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Announcing Lada Ray’s


ANNOUNCING LADA RAY 2-CHANNEL HOLIDAY VIDEO MARATHON, serving as a kickstart to LADA RAY channel rebranding & expansion!

The Earth Shift and global expansion of consciousness are accelerating, and with it, the need for more people to awaken and be guided to universal truth and a better future. This is why I decided to rebrand and expand my Lada Ray YouTube channel. We are also wrapping up an eventful and tumultuous year 2019 and celebrating the start of the new Year 2020, plus, the beginning of the new decade, new Chinese Year of the Rat and a new 12-year Chinese Zodiac cycle!

During this video marathon I’ll be posting a video on either Lada Ray channel or Timeless Empath channel every day starting on November 29 and throughout most of December 2019!

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