Russian Dance

During Soviet times the Moiseyev Dance Ensemble was called “the Russian ambassadors of good will and world friendship.” It is probably the most famous and decorated dance troupe in the world, specializing in Russian and international dance. Created over 75 years ago by the one and only visionary choreographer Igor Moiseyev, it has acquired the life of its own as it continues growing and evolving. The filigree precision and intricacy of the choreography combined with the unsurpassed mastery of the dancers make watching the Moiseyev Dance Ensemble a truly unforgettable and mesmerizing experience. I grew up with their unique compositions. I’m so happy the Moiseyev dancers continue to this date being the good will ambassadors of beauty in motion.

Click on link to enjoy 4 amazing performaces: The Magic of the Russian Dance: Igor Moiseyev Dance Ensemble


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