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ouTube seems to be messing with the LIKES count on my latest video NEW MOON IN LIBRA~HARVEST LIBRA SEASON. I witnessed with my own eyes as the likes count started going backwards from 7 down to 6, 5, 4 and 3 within minutes; later it went back up to 7 and again froze there. This count is unusual, since other videos of mine get on average much more likes. I don’t know if YT is messing with likes on other videos as well – I didn’t follow them, but the Likes subtraction seems to be a common complaint by youtubers. I also heard it from my own followers: they like my video, but it’s never registered or worse, subtracted.

I need your help! If you put a like under the above video, please let me know in comments! I want to do a like count to see how much YT is messing with it. This will be really helpful! Thank you in advance!

**Reminder! I’ll have lots of new, very cool videos coming to both new channels, which is explained in the referenced video: NEW MOON IN LIBRA~HARVEST LIBRA SEASON

(Sorry about the low light in the video: I am new and I’ve been experimenting with my lighting, now I know what not to do. But the info and reading in this video are excellent! Don’t miss!)


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