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These people are angels. Hope for Paws’ Eldad Hagar is one of those I mentioned in my recent article: Feminism vs. Sacred Feminine – Male Chauvinism vs. Sacred Masculine as an example of the manifest Sacred Masculine on our planet.

Cola & Pepsi: bonded poodles struggling to survive in a sewer get a heartwarming rescue.

Not knowing the people’s intentions, look how the brother tries to protect his little sister! Such nice little sweeties. 


A scared Golden Retriever panics during her rescue. Her reaction once she was saved is amazing!

Golden Retrievers are probably the kindest, nicest dogs in existence. How is it even possible that someone would abandon such treasure? And it appears the dog was abused, judging by her fear of humans.

But even being scared, she never attacked back and never barked. My heart melted when I saw her covering her eyes, like a scared little child. Every dog is a gift. But Golden Retrievers are just so magical and intrinsically benevolent that they stand out.

We do lots of walks and it just so happened that in our recent walks we’ve met a lot of Golden Retrievers. They always are the kindest and most huggable doggies imaginable. Usually, both dogs and cats we meet in our long walks run to us and we get to do a lot of petting.

To me, Golden Retrievers are a dog equivalent of dolphins because of their always positive, benevolent attitude and lovely disposition.

Blessings to all!

My next post in the LILECHKA series is coming soon. It’s about Princess Lila’s amazing last gift. Stay tuned!