Feng Shui

Good Feng Shui signifies perfect alignment between inner and outer worlds. Lada Ray

Lada Ray is Internationally Certified Feng Shui Master with professional Feng Shui practice and international clientelle since 2002. She studied with the revered Hong Kong Masters of traditional Feng Shui, after which she received her Master’s Certification with the famed Feng Shui author and promoter, Master Lillian Too (Hong Kong/Malaysia). Lada Ray practices classic Compass School Feng Shui, as it has been practiced in China and around the world for centuries with invariable success.

In addition to Feng Shui, Lada is also a trained shaman, born intuitive and powerful empath. She is author and novelist, with many other talents to boot. She is the author of 3 novels and 2 novelettes, including the top-rated mystical thriller THE EARTH SHIFTER; 2012 Amazon bestseller, international adventure/thriller GOLD TRAIN (Accidental Spy Russia Adventure); cosmic adventure novelette Catharsis (Legend of the Lemurians).

NEW! 2015 Consultations by Lada Ray:

Consultations by Lada Ray are now available on LadaRay.info.

The Chinese New Year of the Wood Goat (Sheep) starts February 19, 2015. Prepare well by ordering one of our

Feng Shui Consultations 

Including written or Skype: Feng Shui Success Charts; 2015 and Beyond – Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology reading; Wealth, Abundance and Prosperity Consultation; Personal interactive Feng Shui Consultation; Full Home/Business Feng Shui Consultation, including Flying Star Consultation.

Also available:

Personal Shift Consultations (Skype or written)

“The world is going through a massive tectonic EARTH SHIFT of consciousness on all levels and in all aspects of life. Make sure you are prepared!” Lada Ray

Private Personal Consultation

Personalized private personal consultation tailored to each client’s needs. Based on: Lada’s Earth Shift System; future timeline; Lada’s global predictions, experience as financial consultant, futurist, Feng Shui Master, geopolitical consultant, shaman, clairvoyant intuitive and more. For full description see CONSULTATIONS at LadaRay.info.

Geopolitical/Predictions/Futurist Consultations

Please see: CONSULTATIONS at LadaRay.info,

where you will find all the details!

To learn more about Lada, please read her bio. For more information about Feng Shui and Lada’s Feng Shui approach, read her Feng Shui page 1 and Feng Shui page 2, as well as Lada’s Feng Shui Articles. The expanded Feng Shui Resource Center will soon be created on LadaRay.info. To kick-start the Chinese New Year, we will also soon have new Feng Shui videos on Lada Ray YouTube Channel.

The new Earth Shift System Resource Center will also soon be created on LadaRay.info. Earth Shift Reports and a new Predictions page are also coming to LadaRay.info.

Follow Lada on Lada Ray Blog, FuturisTrendcast, YouTube and Twitter.


Lada Ray no longer does dedicated Feng Shui workshops

Lada Ray’s focus is presently substantially wider and includes global consciousness, predictions and the Ray System of Long Cycles (based in part on Feng Shui, the 5 Elements and Chinese astrology). 

Listen to Lada’s new interview: Earth Shifters, Feng Shui and Global Predictions

More interviews

Read PREDICTIONS for the in-depth understanding.

Lada Ray is available for interviews and speaking engagements. Please Contact Here.


Note, this is archived material for educational and informational purposes. New Feng Shui resource center will soon be created at LadaRay.info. See above for 2015 Consultations offerings.

Personal and business Feng Shui consultations focused on attaining balance and alignment between inner and outer world, as well as uncovering and fulfilling one’s destiny, are available via Skype. 

Read Lada Ray’s bio here.

Lada’s specialties are: Flying Star Feng Shui; Yin Yang theory; Flow of ChiLandscape Feng Shui; the 5 Elements theory; the 8 Mansions School of Feng Shui – Lada has coined her proprietary title for this mainstay Feng Shui practice: the 8 Life’s Aspirations Theory. Lada is also highly knowledgeable in Chinese Astrology, I Ching, as well as Feng Shui Symbolism. Based on a combination of several theories and schools of Feng Shui, Lada has created her proprietary PERSONAL FENG SHUI CHART. Get your feet wet and introduce yourself to the ancient art of Feng Shui through this very affordable and easy to use service (more below)!

Lada Ray is also the author of two original new schools of Feng Shui, which she has been using with great success for her private clients and for her personal practice for the past 10 years. These are: Karmic Feng Shui and CHI Kinesiology. Lada feels that now it has come the time to share these beautiful practices with the world!


FENG SHUI  workshop descriptions


This workshop had been a hit in NJ, CT and NYC and it possesses a very flexible format. It can be conducted as a 1 day workshop; a 4 part, 2hr each, evening series; or as an extended weekend workshop. For the weekend workshop, participants receive certificate of completion. This workshop is based on 3 very popular theories of the Classic Compass School of Feng Shui: 5 Elements, Flow of Chi, and 8 Life’s Aspirations (I coined this term, which is more in line with the 21st Century. It is traditionally called 8 Mansions, aka 8 Palaces of Feng Shui). We will primarily focus on 8 Life’s Aspirations, but the other 2 will be intertwined and incorporated into the teaching. These theories are mainstay of contemporary classic Feng Shui, as practiced by the revered Hong Kong Masters of the craft I was privileged to study with. They are easy to grasp, and have a very practical applicationWe will also learn how to manipulate Chi for best results through powerful Feng Shui symbolism. Level: beginner to intermediate, no prior Feng Shui training required. 


Those who want to be able to feng shui their place themselves from start to finish, or those who want to become professionals, and perhaps supplement their income via Feng Shui, Lada offers professional Feng Shui training, including in-depth study of 5 Elements, 8 Aspirations, Flow of Chi schools,  Landscape Feng Shui, Yin Yang theory, intro to the advanced Flying Star School of Feng Shui, including ultimate energizing for 1)Wealth and 2)Love/Health/Relationships/Pupularity/Success, protection from annual afflictions, how to correctly read charts and floorplans, how to correctly determine a facing direction of a house (extremely important), and much more. 1 week training. Level: intermediate to advanced. Prerequisite, attending my other workshops, or having completed prior study of Feng Shui.  Participants receive Certificates of Completion & Feng Shui Practitioner designation. Level: practitioner.


This is advanced practitioner program. Includes in-depth study of all above theories and practices, with emphasis on advanced Flying Star school of Feng Shui. Practical study with a number of case studies. Included also my proprietary theories of Karmic Feng Shui and Chi Kinesiology, which open a whole new world of understanding and contemporary practical application of this ancient, but forward-looking art. 1 week training.  Receive Certificate of Graduation and Advanced Feng Shui Practitioner designation. Level: advanced practitioner. 

FENG SHUI Mini-Workshops – great for fairs/conferences & other events

1 – 1 & 1/2 hr each, with specific topic each hour. Multiple workshops can be offered during any fair or conference. Topics may include: Feng Shui for love and relationships; Energize your career with Feng Shui; Landscape Feng Shui; Feng Shui for wealth and prosperity; Feng Shui for children; Feng Shui for creativity; Feng Shui for women’s empowerment; workspace Feng Shui – and many others. Please contact for pricing and to discuss details.

Introducing: CHI KINESIOLOGY Workshop

This is Lada’s proprietary technique, which will be a part of her upcoming teaching. In this technique, she has merged the well-known Kinesiology technique with the Chinese CHI teaching and with David Hawkins’ (Power vs Force) scale of human consciousness. Chi Kinesiology is a super-useful technique (sometimes bordering on miraculous) that helps to determine the energy of the environment, usefulness of various things, ideas, potential success or failure of a venture, whether a job is worth pursuing, and even predict outcomes of events (my favorite use), as some examples. It is a bit akin to dowsing, but it assigns a numeric value to the subject of your focus based on the Hawkins Scale of Universal Consciousness, thus creating a very precise frame of reference invaluable for practical application. It is a very cool technique that  Lada has been using with huge success for herself and her private clients for years. Now, it’s time to start sharing it with the world.

Real Estate Feng Shui workshops or private consultations

  • Real Estate Feng Shui workshops and consultations help you sell your house. Lada is available to share her secret Feng Shui techniques used in her private consultations and that she has personally used to sell her house in order to get the top dollar and sell quickly. Especially beneficial in down market or “dead” market as experienced in many US areas; in up market helps you get top dollar. Please contact me for more.


Personal Feng Shui Chart can be prepared for any event, or any time in between: great for fairs and for consultations (actually a must for Feng Shui consultations – helps boost dramatically the consultation benefit at very little cost). Lada has created this proprietary service to help people get easy introduction to the ancient art of Feng Shui. Personal Feng Shui Charts are done via email or printed as a physical chart.

PERSONAL FENG SHUI is a secret and very little understood brand of Feng Shui, which in the past had been used with tremendous success by Chinese Emperors and nobles, and rumor has it, even by Mao himself, despite his communist background, to gain special power and unfair advantage over underlings as the commoners were not allowed to practice Feng Shui and anyone caught could be put to death.

Today, it is accessible to all via Lada’s easy to read, understand and implement PERSONAL FENG SHUI CHARTS.

It’s not about gaining unfair advantage any more – instead, it is about self-empowerment, happiness, harmony and putting your best foot forward. Even if you don’t have a house of your own, or are always on the go, or just want to empower yourself personally for wealth, success, health, love/relationships, personal empowerment, etc., this is a very affordable and amazingly productive way to introduce yourself to this ancient oriental art and science.

This is a written chart. Usually, it will be prepared in advance. Personal Feng Shui Chats require 1 week turnaround (express service available for extra fee). Can be a great birthday/anniversary/holiday gift. If people order charts prior to the fair (pre-paid), Lada will calculate, print the chart and they can pick it up at the fair. It will come in a personalized red folder (for energy – a beloved FS color). If charts is pre-ordered before the fair, a few nice freebies will be included. The chart can also be ordered during a fair, or at any other time (pre-paid). In that case, the chart will be emailed to the client.

What is included in your chart: based on your date of birth Lada calculates 1) your personal LUCKY and unlucky colors; 2) personal lucky and unlucky elements, + practical recommendations on how to use them for overall success, personal development/family, health, love/relationships; 3) personal lucky directions. Personal lucky directions are extremely important for your health, personal development, love and success in life! It matters what direction you are facing while sleeping, working at your desk, eating, having an important meeting – you name it! This knowledge will allow you to maximally harness the best energy in any situation, resulting in increased vitality, better relationships and ultimate success! And imagine, if your children slept and did their homework facing their success or personal development directions, how much better would their grades and their well being be! All this knowledge can be implemented using Personal Feng Shui Charts by Lada Ray.


Lada is presently available only for Skype consultations



Full on-site Feng Shui consultations for interested and committed clients.

Both home and office consultations available. These are tailored specifically to every client’s needs. A Feng Shui consultation is a life-changing event and has to be treated seriously and with reverence. Usually, a couple to several hours are required, plus preparation. Lada will highlight and pinpoint all elements and details – both good and bad in the house/property/office. All energy blocks, adverse energy accumulations, afflictions, how to bring out the best in your home and life, etc. Lada will offer Feng Shui solutions. Two (2) free follow up sessions by phone or via skype are included (1/2 to 1 hour each). If you recommend a qualified client to me and this recommendation results in an on-site consultation, Lada will pay you a finder’s fee. For on-site Feng Shui consultations, transportation fees apply. 


These are available for those who live far, or for those who want a budget option. Conducted by phone or via skype (skype is preferred as it gives you a visual and therefore enhances the value of the consult). These are equally accurate, provided the client supplies me with adequate materials as required. Fees are substantially less than on-site consultation. One (1) free follow up session by phone or skype is included (1/2 hour).


Private Feng Shui sessions. These can be conducted either at any holistic/meataphysical center Lada works with locally, or where she’s visiting for a fair/conference, or via skype for long-distance clients (see distance consultations below for more). 1hr minimum. Can be extended in 15 min increments. 1) This consult  is a Personal Chart + in-depth personalized reading & Q&A based on the chart. 2) Client can bring pics of their home, or office, they want feng shui-ed + the blueprint or the floorplan for the property. Lada will do distance feng shui consult based on the materials provided by the client. Many of Lada’s clients come back for a consultation or private reading AFTER they’ve attended her workshops.

 Read Feng Shui Articles by Lada Ray!


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