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A must watch video! This is a beautiful compilation of random acts of kindness towards people and animals by total strangers in various Russian towns. Love in action, pure and simple!

As you all know, I am originally from Russia, although I presently live in the US, and I recognize some of the Russian towns in this video. Russians always help each other; it’s embedded in the culture.

Many thanks to: Paulette Mahurin @ PersecutionofMildredDunlap blog who reblogged it; Kindnessblog.com who found it on Youtube

A million thanks to Carlosanchez.co Youtube Channel, for posting this on YT

The drivers in Russia all carry dashcams in their cars to record any potential police irregularities and any car accidents for insurance purposes. But as a result, such beautiful and inspiring moments also get caught on film. It’s so wonderful to know that there is so much kindness still alive in the world!

Notice that all this has been recorded in 2012. Blessing to all!

I’ll Be Donating Profits From My Book Sales to No-Kill Shelter and Animal Rescue in USA and Russia