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Continuing with last year’s successful tradition, this is post 1 of the Chinese New Year of the Snake Extravaganza.

The Chinese New Year of the Water Snake starts on February 10, 2013, at the new moon. As usual, the New Year celebrations last for 15 days, until the next full moon.  These celebrations include family get-togethers, wonderful meals with friends, dragon and lion dances, lavish prosperity ceremonies, and much more!

two beautiful snakes

As a classically trained Feng Shui master consultant, I usually carefully examine the Flying Star chart for the year. I was fascinated by this year’s chart! Indeed, this is a very special year, when all the stars, so to speak, align in a very rare way. Such alignment (in a different way every time) only happens every 9 years. It symbolizes the ending of a cycle, and simultaneously, a new beginning.

This is the year when friendships and alliances of all sorts will be especially auspicious, and when people who usually don’t see eye-to-eye can work together, producing marvelous results! The motto for the year: Strengthen all your relationships, rekindle the old, and start the new ones!

Chinese zodiac year of the snake

Chinese Zodiac – Year of the Snake

I personally have particular affinity with the Year of the Snake as it’s one of my so-called “Chinese Zodiac Friends.” The Year of the Water Snake is doubly auspicious for me, as water is one of my benefic elements. But in truth, whatever your benefic elements are, this is a very special and auspicious year! Make the best of it!

Corn snake in mans hand

There is often a misplaced fear of snakes in the West, partly steeped in a long-standing patriarchal society tradition of the suppression of the Sacred Feminine. And partly, originating from the irrational fear of a snake bite. In fact, there are very few snakes that bite lethally, and even fewer that would intentionally bite a human, unless their habitat is being threatened by said humans. Meanwhile, snake’s venom in small doses is considered a powerful medicine, and that’s why snakes coiling around a cup or a stick/sword are traditional symbols of pharmacy and medical profession.

In the enlightened traditions, Snake symbolizes wisdom.


Snakes as symbols of wisdom and discernment on Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun‘s head dress

In the Chinese system, the Snake is classified as one of the “thinkers” of the Zodiac.

Sacred feminine snake

In various indigenous traditions, Snake is also a symbol of the Mother Earth (hence wisdom), sexual energy, fertility, Kundalini, and Sacred Feminine.

Green Snake

Wonderful green snake. Courtesy www.animalpictures123.org

Garter snake

Many beautiful snakes are becoming an endangered species! The vanishing Garter Snake. Courtesy scienceray.com

However you look at it, Snake energy is very powerful, and should always be used with care and wisdom. And need I point out that, as any part of nature on planet Earth, snakes should be treated with respect and understanding.

Beautiful snake

I am looking forward to this New Year of the Water Snake from which I expect many great and positive things!

Stay tuned for more awesome, one-of-a-kind Chinese New Year posts!

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Later, I’ll have a post about HOW TO BRING PROSPERITY INTO YOUR HOME (a perennially popular topic!)


And last, but not least, I am planning on attending the New Year dragon dances in NYC Chinatown and filming them. I will post my vids here and on LadaRay Yutube Channel. I am presently at my Catskills retreat, but my Chinese family’s New Year get-together will be in the City. I’m very excited! Here’s to hoping the roads are not snowed in and I can get through! I’ll keep everyone posted how it goes!


Til then, HAPPY NEW YEAR of the WATER SNAKE, and may it bring much prosperity and love into your life!

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