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This post features original photography by author Lada Ray

As The GOLD TRAIN Blog Tour continues, I decided to do a somewhat unusual post.

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Hurray! I just received first shipment of the GOLD TRAIN paperbacks. Check it out on Amazon!

I unpacked the box with trembling hands of a novice, hardly able to contain the excitement of a newly-budding novelist. No, just kidding. In fact, I resolutely reached for my sharp knife and forcefully slashed through the rough and dusty tape… No, not like that either. Well, you get the point. Got to be the writer even as I do something as mundane as opening a box containing my precious book 😉

Anyway, I got the books out and decided to celebrate by creating various photo designs with anything that came to mind. The Gold Train cover came out quite lush and yummy. Hmmm… what might go with it? Ahh, yes. Let’s serve Gold Train with all the things I love, namely my feng shui symbols and Oriental art I collect, as well as great coffee, authentic green tea… and wine (I don’t really drink, but thought it appropriate to add an element of celebration here).

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And now, feast your eye on my photo designs, which I captured with my new hi-res camera!