number of FREE Lada Ray in-depth articles, reports and FREE Earth Shift Podcasts!

But it gets even better and ALL…

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BEAUTY & SWEETNESS Personified! More Spectacular Russian Christmas/New Year 2018-19 Videos!

More lovely vids of the Holiday Moscow! Enjoy!

Futurist Trendcast

A wonderful little video from a Mexican living in Moscow!

A beautiful video tour around New Year 2019 Moscow with Russian/Ukrainian girl. In Russian only, but images are spectacular and each is worth a 1000 words!

Christmas – New Year Moscow looks a million times (not joking) better than any world capital during the big holiday season! Sooooo worth visiting. In fact, Moscow has now become THE world’s No.1 Christmas – New Year destination!

BTW, have you ever tried the famous Moscow ice cream? Nothing compares to its delicious quality, take it from a non-ice cream fan, who tried it once at 5 and loved it ever since! Putin once brought a whole big box of the classic Moscow ice cream as a present for the Chinese leader Xi Jinping, who fell in love with it during his Moscow visit. Moscow ice cream is so loved that people line up…

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Christmas and New Year 2019: The Splendor of Royal Saint Petersburg

Futurist Trendcast

St Petersburg is Russia’s cultural capital and a gorgeous imperial city of Russia in any season, any weather! Enjoy this splendid Christmas /New Year 2019 footage!

NOTE! I don’t like the word ‘nationalist’ in the title, no idea how it’s exactly nationalist, in the video author’s view. That said, this video is very lovely, made by a Brit or American.

View original post

Why Russians celebrate the New Year, and not Christmas, with New Year’s Tree? The Origin of ‘Calendar’ and Christmas/New Year’s Forbidden History

My oldie but goodie! Check it out!

Futurist Trendcast


Why Russians celebrate the New Year, and not Christmas, with New Year’s Tree? 

That’s because the tradition of celebrating the end of one year and the beginning of the next with a decorated and lit up green tree, symbolizing the new growth and new prosperity is a pagan tradition that by far predates Christianity. Much later it was adopted by Christianity to coincide with the designated birth of Christ – Dec. 25. In fact the Western Christmas continues symbolizing death and rebirth. The year’s shortest day is around this time of year, during Dec 22 Winter Equinox. After this the day again begins getting longer, thus denoting rebirth of the new year and new hope. The tradition itself predates any cultures and any religion known today – it was born in the days when humans were still united.

The proper Russian Orthodox Christian Christmas (Rus: Рождество, OR full name: Рождество…

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С Рождеством! Happy Orthodox Christmas: Spectacular Russian Christmas in Facts & Pics!

С Рождеством!
Happy Russian Christmas!

Futurist Trendcast

Russian Christmas is traditionally celebrated on January 7 and the Christmas Eve is January 6, due to the difference between the so-called ‘Gregorian’ vs. ‘Julian’ Calendars.

On January 13-14 Russians also love to celebrate ‘The Old New Year,’ a cute family and friends gathering tradition to commemorate the nostalgic ‘old calendar’ which was replaced with the Gregorian Calendar by Lenin in 1918. So, even though Russia lives by internationally accepted today Gregorian Calendar, Christmas continues being celebrated according to traditional Russian Church (Julian) calendar.


But did you know that that the supposedly ‘Latin’ word calendar is a lot more ancient than its Latinized version. Did you know that it’s actually a RUSSIAN word? It comes from two Russian word roots: kolo + dar. And you won’t believe how many other words in many different languages come from the same roots! What do these roots mean and how…

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I Am Sad and Disappointed! WHY? BIG CHANGES! (Essay 1)


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This Essay 1 is reposted in full from FUTURIST TRENDCAST!


I wasn’t planning on posting this. I was getting ready to plow on, to carry that load without complaining, to continue rolling that rock up the mountain. I was ready to jumpstart the new year by working on my new books, planning special events and gifts for my 1st anniversary on Patreon and 5th Anniversary of the Earth Shift Report and FuturisTrendcast. I was ready to be my usual positive self. But then something got triggered…

One of my VERY VALUED and wonderfully caring Patrons posted this comment under my latest Patreon post: Useful Info! Inverted Collapse & Earth Shift Predictions Confirmed by Western Astrology! (2019 Head Start!)

Happy New Year! Lada, I was just checking “psychic predictions 2019” on YouTube, and even the most primitive videos with people flipping a few greasy cards from a mouldy basement will get a few thousands hits, more pro ones gets 50,000-200,000. I know your abilities are much more than “psychic predictions 2019”, just an idea to attract new people, by using some of the popular terms so people can find and get to know you.

I replied:

You are right. I’m usually so busy putting out VERY high-end, VERY enlightening content that I don’t have time to promote my stuff, and no time to go down to lesser things and do something rather pedestrian so more people would get ‘hooked.’ I am too naive to trust that if you put out truly stellar content people will see it and they will come. Not the case. Just a confirmation of how low people’s consciousness is at this time, if they don’t appreciate what I offer. Very sad. I know you are trying to help, and there are so many others who say similar things. I so appreciate all of you guys! THANK YOU for caring!


I should be happy, I have no reason not to be. I just had a lovely New Year celebration. 2019 began and, as always, I am brimming with new ideas, I have so much to share with people, so much to give to the world! My creative juices are flowing and I expect better and bigger things to come. I am working on new posts and reports… I am working on specials and gifts for my followers to mark the 1st anniversary on Patreon, the fifth anniversary of FuturisTrendcast and Earth Shift Report… What’s more, I am working on my new breakthrough books! So much good stuff is happening in my world!

People who read my content, who listen to me, my clients, real followers, patrons — they all love what I do and they are very grateful. They write me heartfelt testimonials and I know I helped them. And this makes me truly happy!

Alas, sadly my world and the world around me are not moving in unison. There is this illuminated and hopeful world I live in, and that which I try to share with those who want to see and hear. There is a lot of clarity, order and beauty in my world.

Yet around me there seems to simultaneously exist the world of drudgery and confusion, very much unlike mine.

Why am I sad? What I will say now is completely out of character, but it has been on my mind for a long time, at least since 2016… or perhaps, it has been on my mind forever. At one point it simply needs to be said and I decided that today is the day!

In short, we are talking about people’s negativity and indifference.

Everyone tells me I am prolific, that my output is much larger than the output of anyone in comparative fields. Everyone tells me what I do is unique and valuable. They also tell me that I bridge and unite together things that most people find un-bridgeable or irreconcilable. They also tell me that my wisdom is in-depth, innovative, hopeful and enlightening, like no other. Many people over the past years told me that I helped them awaken, see the light, understand the world, get the inner-workings of geopolitics and higher energy, etc., etc. Many people thank me…

You can simply check my TESTIMONIALS page. There are tons more testimonials on Patreon and FuturisTrendcast, which I didn’t have time to put up.

Speaking of output and the body of work, on FuturisTrendcast alone I have over 1000 one-of-a-kind FREE articles, predictions, reports, etc. On Patreon we are approaching 250 cutting-edge, in-depth articles, reports, predictions, quantum calibrations, Earth Shift revelations, and soooooo much more!

My material is so vast, so in-depth and forward-looking that it will open up new worlds for you!

All this time I tried very hard NOT to pay attention to the fact that my prolific FREE major articles, podcasts, predictions and reports on FuturisTrendcastYoutube and elsewhere hardly get any likes. Oh yes, plenty of readers come. These people take my knowledge and intel and promptly disappear, without giving anything back. I don’t mind, usually. But that kind of usurious attitude is just one part of the problem. The moment something isn’t to someone’s liking, they attempt sending bad vibes towards me.

The moment I actually FINALLY asked people to contribute and support me, I started getting sharp dark energy attacks from some people, some of whom prior to that thanked me profusely for explaining the world to them, for enlightening them as to the truth regarding Russia, US, Ukraine, Novorossia, US dollar, ruble, gold, silver, bitcoin, not to mention the Earth Shift, Quantum Calibrations, Multidimensional Universe, Forbidden History and more. There were a few who even lashed out at me in comments on FuturisTrendcast! One of these ‘supporters’ told me she won’t support me because I dared(!) not to write and publish for free some article in her warped mind I ‘promised’ to write. Another said she used to support FuturisTrendcast but now she boycotts my FREE STUFF because I asked for contributions elsewhere and she has no money (and apparently that is my fault, too). Someone else suddenly emailed me and said that he and his wife want to pay less for my webinars and how dare I don’t give them discount, ‘because they are 50 years of age and they are used to doing things the way they want.’ And incidentally, all these people came not from some third-world, but from rich Western countries.

You have no idea how upsetting and hard it is to keep going, despite these hurtful energies, unpleasant comments, and worst of all , indifference I have been encountering ever since I dared to ask people to support me on Patreon! I even had spies and indirect attempts to disparage me from at least one ‘rival’ geopolitical blogger’s minions, whose name I won’t say (the blogger may not be at fault, it could be his overzealous groupies).

All this is very upsetting and sad for me to see and hear. I only want to help and I do what I can for as many people as possible. I want to lift up the world and every person in it. It’s shoking to see such reaction to my efforts.

There is one group of people who always come through and who always appreciate what I do, and in return I always go out of my way to thank those who truly do support me on Patreon.

TO THOSE VERY FEW PEOPLE who stick by me through thick and thin, who believe in me and who want to give something back – YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING! (There were 67 of you as of the end of December 2018, now only 65 again, but perhaps someone just forgot to pay?)

Not only I receive highly valued financial support from my Patrons, but they try to give me emotional support as well. Seeing that the support I really need right now isn’t materializing, and wanting to support me when I need it most, while I write my books and put out my world-changing theories, some of my very generous patrons even increased their pledges to higher amounts, some as high as $25 a month and even $100 a month! YOU GUYS ROCK! AND YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THIS MEANS TO ME!

There are also quite a few Patrons who took the time to write me nice notes and say supportive words. Some even did that during recent consultations, using their own valuable time! And interestingly enough, there is one striking common thread in many of these supportive comments. The synchronicity is enormous as I know none of these patrons talked to each other. They all came to the same idea on their own! And here it is! As you’ve seen in patron comment I posted at the top, many of my patrons are scratching their heads. They cannot understand why I do not have bigger following; why so few support me on Patreon; why I receive so few likes on FuturisTrendcast and YT, and why there are so few views on my YouTube channel. I regularly get large numbers of Patrons expressing the same sentiment, and trying to help me. The comment at the top of this post is typical.

To reply, I don’t want to descend to other people’s level. I want to lift them up. The rest is up to the people. They need to choose to listen…

But yes, some things depend on me, too. There is only one of me and my time isn’t just valuable – it’s precious. I have to choose very wisely what I spend it on and with whom I share my wisdom! I am very good at geopolitics, analysis, conspiracies, truth-telling and such. I have an enormous number of articles on these subjects on FuturisTrendcast. All of them are free. I also have a large number of Earth Shift Reports, which go much deeper on these topics, and they are donation-based. You can donate even as little as $1 to read or listen. I also have a bunch of free videos and podcasts on YT. The body of knowledge on these topics I’d posted since 2014 is enormous.

However, I am so much more than a geopolitical analyst! SO MUCH MORE!

Besides, very sadly, I’ve found the strictly geopolitical and conspiracy crowd to be the most ungrateful of all. Most of this crowd just want to take the info and knowledge and run. And some would even send negative vibes the moment something isn’t to their liking, or just for the heck of it. They’ll drop you on moment’s notice and even disparage you. I don’t enjoy sharing my hard-earned and important wisdom with such people.

Most importantly, by doing simple geopolitics, I am robbing myself of my true destiny, which is to do much more. It is to facilitate the Earth Shift, it is to shine the light on my Predictions, Quantum Calibration Theory and Earth Shift System, and on my new advanced Multidimensional System. Geopolitics, money and global economy will continue being huge parts of what I do. But going forward, everything I do and talk about will be from the standpoint of my cutting-edge theories and predictions.

No straight geopolitics and current events any more, except some special occasions!

The priority will be MY PROPRIETARY LIFE-CHANGING AND CUTTING-EDGE MATERIAL! Those who really want to learn the in-depth workings of the world, those who really want to see ten layers deep, and those who want the truth, hope and real knowledge, YOU ARE ALL VERY WELCOME TO STICK AROUND!

But I sincerely hope that in response to my hard work you at least take a moment to support me by liking my FREE posts and podcasts on FuturisTrendcast and YT.

I also sincerely hope you follow me on Patreon, where you’ll get much more!

The knowledge you’ll receive through me will expand your horizons, reveal the true mysteries of our universe, and propel you to the higher consciousness. It will open up not only the third dimension, but 4D and 5D as well!

You are welcome to share this fabulous and earth-shifting journey with me! If not interested, have a good life. 

There was a time last year I got so upset with some former ‘followers’ that I considered closing down FuturisTrendcast. I also considered closing down my YT channel. But I decided that I would not get discouraged by negative and lowcalibrated people no matter what.

FuturisTrendcast is turning 5! There is such a vast body of info and knowledge I accumulated there since 2014 that it would really be a shame to deprive of it those people who can and want to learn. Therefore, FT is here to stay and celebrate its 5th anniversary, and many more to come!

So is Lada Ray YT channel, which will be rebranded soon!

Earth Shift Report is also turning 5 in May, 2019! It will be getting a new life through my upcoming book!

I am working hard on my new, very exciting and cutting-edge BOOKS – coming this year and next!

Patreon is turning 1 on January 16, 2019! This is the place where I’ll put a lot of my energy and where you’ll get the most by joining!

Many exciting and important events and changes coming! Stay tuned!




New author site: LadaRay.weebly.com

LADA RAY Patreon

Official Site: LadaRay.com


LadaRay YouTube



HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019! Year 2018 Wrap & Big Holiday Message From Lada & Az!


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Check out the enchanted Christmas and New Year in Russia, and read our BIG Holiday Message, including my BOOKS, Podcasts, & more!

Bright ny-troika-ded-moroz

Russian Troika (three lucky horses) with Ded Moroz – tradition that ushers in the New Year’s good fortune!

A child plays with sparklers during New Year's celebrations at Red Square in Moscow

New Year on Red Square, Moscow

Bolshoi Theater before Christmas - Magic of Moscow by Moscow Guide and Driver

Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow

New Year Moscow 1

New Year festivities, Red Square



Banner Happy NY 2019

Dear friends and supporters!

Lada Ray Patreon will be celebrating its first year anniversary on January 16, 2018!

Between mid-January and the end of 2018 I published almost 250 articles, reports, videos and podcasts. And I can tell you, I only warming up! Just wait and see how much more amazing, surprising and revealing stuff is coming your way next year!

Through Patreon I am developing my Predictions, Quantum Calibration, Earth Shift & Multidimensional ideas. And you, my dear Patrons, are the very first to see what comes out of my creative lab and what I cook up in my creative kitchen!

Your wonderful and loyal support means everything to me, and I am so happy so many of you have been with me from the very beginning! 

Thank you to my old, tried-and-true Patrons! Az and I love you!

And a very warm welcome to my new supporters and Patrons! We are very happy you could join us and we hope you enjoy our warm, creative, intelligent higher consciousness community for a long time! 

If you are new, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the structure of Lada Ray Patreon site, for maximum benefit and enjoyment I have a concise explanation of how it all works in my written and video overview on top of Patreon.com/LadaRay!

Also please remember to join our lively and supportive discussion in the comment section under each post, and as always, I greatly appreciate all your LIKES (click little heart under each post, on the right). We often get wonderful, positive and informative comments from the members of our community. I sometimes answer your questions in the comment section, and I try to respond to as many comments as I can. 

At Lada Ray Patreon you’ll always feel a part of the community! In 2019 and beyond, I plan even more advanced and exclusive articles, reports, podcasts and special events on Patreon! 

REMINDER! Only today & tomorrow! Less than 2 days left for: SPECIAL HOLIDAY OFFER! JOIN LADA RAY PATREON at $10 mth & GET FREE YEAR 2018 GRAND FINALE ‘World’s 8 Most Powerful People’ DOUBLE SUPER-REPORT!



Some huge developments! In 2019 and beyond I will be publishing my new non-fictions books! You may have seen some of the prelim covers, and the formal announcements are to come in January 2019!

Prelim covers (changes will be made to finals):

4book set horiz

My official site and main portal LadaRay.com has a section dedicated to my BOOKS where I’ll be posting all my book updates!

But I have even more great news related to my books!

LadaRay.com used to be the domain reserved for my official fiction author site when I was working on my novels. As my work expanded to new untapped areas, I transfered the domain to the current official LadaRay.com site.

The old author site was all but forgotten. Now that I am back to writing and publishing books, I’ve given it a new life, and it will now be dedicated specifically to all my books, both past and future! The site will continue being worked on and expanded, but the main work has been done.

I am pleased to present to you my new official book author site: 


Please check it out and spread the word! The news of my future non-fiction books will be posted there as well!

LadaRay.com remains my OFFICIAL site and main portal for ALL my work!


Az and I are also planning more Earth Shift Podcasts (ESP), many of which will be posted free on YT and MP3 podcasting platforms! Early access to ESP is available as part of your $5 a mth Patreon subscription!

I can’t wait to spread the word about my systems, theories and predictions to as many people around the globe as possible! 

Dear friends & Patreon patrons!

Please always know! Your help and support is invaluable and important not only to me! Along with many special and exclusive benefits your Lada Ray Patreon membership brings you, you are making a beautiful global contribution, as all those people around the world who can’t afford to contribute monthly, or those who are slow to awaken, will eventually be able to learn and grow after reading my books and hearing my free podcasts! 

And here’s to many more Lada Ray supporters the New Year will bring! 



S Novim Godom, S Novim Schastiem!

(This means: ‘With New Year, With New Happiness!)

S-Novim-godom sparkle

Wishing you a beautiful celebration

And a joyful, peaceful, happy and fulfilling 2019!

May all your dreams and heartfelt wishes come true in the New Year!

Blessings to you, our friends,

We’ll see you here again shortly, in the Year 2019!

Lada & Az


Check out more Enchanted New Year in Moscow images & read complete original post:


Year 2018 Wrap & Big Holiday Message From Lada & Az!


Less than 2 days left for



A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year gift for Lada Ray Blog & Futurist Trendcast followers! This is a very uplifting and hopeful excerpt from my 2018 Grand Finale Double Mega-Report!

Futurist Trendcast


World’s 8 Most Powerful People’s


Xi, Putin, Trump, Oprah, Shoigu, Jack Ma, Assange, Prophetess Anastasia!

8 QC Anastasia

Prophetess & Earth Keeper Anastasia, Russia (Inspiration behind the Ringing Cedars Series by Vladimir Megre, spiritual hermit in the Siberian wilderness)

3rd Chakra POWER VORTEX Quantum Calibrations


CHI    680 – PEACE

Exceedingly high and rare! And remember, this is just Anastasia’s 3rd Chakra calibrations!

Her overall personal QC is 700 – FUNCTIONAL ENLIGHTENMENT!

Anastasia became famous and her enlightened wisdom guided people all over the world after Russian entrepreneur and people’s journalist Vladimir Megre (not his real name) visited her deep in the Siberian wilderness, where she lives away from civilization, in order to keep…

View original post 708 more words


Futurist Trendcast

Banner Happy NY 2019

World’s 8 Most Powerful People’s


Xi, Putin, Trump, Oprah, Shoigu, Jack Ma, Assange, Prophetess Anastasia!


I am inviting you to participate in a rare and innovative experiment, fusing together the Multidimensional University, Quantum Calibration secrets, and my 4D geopolitics analysis and predictions!



On this list we have two COMPLETE or TRIPLE EARTH SHIFTERS!

Triples are exceedingly rare! I can only think of one other person on the planet at this point, who is such a powerful Triple, and she is also on our list!

You remember my multidimensional soul designations:

Earth Keeper

Earth Shifter

Earth Protector

These three are the highest designations in my MULTIDIMENSIONAL SOUL MISSION system!

These are very rare and very powerful souls, who came in to protect, stabilize and shift to a better future the entire world – all at the…

View original post 223 more words

LADA RAY PATREON OVERVIEW — With Comprehensive Written Tutorials & Colorful Visuals!

Futurist Trendcast

LR Earth Shift Patreon 2

Welcome to Lada Ray Patreon, where you’ve reserved a front row seat on the epic journey through the Great 5D Earth Shift!

First, I want to thank all my patrons and supporters; I couldn’t do it without you! Your financial and emotional support is what keeps me going, as I continue working on educating and enlightening humanity; as I continue creating my books, articles and podcasts in order to manifest the Great Earth Shift!

ThankYou Banner 1

Through my cutting-edge work, together with my helper Az and my wonderful Patreon community, we are shining the light of truth on our past, present and future. We unite the third-dimensional reality and 4D geopolitics with forbidden history secrets, higher-dimensional consciousness and cosmic spirituality… We expand our minds and hearts, as we co-create a better future!

4book set horiz

**My future books — preliminary covers

The breakthrough BOOKS on which I’m currently working will spread…

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