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What topics do you want Lada Ray to cover in 2017?

 Poll by Polldaddy.com   Feb 09-15, 2017                    GRAND TOTAL: 1898 votes

True history vs. forbidden and falsified history of mankind1257% 
More Predictions by Lada Ray1237% 
More Geopolitical Analysis by Lada Ray1106% 
More about the matrix, consciousness and humanity’s future1086% 
More about Vladimir Putin1035% 
Do you want me to continue talking about big changes in the EU in 2017-2018?1035% 
More about petrodollar and the future of the USA/West955% 
Aliens, ETs, reptilians, dragons935% 
More about Earth Shift and Russia – the Great Balancer theories905% 
Earth Angels, Empaths, Earth Shifters, Earth Keepers (walk-ins, shared consciousness)855% 
Are you…

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