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Russian language, Russian life and history, art, architecture, nature, my childhood memories, photos, videos, my books and more…

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Russian Language & Holidays

NY fireworks red square

How Russia Celebrates New Year & Christmas (Rozhdestvo) – lots of great photos!

Best Way to Learn Russian Language – my article, a very comprehensive and thought-provoking foreign language resource. Consistently #1 top post on #LadaRayBlog

Sochi Winter Olympics 2014

Olympic rings island sochi

The Biggest Show On Earth! Sochi Olympics Torch’s Record Journey Through Russia and Outer Space – with very cool photos of Sochi, vids and more!

Venture Capital: Oligarch Money Games and Sochi Olympics


Moscow, Red Square

Gold Train Spectacular Setting: Moscow, Russia

St Petersburg


Tsars, Oligarchs and Imperial Treasure: ST.PETERSBURG, RUSSIA

Lake Baikal & Siberia


THE EARTH SHIFTER Mystical Setting: Lake Baikal, Siberia

Russian Life & Transportation

Nikolaevsky Express

GOLD TRAIN: Amazing Russian Metro

GOLD TRAIN: the World of Russian Trains and My Childhood Memories

A Case of Mistaken Identity: Soviet Cars and My Infamy

Lada’s May Day Interview

Beautiful Russia Series

Kostroma dancingBeautiful Russia: The Golden Ring of Russia 1

Beautiful Russia: The Golden Ring of Russia 2

Beautiful Russia 3: Moscow’s Many Faces

Real Russia Video Series: where today’s life and history come together

wo girls walk through the Red Square in front of the GUM

A Slice of Real Russia: Eyewitness Video Journey 1 (Ufa, Urals)

A Slice of Real Russia 2: Real Moscow


odessa beachOdessa, The Pearl of the Black Sea

Childhood Memories: Sun, Black Sea, Fun, Odessa…



MY NOVELS SET IN RUSSIA (click on images for more)




Russian Politics/Economy, My Predictions and more…


Visit other RUSSIA pages and enjoy the Russian culture! 

Legendary Soviet Music Hits

Contemporary Russian Music

Don’t miss! Raising Chi Against Hatred: The Suppressed Story of Russian Songs that Unite World Cultures

Watch Russian films! 

New: Russian Dance

New: Russian resources and articles

How Russians Celebrate New Year: Happy NY 2014 and Happy 100,000 Visits to Lada Ray Blog!

Khazarian Mysteries: What do Russian, Polish, Kossack, Jewish, English, and Asian Names Have in Common?

Forbidden History

Forbidden Linguistics


13 thoughts on “Russia”

  1. Irene Parousis said:

    Hi Lada,

    I enjoy reading your articles. As someone who immigrated to Canada from the USSR in the 70’s I can identify with the propaganda that is being spewed on Russia today.
    It’s been an enlightening journey growing up in the Western world and being exposed to the brainwashing of this society into driving the massing to becoming unconscious. I am at this time going to go a little off topic and ask your opinion on chemtrails/geoengineering. Here in Canada we are being sprayed daily with these toxic poisons and it’s becoming unbearable to know the devastation this is causing to mother nature and all species (my health is being affected as well). I’m not sure if Russia is involved in these climate engineering programs and the spraying, but would like to know if they are and would appreciate your personal opinion on this topic.
    Thank you for your great work in exposing the truth.

    Irene Parousis

    • Hi Irene. Thank you for your nice words and for the truth.
      Chemtrails are a very worrying problem in N. America, UK and EU, primarily. Russia and China stopped spraying a while back after they realized what it was doing in reality.
      There is a lot to say on the subject, including how to practically protect yourself and your loved ones from this menace.
      I think I may do a separate Earth Shift Report on that soon. Stay tuned.
      If you are interested, my hard-hitting, global truth articles post on FuturisTrendcast, not on Lada Ray Blog. Earth Shift Reports will post on

      All the best.

  2. Irene Parousis said:

    Thank you for your prompt response Lada 🙂 I am looking forward to reading your next Earth Shift Report.
    Could you please look into this when you have moment? Perhaps you can comment or bring more light to it in your next report.

    Thanks for your time,

  3. Lada, I don’t think that the SO CALLED Nazis in Ukraine are really Nazis. I think they are paid by the mossad

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