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This post features original photography by author Lada Ray. 

First, a few quick announcements: Today, May 6, is the last day of the GOLD TRAIN  BLOG TOUR, and I want to thank all my gracious blog hosts and readers for a truly wonderful experience! I enjoyed all the interviews, reviews and new friendships very, very much!

Today is also the end of the GOLD TRAIN Giveaway on Lada Ray Blog. Giving away 2 Gold Train ebooks. This is the last chance to participate! Please check it out here! Two lucky winners will be announced at 8 p.m. tonight on this blog and on Twitter. I’ll also send both winners Twitter DMs with further instructions.

Finally, today is the last day to download GOLD TRAIN ebook on Amazon for $0.99 or the European equivalents. Tomorrow, the price will be $2.99 (reg. $3.99) – Mothers Day Sale. Buy ebook here.

GOLD TRAIN paperback is now on sale for only $9.99 till May 13 as Mothers Day Promotion. Regular price is $14.95. Buy GOLD TRAIN paperback here.

Happy reading and see you on pages of my books!

Now, without further ado, today’s post:

Sunday. Today, I was supposed to post my new piece, FACT AND FICTION IN GOLD TRAIN… but something in me rebelled against that. So I decided that I would do this very important article on May 12, as a follow up to the GOLD TRAIN Blog Tour. Also, another follow up, THE COOL, THE ORIGINAL AND THE CONTROVERSIAL, will appear on this blog on 5/9.  See the GOLD TRAIN Blog Tour Schedule.

But today… the sun is shining brightly, the air smells like honey and freshly cut grass. So, my husband and I decided to get our camera and embark on a lovely nature adventure instead. We are surrounded by some wonderful nature here, in the Western Catskills. And it’s actively awakening now. Spring comes late to the northern NY State, but finally it’s here! My goal is to capture on camera its joyful awakening!

In keeping with the GOLD TRAIN theme, we decided to take the Rail Trail, a defunct rail road turned walking nature trail, which connects many towns in our area.

I am inviting you to share our today’s nature walk! Enjoy the images I’ve captured along the way, including the giant fields of sunny dandelions, the beautiful horses, graceful geese, local farms and colorful chickens, and of course, the mountains.

This is just a primer. I will be doing a bigger post: Spring in the Catskills, and a YouTube video later. Stay tuned!