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  1. Claude E. Kiesel said:

    Hi Lada,

    Just had a few questions about Russian Films. Most of the films that you have listed here don’t seem to be available with English subtitles, any suggestions? I looked up these movies and I can’t find them to purchase with English subtitles. I thought you might know where I could purchase them online.
    Also, what do you think of films by Russian director, Nikita Mikhalkov? I just watched,
    “Burnt by the Sun” and I thought it was OK. I was expecting more because it had won
    an academy award (in the U.S.) for Best Foreign film in 1994 and a Cannes Grande Jury award. I also have a movie from him that I haven’t watched yet, “The Barber of
    Siberia” and I was wondering if you have seen it and what you think of it. I had these
    questions, because I didn’t see any of his films listed in your film section. He apparently, just won an award in Russia for a new film that just came out called
    “Sunstroke”. Any guidance and information would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, Claude E. Kiesel

    • Hi Claude,
      1. Usually, Amazon sells Russian movies with English subs. But not all may be translated. Also, check YouTube. Some movies may be posted there for free with English subs. Time allowing, I will continue posting Rus movies on FuturisTrendcast blog. Check back soon.

      2. I like Mikhalkov as a person and actor more that director. His best movies as director and actor were made during Soviet times. I can highly recommend ‘The Cruel Romance” – Zhestokiy Romance in Russian (sorry, dont have Russian font). It’s very good, but just not the kind of movie I personally like. Too much personal drama. Burnt by the Sun is ok, as you said. The Oscar for that was political – isn’t everything the West does towards Russia and the rest of the world?

      Haven’t seen The Barber or Sunstroke, and don’t plan to.

      3. Do you have any genre preferences? I can highly recommend Night Watch and Day Watch by Bekmambetov (2000s) – it’s dark fantasy taking place in Moscow, but with a very hopeful and nice twist. Lot’s of intresting symbolism and effects. Definitely should be available on Amazon with Eng subs.

      Also, look for ‘The Island’ = ‘Ostrov.’ It’s a 2000s very, very cool, somewhat esoteric film about a monk at a remote monastery, who is a mystic. Very good one and should be available with Eng subs as it got some major intl awards.

      There also was recently an excellent TV series based on Master and Margarita by Bulgakov. I don’t know if it has Eng subs – but VERY good. It used to be posted with Eng subs on YT. I’ll see if I can find it.
      Also, my list of 5+ rated Russian comedies on FT – do check them out. They are very good.
      There are so many really great movies. Whatever I can find on YouTube, I’ll post on FT overtime. Stay tuned.

    • P.S. I posted additional links for Day Watch and Night Watch on FT (at the bottom of the page):
      Generally, all discussion about movies is posted on that page, so any future comments – please post them there.


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