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I am very thrilled and excited to introduce my today’s guest, Mark O’Neill, artist, author of The Ancients and the Angels series, YA Revolutionary, and the all around great guy from Chicago, IL! Mark in part was the inspiration behind the #YARevolution idea and I consider him a kindred spirit. Read about the first two books in this original alternative history/dystopian fantasy series, including my review of book 1, Celestials.

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On an ancient Earth not long before the dawn of mankind, a great and terrible war is imminent between mortals and the demonic forces from the hells. It falls on one young maiden’s shoulders to fight back the armies of the damned. Read Celestials and enjoy this supernatural tale of a frightening yesterday! INFERNAL INVASION! The bowels of Hell open wide and demonic forces attack the living on an ancient Earth not long before the dawn of mankind! Read Celestials and enjoy this supernatural tale of a frightening yesterday!

Celestials is a blend of Sixteen Candles meets the books of the Nephilim detailing a world not long before ours, but long forgotten. A planetary romance mixed with urban fantasy, readers from age thirteen to one hundred thirteen will enjoy this maiden’s fantastic journey into the paranormal and supernatural.

Winner of the Winter 2012 NABE Pinnacle Award for best Science Fiction.

Lada’s 5 star review of The ANCIENTS and the ANGELS: CELESTIALS

 A Well Fleshed Out Fantastic World

The action of this dystopian YA fantasy takes place in the ancient Atlantis, but it has clear resonance to the events and societal attitudes of today. We follow the protagonists, sixteen-year-old elves, On’dinn and Quen’die through their triumphs and trials at school and in their social life, complete with parties, sports, intellectual pursuits and bullies that are after their blood. Their existence seems like a normal teenage life, until something extraordinary happens that turns everything upside down. The insidious invasion of the mysterious Celestial forces and many strange events accompanying this event, slowly change the environment of Atlantis to that of paranoia, fear and martial law.

To be sure, the elves of Atlantis can hardly be called an enlightened bunch. They seem pretty shallow and self-absorbed, and only concerned about their outfits, parties, nice homes and job security. Most of the characters are teens, absorbed in usual teen activity. Only On’dinn – the intellectual and rebel – stands out from the crowd. Quen’die – a top student and star athlete – appears a normal teen elfmaid in her everyday life, until she finds out that she is supposed to save the world, with the help of her guardian angel Mavriel, who’s also called  a “deva.” As the whole population of the elven kingdom is being duped by the infernal forces, will she succeed?

The story is absorbing, creative, and full of striking parallels to certain events of today, like government controls and manipulation by the power players of the rest of the population. The book is also a satire of contemporary societal attitudes and lifestyles. I found the characters of Quen’die and On’dinn sympathetic and interesting to read about. The author has succeeded in creating a well fleshed out fantastic world of the ancient Earth, with all of its details, attributes, fashions and even dishes!

Celestials is the first in Mark O’Neill’s The Ancients and the Angels series.

Read my review of Celestials on Goodreads

Buy ebook and paperback on Amazon. Ebook also FREE on Smashwords!

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The thrilling sequel to “Celestials” is here! Get “Archons” today and follow the new adventures of elfmaid Quen’die Reyliss as the malevolent forces from the Inferno attempt to infiltrate the earth! This time, it’s personal. The Hells have a vendetta to settle – and our heroine is the target!

An indispensable member of Lada Ray’s YA Revolution, “The Ancients and the Angels” is a cosmic joyride that spans multiple dimensions! Read “Archons” now!

Book 2, Archons, is a new release, on Amazon now! Also on Smashwords!

Read more about Archons at Mark’s RoyalManaBall blog!

How ya like me now? Photo credit: Indigo Moran

Says Mark: I write fantasy/ sci-fi/ occult books. I not only love to write, but I love to read (which is probably why I got into writing in the first place). Some of my favorite authors are J.G. Ballard, Manly Wade Welllman, Andersen Prunty, and P.K. Dick.

I was born in Chicago, Illinois on a cold November morning and graduated from Indiana University with a B.A. in graphic design, later to be awarded an MFA in painting from the University of Cincinnati. Currently, I reside in Des Plaines, Illinois.

My series, “The Ancients and the Angels,” is about the world before mankind ruled it, so, not one human being populates the pages. The books really focus on my love for ancient civilizations. Happy reading! -M.C.

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You can find tons more on Mark’s blog royalmanaball.wordpress.com, including his other interviews and various cool stuff about his books!

Follow Mark O’Neill on Twitter @MCONeill2

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