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On January 11, 2012 I wrote a blog post entitled: Year 2012 Predictions. Included in the post were my predictions for the so called ‘Year of Elections,’ namely, Russia, USA and France. In the post, I predicted that Vladimir Putin would win the elections. 

As a reminder to my readers, I do not belong to any political party and consider myself a political atheist. My analysis is based on observation, logic, intuition and the Ancient Chinese System of Long Cycles (CSLC).

Here is the original prediction as it pertains to Russia:

RUSSIA, Presidential Elections, March 4, 2012Vladimir Putin will win easily enough, although, due to the crowded field and according to the Russian electoral rules, he may only get clear majority in the second round. Protests on part of the Communists and assorted opposition will continue, and electoral fraud will be alleged again, whether it took place or not.

However, between now and March, Putin and the ruling United Russia Party will make all the right moves, and Putin will end up securing anywhere between 55 – 68% of the votes. 55% may be way too low. Low to mid 60s is probably the right percentage.

While Russians could afford to play around with the results of the Duma elections in 2011, they’ll treat Presidential Elections much more seriously. Putin means stability, and everyone will remember that. Russian social, economic, political, financial, police and army reforms will continue in a controlled fashion during Putin’s Presidency. I will try to discuss Russia’s future in detail in my BOOK OF PREDICTIONS.

There is one more, esoteric, reason for Putin’s win: He is a DRAGON, according to his Chinese Zodiac sign. 2012 will be much better for Putin, than 2011, as the power of the Dragon is fully behind him this year! ;)

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Due to the dynamic situation surrounding the Russian elections, as well as elections in other countries, I decided to post an update. Also, I’ve added CIA/U.S. State Department code names, to illustrate the point and… well, because you’ve got to admit, they are kinda funny. 😉

Russian Elections, March 4, 2012 – Vladimir Putin.

CIA code name: Alpha Dog. U.S. State Department code name for Putin/Medvedev tandem: Batman and Robin. But they might’ve changed that since Wikileaks leaked it. 😉

As predicted, Putin and United Russia made all the right moves in the run up to the elections. Putin published a series of articles outlining his vision for Russia’s future; new finance and economic reforms have been announced; more social benefits have been promised; he held his very popular annual televised live Q&A, which lasted a record 5 and a half hours; the rules for protests have been loosened up to accommodate the larger than usual number of people on the streets. Essentially, all protests have been automatically sanctioned – a big departure from old rules – as long as they were peaceful.

As a result, I am upgrading my prediction: Putin will win in the first round. There will be NO run-off. He will get anywhere between low 60% to mid 60% of the popular vote. Could be as high as 67-68%.

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French elections, April 22 – May 6, 2012 – Nicolas Sarkozy.

U.S. State Department code name: Emperor Without Clothes.

At this time, no change in my prediction. He’ll still lose the election – more emphatically so!

U.S. Elections, November 6, 2012 – Barack Obama.

I guess we’ll never know Obama’s CIA/State Department code names, will we? But I can tell you that Russians call him: the Black Gorbachev 😉

No change in my prediction – Obama will narrowly win 2012 elections.

Copyright 2012, Lada Ray