Contemporary Russian Music

On this page, I’ve gathered a bunch of great contemporary Russian songs from different artists, which are all my favorites. These songs and performers are as unlike each other in genre, style and content as they can be. I think this collage gives a very good idea of colorful diversity of the contemporary Russian music. This page will be refreshed regularly and more music added. Stay tuned! Lada Ray

NEW! 5/4/15


called the Diamond Voice of Russia & the Voice of an Angel (crazy, amazing voice!)

The Star – Zvezda

Dedication – Posvyashenie

The Shores of Russia – Berega Rossii

“Russia my shore, Russia my home”

Opera #2 (with English subs)

One of Vitas’ most famous songs. Amazing!

Crane’s Crying – Krikom ZhuravlinimMy all time favorite!

“I’ll cry like the crane – I love you; and reply like the wind blows – I love you!”

Arina, Anton Makarsky, Sergei Lee

I Don’t Regret – Mne ne Zhal. Beautiful soundtrack from blockbuster TV series, Bednaya Nastya – Poor Nastya. Based on 19th century Russian history, and the story of love, betrayal, intrigue, destiny, and paranormal occurrences with several young people representing a broad spectrum of than Russian society, from a serf girl Nastya, to the young Tsarevich Alexander, future Russian Emperor Alexander II.

Beliy Orel – White Eagle band

How Enchanting are Russian Nights

Pelagea & Daria Moroz – Пелагея и Дарья Мороз

Steed – Конь

Amazing song and heartfelt performance – it’s unbelievable how 2 people can make it sound as if an entire choir is singing! Basically, this song is a beautiful love confession to Russia. Live performance at Two Stars.

Vera Brezhneva – Вера Брежнева 

Love Will Save The World – Любовь спасет мир

Girls’ Band Fabrika – ФАБРИКА

Gold Fish – Ribka (with Sati Kazanova)

ФАБРИКА – Зажигают огоньки – Lightbugs Turning on the Lights

Yin Yang band – Инь Ян

Don’t Let Go of My Hand – Не отпускай моей руки  – a beautiful song and clip

Igor Kornelyuk – Игорь Корнелюк

The Town that Does Not Exist – Город которого нет (song about St. Petersburg from a hit series, The Criminal St Petersburg)

Aya & City 312 band – Город 312

I’ll Stay – Останусь (with clip from Night Watch by Timur Bekmambetov)

Филипп Киркоров и Настя Петрик  – Philip Kirkorov & 9 yr old Nastya Petryk (winner of Children’s Eurovision from Odessa) Unbelievable voice!

Snow – Снег (Если хочешь идти – иди)

Zara – Зара

Waltz: Autumn Leaves – Осенние листья

Nikolai Rastorguyev & Lyube (Lubeh)

Birches – Березы

performed by Nikolai Rastorguyev & Sergei Bezrukov (from movie Uchastok (Village Beat)

There, Behind the Mists – Там за туманами 

About submarine servicemen and those who wait shore

Lyubov Uspenskaya – Любовь Успенскаяcalled the Queen of Russian Chanson

A Story of One Love – Full concert.

Including: Karusel, Angel, Kabriolet and other songs.

Grigory Leps – Григорий Лепс

I Am Happy – Я счастливый

“I am happy like no one else, I’m happy for the past 100 years and counting,

I’m happy – that’s not a lie, and one day I’ll leave this world just as happily.”

A Shot of Vodka on the Table  – Рюмка водки на столе (Official video)

Best Day – Самый лучший день

“Best day stopped by yesterday, and not being in the mood to leave at night,

it stayed till morning, but the time came to part ways – see you around, my friend!”

Mikhail Shufutinsky

My Odessa

Soul Hurts – Душа Болит (live concert in Tiraspol, Dniestr Republic)

Alsou – Алсу

I Didn’t Invent You – Я тебя не придумала

Олег Газманов  – Oleg Gazmanov

Москва / Moscow/ Moskau (clip made by a German fan)

Fresh Wind – Свежий ветер

from the 80′s Disco Hits concert


Alexander Ribak – Александр Рыбак

Well, technically this young singer/violinist/songwriter lives in Norway, where his family emigrated during the USSR collapse, but he speaks Russian like a native and I think Russia, Belarus, where his family is from, and perhaps even Ukraine, decided to re-adopt him as their own. Meanwhile, the rest of Europe: Germany, UK, Poland, and of course Norway, where he grew up, don’t wan to be left behind. After winning the 2009 Eurovision with the best result ever with his song Fairytale, he became the darling of Europe. He sings and writes his songs in multiple languages (my kind of a guy). I decided to include Russian songs by Alexander Ribak because this talented, and incredibly charismatic young man is undeniably a unifying factor for all of Europe, and a benefic presence bar none. We need more like him.

Skies of Europe – Небеса Европы (Russian version)

Стрела Амура – Amur’s Arrow

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