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Giving away: 1. Archos Tablet (value $349); 2. Complete sets of all my ebooks (5+2 new releases); 3. ARCs of new releases: Lemurian Crystal & Atlantis! 4. Just added on 5/29! Signed paperbacks with 2 beautiful bookmarks. Books: The Earth Shifter, Gold Train, Stepford USA.


Dear readers and fans, THE EARTH SHIFTER Virtual Tour is nearing its grand finale and I have some awesome news about the upcoming giveaway! As you know, I’m giving away ARCHOS TABLET, as well as 2 complete sets of my ebooks. I have also promised to give away my upcoming ebooks, Lemurian Crystal & Atlantis. These two are on a slight delay due to the many events taking place presently in my life, but they are definitely coming soon, and all those who’ve been so amazingly generous in helping me promote The Earth Shifter will get the early copies, as promised!

Till then, I’ve decided to add something very special and exciting to my giveaway!

Since I feel that the prizes above are not nearly enough to thank all of my readers, reviewers and fans for your wonderful support and generosity, in addition to the above, I’ll also be giving away signed paperback copies of The Earth Shifter, Gold Train and Stepford USA! Each book will come complete with 2 of my new, exclusive bookmarks and is open worldwide!

If anyone else wants to enter my giveaways, it’s not too late! There is still time to write those reviews till 5/31! You can find links to all of my books at bookstore. All drawings are at 8pm est on 5/31/13. I will post the winners on my blog and Goodreads the next day, and I’ll tweet/FB the links.

See complete details below! Drawing 5/31, 8pm. All results will be announced on 6/1!


Announcement: Wow, due to the veritable avalanche of super-exciting posts/features/author interviews, The Earth Shifter Virtual Tour has been extended through May! Read lots of interesting posts and reblogs at Lada Ray Blog. Full schedule of the tour, together with links will be posted soon! 

NEW DATES: April 11-May 31, 2013: THE EARTH SHIFTER , STEPFORD USA and GOLD TRAIN paperback launch and Virtual Tour. Read more.

I have a special pleasure of announcing the Read & Review program and giveaway to go with the launch! You can now read my ebooks for only $.99 each, and my paperbacks are on huge sale on Amazon! Find all links here. Reviewers, please contact me for a free copy!

As a special thank you for all those who take time and effort to review one or more of my books, I am giving away several very valuable and nice prizes. You can win one or more of the following:

Giveaway 1: ARCHOS 8o G9 Turbo with WiFi, 8″ Touchscreen Tablet, value $349. Review any of my books and be entered to win. Novels: The Earth Shifter, Gold Train, Stepford USA – 5 entries each review; novelettes: Catharsis, Green Desert – 3 entries each review. More about Archos Tablet. Drawing 5/31/13.



Giveaway 2: Those who’ve been especially active in helping me promote The Earth Shifter and my other books will receive free early release ebooks: Lemurian Crystal and Atlantis (Earth Keepers Chronicles 2 and 3). Release, May 2013.

Giveaway 3: Authors of 2 best reviews (all of my books included in consideration: The Earth Shifter, Gold Train, Stepford USA, Catharsis, Green Desert) will receive a complete set of my ebooks, including the upcoming new releases: Lemurian Crystal and Atlantis.


1. Readers who want to review: It’s easy to purchase my ebooks – they will be all $.99 cents or equivalent from 4/11 til 5/3! Paperbacks also on big sale! See buy links here! Reviewers: please contact me for a free copy!

2. To be entered, the reviews must be posted on Amazon US and UK (CA too, if possible) and preferably also on Goodreads (must include at least 1-2 paragraphs). If you can also post at Barnes&Noble, Shelfari and/or your blog, even better! I will usually mention/tweet/FB and/or reblog the reviews.

3. Please contact me with links to your reviews in order to be entered!

4. If you are interested only in specific giveaways, please let me know which ones while contacting me.

5. Reviews must be at least 1-2 paragraphs, include at least one specific detail and be free of spoilers! All reviews will be given equal consideration.

All drawings are on 5/31/13 at 8 pm est.

Winners will be announced the next day.


P.S. If you are interested in featuring me and my books during the tour, please contact me! I will reblog all features for extra exposure. See Author Feature example.

Read: The Earth Shifter Launch and Virtual Tour.


THE EARTH SHIFTER ARCHOS TABLET Giveaway stage 1. See the original post.

Many thanks to all those who participated in stage 1 – you’ve been entered! Stage 1 of this giveaway is closed. Enter stage 2 above. Drawing date: May 31, 2013!


Past giveaways:

The Earth Shifter ebook/formatting/editing Giveaway

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