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Wh…wha….what? Getting your very own book category on Amazon???? Yeah, right, you say. As it stands right now, KDP (Amazon indie publishing platform) is missing even mainstream categories to list some of our books accurately, as I found out during my free promo a few days ago. For example, my book GOLD TRAIN (Accidental Spy Russia Adventure), should be listed in the following categories:

1. Mystery & thrillers – thrillers – tales of espionage & intrigue & 2. Romance – romantic mystery.

Guess what, “thrillers” is as far as KDP categories go, although “tales of espionage and & intrigue” is available on Amazon! And with “romance” they only offer “romantic suspense” (not entirely appropriate at all), but no “romantic mystery” (totally appropriate), although again, this category is available and I’ve seen some books listed.

So, you think the title of this post is a joke? Nope, honest to goodness truth! Some ARE getting not only all the categories their hearts desire, but also, their very own categories on Amazon, like the well known TV series Stargate Atlantis, which has been adapted as novels. Here is a telling example – STARGATE ATLANTIS: Allegiance – as of today: #42,402 in kindle store, which normally wouldn’t result in any bestseller lists … but check out this unbelievable category string!

#2 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Literature & Fiction > Genre Fiction > Science Fiction > TV, Movie, Video Game Adaptations > Stargate. Wow! It’s #2 in the category “Stargate”! Who would’ve thought! Brilliant, I tell ya!

Or take STARGATE ATLANTIS: Secrets. It’s #56,845 as of this writing… but it’s #4 on Stargate personal BESTSELLER LIST! Why haven’t I thought of that!

Does this smell like a major unfair advantage to you? Do you think it gives your books more visibility if you have your own category? Do you think the odds are stacked in favor of Big 6 & TV/movie giants? More importantly, do you think those books are any more deserving, or do you think that they just have a big-daddy-with-giant-fat-wallet backing? You might even think that this is a war against originality and forward-looking literature, and for profit at all cost. But I’ll let you decide for yourself…

As for me, I’ve decided to stack my own odds by creating my own categories. And guess what, each and every one of my books is a winner. Judge for yourself!

THE EARTH SHIFTER – #1 fiction – fantasy contemporary – fantasy historical – YA fantasy – visionary/metaphysical – prophetic – top-rated & cool – highly recommended for readers 12 through adult – packing powerful messages, lessons and a wealth of awesome mystical/esoteric/spiritual information – lots of endearing and spectacular characters – Russia and & Siberia like you’ve never imagined them before – adventure/thriller – global conspiracy – guaranteed twists you’ve never seen coming – highly creative, original & intriguing – beautifully written, plotted and paced – kindle sale $2.99 (reg. $4.99)


GOLD TRAIN – #1 fiction – mystery & thriller – tales of espionage & intrigue – romantic mystery – otherworldy romance – gripping, rip-roaring adventure – alternate universe of spies & ultimate danger – begin a secret love affair with Russia – spectacular Moscow & St. Petersburg from the author who knows what she is talking about – highly plausible international conspiracy – based on true historical mystery of the lost gold reserve of the Russian empire – cool characters & enchanting settings – mystical elements – highly original & intriguing – kindle sale: $1.49 (reg. $3.99)


CATHARSIS (Legend of the Lemurians) – #1 fiction – YA fantasy – dystopian scifi – visionary/metaphysical – small book with big message & important lessons – Lemurians, Atlanteans, hidden origins of humanity – great read for ages 12 through adult.

Oh yeah, before I forget! CATHARSIS is FREE on #kindle on 5/22-23! Remember to grab your copy & let me know how you’ve enjoyed it! 

And remember, whatever the silly rankings say, it’s still #1! Always! 😉

Ah, the moral of my tale? It’s 2-fold: 1. Each and everyone of us has to create their own brand and carve out their own niche. How, that’s a million “gold coin” question (not a million $$, since $$ are quickly getting worthless). I am now working on creating my own brand, which results in true following – and that’s the way to go, not silly lists. 2. My goal is to create an even and equitable playing field, where deserving books get the time of day and equal exposure, at least SOME exposure. Unfortunately the opposite is true, and it’s getting worse, when everyone tries to elbow everyone else out. I’m afraid we are quickly descending into the same Lord of the Flies circus as the traditional publishing and movie industries. There is much, much more to the story, and I might do more posts on that in the future.

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