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spring flowers

Spring is coming… My favorite season is back again. Can’t wait to smell all the wonderful spring flowers, hear the birds sing and inhale the fresh scent of awakening nature.


Let’s talk only about positive and newly exciting things today!

cardinal w spring flowers

Global relocation trend

So many changes are coming! The global trend of relocation is upon us. More and more people will be moving, or will be thinking about moving, in the following years. Many people will want to relocate to another country or another continent. It’s new, exciting and a little scary. But it is a global trend that can’t be stopped or reversed. It is a harbinger of the monumental changes to come: it is part of the Great Earth Shift in all spheres of our existence and consciousness.


I have begun a new category on FT: Developing Global Trends. All posts in this category can be read as they come up (scroll down to CATEGORIES located on the right hand bar).

The Developing Trends will be a big topic (a big trend, no pun intended), this year and beyond and I’ll be talking about it a lot in future posts on FuturisTrendcast (FT) and on the new page on LadaRay.infoTrends & Predictions.

In the past year, many of my CONSULTATIONS clients approached me regarding my advice on the timing and place for global relocation. I feel this trend intensifying for all of mankind as we speak, and it will grow and manifest as such on all continents (Earth & Personal Shift Consultations will address this trend on personal level for each of my clients.)

Read more: Developing Global Trends: Global Relocation and Citizenship Change

Shift consultations

The expanding LadaRay.info site is also growing with lots of new info.

Happy March 8, the International Women’s Day!

tulips 4

One of my favorite holidays, which since childhood I’ve come to associate with spring, flowers and smiles, is coming on March 8th. I am talking, of course, about International Women’s Day.

flowers with waterfall

Many of you have read my past articles about March 8, including history, lore, traditions and celebrations:

As always, Happy March 8, 2016, dear women (and men, too)!


Happy Birthday and the New Moon Eclipse in Pisces

Happy Birthday, Pisces! As a Pisces myself, I want to wish a very Happy Birthday month to all the beautiful Fishes out there! What would we do without your niceness and kindness. I intend to celebrate – hope you do the same, in joy and style!

auspicious fish

The New Moon solar eclipse is coming in to coincide with March 8 holiday. Eclipses always pack a lot more energy than a regular new moon, and their effect is usually felt for months after, and often before, as well. This eclipse is in Pisces and it touches most of the birthday Fishes out there. This particular eclipse is very powerful; it denotes new beginnings and ushers in an era of big changes in all of our lives, whether we are Pisces or not. It especially touches all mutable signs.

Do you feel the change in the air? I do. More on that later…

Happy Spring to ALL!


colorful birds in spring

cherry-blossom-spring-flower 2

beatiful spring flower carpet
a river of spring-flowers






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