Accidental Spy Series

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 Jason Bourne & Outlander fusion with a vodka twist…

Begin your secret love affair with Russia! GOLD TRAIN is a fast-paced romantic mystery/thriller based on true historical events!
Experience Moscow and St. Petersburg like you’ve never imagined them before; travel through Russia’s turbulent history and ever-changing present; immerse yourself in a world filled with oligarchs, hidden treasure, ultimate royal glamour, state secrets and FSB spies. It’s the world guided by destiny’s hand and spiced up with passionate love affair that could only happen where stakes are deadly and every day may be your last!

1918 Civil War: the entire Gold Reserve of the Russian Empire vanishes without a trace. But what if it’s about to resurface?

Today: flaming hair, striking blue-green eyes, relentless optimism & burning desire to uncover the truth… Jade Snow, sexy international journalist turned stay-at-home mom, turned spy extraordinaire, thinks she has seen it all – until she gets a fateful call from Russia. Jade travels to Moscow to investigate tantalizing mystery of the Gold Train and reconnect with the land of her ancestors; instead, she lands in the middle of a high-stakes international conspiracy threatening to change the fate of one of the world’s most powerful nations. Refusing to be a pawn in the game of forces beyond her control, Jade must choose between her worst friends and best enemies…and the future just might depend on her choice!
288 print pages. Beautifully redesigned and re-edited! New scenes and artwork added! With bonus – excerpt from next in the series: DRAGON GATE (Accidental Spy Asia Adventure). 

For readers 16+ due to a couple of very steamy (but tasteful) romantic scenes. Contains NO adult language or overt violence. Spectacular setting and tons of invaluable information about history, Russia, as well as lessons the protagonist has to learn.

Genre: historical mystery, spy thriller, contemporary, romantic mystery, action/adventure, paranormal/metaphysical

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Jade Snow’s humble beginnings as a sexy international super-sleuth in “Small Town USA,” before she turns spy extraordinaire in GOLD TRAIN (Accidental Spy Russia Adventure)! 

Not all conspiracies are global; some are well-hidden in small towns with perfect facades… Married and pregnant, international journalist, Jade Snow, must exchange her exotic and dangerous lifestyle for a boring existence in sheltered Stepford, MA, where nothing is what it seems. Who committed rape and murder – corrupt police chief, womanizing banker, tragic hunk, millionaire nerd, or sleazy politician? In this town, where unpleasant things are simply swept under the rug, who can Jade trust?

Leave it to our spunky heroine to expose what’s hidden and to shake up the status quo… if she can survive an attraction to the enigmatic convicted rapist and the encounter with a desperate killer.
Warning: contains enough psychology, mystical happenings, amazing pets, virtual reality, romance, and humor to be a thrillingly delightful, yet dangerously sobering read!

Includes Accidental Spy Sampler: excerpt from GOLD TRAIN + excerpt from DRAGON GATE, Accidental Spy Asia Adventure

Editorial review

STEPFORD USA (Accidental Spy Small Town Adventure) is set in the seemingly idyllic town of Stepford in the midst of the picturesque Berkshire Mountains, Massachusetts. The name of the town is fictional, but bears resemblance to the real local towns, namely Sheffield, Lenox, and especially Stockbridge, MA. While writing STEPFORD USA I lived in the area before moving back to New York. I wrote the setting, events and characters in real time based on my observations and experiences, and perhaps because of that they all appear so vivid, down to the smallest detail.

The surreal scene at the Berkshire Hope Clinic reminds me a little of the One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest; the scenes with Jack Maloof at the VRRD, Inc. (Virtual Reality Research and Development), as well as Jade’s encounters with banker Peter Burns and lawyer Catcham – of The Stepford Wives; while the Stepford Knitting Club gatherings and the super-adorable cat Lily & dog James place us smack in the middle of a cozy mystery.

The heroine, Jade Snow, and her friend, Rachel Weise, want to get to the bottom of Jason and Rebbecca’s story. Rebbecca, the mute victim of the long forgotten, and conveniently swept under the carpet, rape has been a long-term patient… um… prisoner at the Berkshire Hope Clinic. Jason just returned from jail where he suffered for the past 12 years. But something positively doesn’t seem kosher in the official version of events, so when Jade shows up and starts questioning things that have never been questioned before, she sends irreversible Tsunami waves through this town of conformity and behind the scenes deals.

In addition to whodunnit and howdunnit, STEPFORD USA contains social satire, psychic visions, pretty amazing kitty & doggie, as well as a generous helping of humor. Oh yeah, and how could I forget the Gossip Central of the Berkshires: the infamous STEPFORD KNITTING CLUB, who unwittingly help Jade solve the puzzle! Sorry – no robots, if you don’t count some Stepford residents ;).

This book is a fun and easy read, while containing some important lessons and interesting info. Beautiful setting, cool characters, and witty humor included at no extra charge. Great for readers 14+. 

Genre: women sleuths, psychological mystery/thriller, action/adventure, paranormal/metaphysical

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“Being in the wrong place at just the right time is my specialty.”
Meet Jade Snow, kick-ass international journalist, turned stay-at-home mom (Stepford USA), turned spy extraordinaire (Gold Train). 
Set in Iraq, this prequel novelette is her experience before the start of the Accidental Spy Series. 
Young, witty and beautiful international journalist, Jade Snow, travels to Iraq to shoot a documentary about the Iraqi insurgency. In Baghdad she, as usual, finds herself in the wrong place at just the right time. After witnessing a dramatic suicide bombing, and as two unlikely letters from the opposite sides of the conflict drop in her lap, Jade must trace the shocking connection between the suicide bomber, a young Iraqi girl and American sergeant killed in the attack.
The Butterfly Effect with an unexpected twist, this short, but full of action and drama read explores how interconnected we really are in this world.
Accidental Spy Prequel – a novelette (aka Jade Snow Prequel) with comprehensive Accidental Spy sampler, including extensive excerpts from Stepford USA, Gold Train, and from the upcoming DRAGON GATE! 

A short, but riveting and educational read for readers 13+, incorporating psychology, world events, adventure, karma, and even some humor! Do you want to learn the truth about the Iraqi war? As one reviewer put it: ”This story will rock your world.” Bill Tillman

Genre: mystery/thriller, action/adventure, war

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