Animals & Mother Earth

If you care about our animals and preserving the living, breathing Mother Earth:

a wealth of info, links, petitions, stories, calls for action!

Together, let’s make it happen – together, let’s create the #EarthShift! – Home of the Earth Shift!

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NEW! August 9, 2015: special series, dedicated to Pricess Lila, aka, Lilechka.

Lilechka, I miss you. Eternal love and blessings always!

Lilechka cropped2

This weekend is dedicated to my beloved friend and companion of almost 20 years, Princess Lila, aka, Lilechka. Lilechka would have turned 21 on August 9 this year. She passed just a few months short of her 20th birthday, last year.

Beautiful Story! Princess Lila’s Last Gift: Lola and her Kittens

It’s a beautiful thing… Adorably Unusual Animal Friendships and Animals as Protectors (uplifting pics and vids)

Princess Lila and I

August 9, 2015: Beautiful Cornell Plantations (in memoriam)

Meet My Wonderful Lily Cat


Costa Rica Is Shutting Down Its Zoos And Freeing All Animals In Captivity


Bottlenose dolphins

2/22/2016: 5 Awesome Hacks Anonymous Conducted for Animal Rights

Latest: #LightForPets: Remember Me Thursday on Sep. 24, 2015

US dentist kills beloved African #LionCecil: Zimbabwe asks to extradite lion killer Sign petition!

#animalprotection #animalrights #LionCecil #Africa #Zimbabwe

Don’t Murder 2 Million Feral Cats in Australia – Plz petition gov’t

#animalprotection #animalrights #cats #Australia

Save Our Dolphins! Help Stop Mass Dolphin Slaughter in Japan! Tons of videos, info, links, contacts, petitions.

#HelpCoveDolphins #savedolphins #HelpdolphinsWAZA #tweet4taiji #blackfish #boycottjapan – when reblogging, tweeting, FBing, etc., use these hashatags Please help save the dolphins

I Don’t Want to Protect the Animals – I Want to Create the World in Which They Don’t Need Protecting! (Sign petitions to save last remaining rhinoceros of Africa and to create registry of animal abusers in USA)

In 2013-2014 I’ve donated Profits From My Book Sales to No-Kill Animal Shelter in USA and Siberian Tiger Rescue in Russia

Updated post re. #anonymous #TwStorm Dec 19,2014: Save #Dolphins and #Whales – Join #opKillingBay #opSeaWorld TweetStorm



To All Who Care About Our Earth and Our Future: Say NO to #Fracking, YES to #Renewables!


Adorable animals and Chinese New Year of the Monkey:

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  1. Hi Lada Ray,

    I would like to add to the spirit of Princess Lila and your love of animals with all of the transcendental interspecies connections that have been shown and discussed in my special post entitled “🦅 SoundEagle in Debating Animal Artistry and Musicality 🎵🐕🎶🐒🎹🐘🖼🐬🎨”, published at

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