Visiting Russia, especially for the New Year’s, truly brings some things into perspective.
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In 2019 Moscow surpassed London and Paris as the world’s most desirable city and No. 1 tourist destination. When you watch the videos and read my story below, you’ll know exactly why. There is nothing more charming, magical and joyful than Moscow during Christmas-New Year’s.

On the videos below, witness what I have enjoyed this holiday season in Moscow! And it was even relatively warm this year. (The videos aren’t mine; I was fully focused on celebrating. For you I’ve picked several from YouTube. These videos, in my view, best represent the true spirit and magic of the amazing New Year 2020 Moscow! Thank you to all those who made and posted these great videos!)

Below videos I give you my spread and tell you where to go and what to see in the Moscow wonderland.

I also want to say a special…

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