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Hello, my name is Lada Ray, M.A., Internationally Certified Feng Shui Master Practitioner, linguist, author and quantum futurist.

My Feng Shui work is based on principles of the classic Compass School of Feng Shui, as taught by the authentic Masters of Hong Kong and China. I was privileged to study with some of these Grand Masters.

Over 15 years ago, when I returned home from Asia, I began practicing Feng Shui internationally, at the same time creatively perfecting and re-inventing the old, well-established techniques for the new millennium.

I have been doing it since, and my practice has become a fusion of the old classics with New Thought and New Consciousness.

It is a well-known and accepted by many fact that the unseen energy affects us in very profound, yet subtle, ways. A specific type of energy is encoded in elements of nature, compass directions, animals, colors and shapes around us. Our home and various corners/rooms in it also carry and vibrate at specific energy patterns, depending on location, surroundings, shape, color, condition, clutter, décor and many other factors.

Moreover, depending on one’s date and year of birth, as well as one’s gender, we come into this world with a specific energy vibration. This vibration corresponds favorably with certain types of energy around us, and tends to clash with others.

While little understood in the West, the ancient Chinese art and science of Feng Shui specializes in observing and working with the currents of unseen but powerful energy around us. Feng Shui interprets and harnesses this energy; its job is to co-create and mold it in a beneficial for humans way, minimizing and protecting against any harmful effects.

If you know how to work with energy of the compass directions, shapes, colors, elements and numbers, you can create a more comfortable and smooth existence for yourself. If you use Feng Shui, you can re-mold problems into non-events, or even shift a problem into the realm of good fortune. Feng Shui takes on the task of co-creating a more successful and auspicious life for you and your loved ones.

Lada’s Methods and Main Schools of Classic Feng Shui

In her work, Lada Ray uses all schools of the classic Compass Feng Shui, plus, esoteric Oriental practices, combined with the latest New Thought methods.

Lada is the author of several new schools and methods of Feng Shui, including Personal Feng Shui, Karmic Feng Shui, Geopolitical/Earth Feng Shui and Chi Kinesiology (forming the foundation of Lada’s Quantum Calibration Method).

Feng Shui is traditionally considered the ‘art of placement’ – a crude and superficial definition that Lada doesn’t recommend.

Lada Ray’s definition of Feng Shui in 5D is:

The harmonization of your inner energy with that of your surrounding environment, taking into account the flow of both seen and unseen energies.

“Good Feng Shui signifies a perfect alignment between inner and outer worlds.” Lada Ray

This means that it’s not sufficient to limit yourself to harmonizing just your home or your business space, although it’s very desirable to do so. We, the contemporary people, are constantly on the go. Some of us move around a lot, and the tendency to be mobile will be intensifying. That’s when it becomes crucial to also harmonize our Personal Feng Shui.

As a result of years of study, observation and experience, Lada Ray’s PERSONAL FENG SHUI EMPOWERMENT & SUCCESS REPORT was born. This report, prepared personally for you, uses several key practices of the Classic Feng Shui and is based on Lada Ray’s Personal Feng Shui School.

New for 2016, The Year of the Fire Monkey!

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