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42 thoughts on “Contact & Support”

  1. Hi Lada, you were one of the winners in the giveaway. Please contact me at with your email so we can get you your free ebook. =)

  2. Alfred Cossi Chodaton said:

    Dear Lada, I was amazed by the veracity of your predictions. Are they scientific? Or paranormal? I mean: do you have paranormal gift to predict future events? I am very interested in Russia and Russian history since my childhood. I still believe that the socialist ideals adopted by Russia during the Soviet period were not implemented as the forefathers had wanted. But what puzzled me the most is the future of Russia. I have encountered many so-called predictions about Russia on Internet. Most of the times, it said the the Antichrist, that Putin is supposed to be, will come from Russia, will side with Islamic extremists to use nuclear bomb to strike the US, Europe, and Israel. I personally think these predictions are made by nonprofessionals that are ignorant of Russia, of the world history and are trapped by Western anti-Russian propaganda.

    I would like you publish something about Russian future.

    • Dear Alfred, thank you for the compliment. I haven’t seen any such predictions about Putin, but that could be because most of the stuff floating around the Internet is, sorry to say, garbage. And I don’t do garbage. This particular one sounds really funny.

      You are right of course that too many people in the West are absolutely ignorant of Russia, and not just Russia. For example, why would Russia ever want to strike Europe, if Europe is their largest trade partner, their bread and butter, so to speak? Or, why on Earth would Russia ever want to strike Israel, if 1/4 of Israel’s population is Russian?

      There is much more to the story, and perhaps I can discuss it in some of my other posts. The Internet is a blessing and a curse. Thanks to it, many more people, who didn’t have a place to express themselves, can now get on the soapbox and be heard, but paradoxically, much of what is out there is not worth reading or hearing. Right now, there is a lot of low energy of confusion, fear and fear-mongering floating around cyberspace. Not to mention, complete lack of any sort of credentials and professionalism, as you correctly pointed out.
      But as always, if you search long and hard enough, you can always find a few gems. 🙂

      You make some good points in your message, and I will definitely cover the future of Russia in my upcoming posts. I discuss my predictive method in my original Year 2012 Predictions:

      All the best to you and thank you for your interest. Feel free to leave comments in relevant posts, if you like 🙂


      P.S. Have you checked out Russia Today Channel for real news and a very good alternative perspective? They are on YouTube and becoming the most popular news channel in the world, replacing CNN. Links: RT America:
      and RT:

  3. Alfred Cossi Chodaton said:

    You can find on Internet thousands of articles, videos or comments like these ones :

    They use religious scriptures and prophetic predictions by the famous Nostradamus to argue that Putin is the Antichrist, that in this year 2012 would start the WWIII where Muslim radicals, namely Iran and other Middle-East countries would attack Israel and in the process, Russia and China would join them for total annihilation of the West.

    But by analyzing the whole story, I understand that there is a huge campaign underway in Western media include on Internet against Vladimir Putin. Who is behind it? Maybe the CIA and Western leaders that find their countries in severe recession and see war on Iran as a way of extending their domination over the world to have more access to cheap energy resources.

    We all know the West mostly the US did not see the collapse of the Soviet Union and consequently the end of the “Cold War” as an opportunity to forge a more peaceful world where cooperation and understanding among nations and peoples are promoted. Instead, the US thought by weakening Russia, by make it to sink into an unprecedented economic crisis which was caused by experts from West advising Russian elites how to embezzle money from state companies and conceal it into Western banks, it will have control over Russia Gas and Oil. Thank to the privatization, oligarchs under the influence of the West seize huge shares in key Russian companies. Since the collapse of the USSR more than trillion of dollars has been transfer to Western banks illegally from Russia. This process was designed by Intelligence experts to lay hand on the vast energy resources of Russia as it is the case in the Middle-East and Africa.

    While Russia was busy dealing with this damage to her economy, US and its NATO allies started encircling her and China, by knocking out leaders of East Europe and Central Asia countries and by replacing them Western puppets.

    But the rise of Putin is not something they like because it goes against their plans.

    • Alfred, this is a very good analysis and unfortunately too true! You are very well versed on the subject!
      But the situation is a bit different now. So not to worry. This is not the place to make predictions, but I’ll try to make them later in a post. 🙂
      Also stay tuned for my next book, THE EARTH SHIFTER, in which I’ll be discussing all that in more detail.

      Have you read Reinventing Collapse by Dmitry Orlov? I highly recommend it. You can find some reviews on my Goodreads page
      Just scroll down to book reviews, there are 4 reviews for this book.

      Take care.

  4. Alfred Cossi Chodaton said:

    I am looking forward to hearing from you about your predictions on Russia and her role in this changing world. I too am convinced that the world as we see it today is about to change completely. The global power will keep shifting to the East. Putin as a smart politician has sensed this. It is why he does not see the G8 anymore as a key power structure. Eurasian is a promising idea and is a framework within which Russia can help to forge a better world. I have faith in Russia and in Putin despite all people may have been saying about him. I feel he is a man persuade that he can change something positively about the way this world goes.

    I also think that with your ability to predict future events you should try to tell us more about this twenty-first century. What brothers the most is the domination of the world by money and selfish interests. I don’t mean that we are going one day to have a world without money but for its sake, humanity has be suffering. Most of the wars in Africa or in the Middle-East are caused by the greed of governments, corporates or businesses looking for easy access to resources. African leaders are most of the time at the service of huge interests groups that have nothing to do with the interests of their citizens. They need the backing of the Western powers to maintain their position and in return, they preserve Western interests. It is as if Africa does not have the right to be independent and enjoy freely the profits of its resources

    Do you think that during this century, we can hope to start seeing a change?

  5. Good afternoon. I’ve nominated you for the Reader Appreciation Award. I always enjoy visiting your blog and come away from it a much better person for having visited. Please visit my blog,, to see my post about the Reader Appreciation Award.

  6. I just nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger Award!!!!

  7. Just bought “Catharsis.” Had to be done. And you should buy it too! Are you on Goodreads?

  8. Hi Lada,

    I’d like to get in touch with you about our books (mine: The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap). When you have a little time please e-mail me at

    I feel we are meant to connect — am going with this.


  9. Hi Lada, I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award! Please visit my blog for the rules, should you decide to accept it.

  10. hello!!! my name is gabriel and i work at a student magazine in leuven, belgium. we are doing an article about chinese new year and i really would like to use one of your pictures. if we give you proper credit, do you think it’s possible?

    • Hi Gabriel,

      Sure, you can use it with proper credit to me and the source, being my blog. Which picture do you have in mind? Please let me know.

      After it’s been printed, can you also post a link to your magazine (if it’s online) or leave a comment with magazine/article title, if it’s in print, in this comment section? Thank you!

      Lada Ray

  11. Great!! The picture that I have in mind is this one:

    The magazine is edited online and printed, so when the number is ready I’ll send you the link.

    Have a nice weekend!!


  12. Hello Lada Ray,
    I found your post about “A slice of Real Russia” and loved reading it. Would you be okay with me doing a pingback to it? Also I don’t know if you have the time but would love to have you do a post to my blog. I’ve had several guest bloggers now and feel like I understand how to best present them. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

  13. The NWO has a military ambush planned. A least one American is trying to get Putin’s help .

    Open Letter to Vladimir Putin on Ebola –

    Please read through the PDFs in the letter

    NWO wants to pick the US’s bones clean.
    Ebola and the Bankers: Making Money On Taking You Away –

    The Nazis are coming out of the closet for this.
    Forced Human Experimentation Arranged by Bush’s Pandemic Laws

    Can you help get word out? Perhaps an American writing Putin for help to stop mass murder here, will wake people up about what is planned which no one political is talking about, as though the WHO weren’t Rockefeller and IG Farben all over again and what is being done in the US weren’t a modern rerun of Nazi Germany.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Your articles are amazing. A major education, incredibly insightful and a pleasure to read.

    Best wishes. / credentials can be used.

  14. Hi Lada Ray I love to read your predictions on Jean Haines website. I have a question regarding Putin and would like your opinion. On Alfred Webers facebook, there was an article regarding Putin being friends with Kissinger. I was shocked when I read this of course because Putin seems to be the Light in this world right now. Kissinger is a war crime criminal and an important player in this game. Is Putin a double agent? Is kissinger Putins handler ? What is your opinion on this ? Thank you. You can contact me on my email: Nicole:)

  15. Rafael Navarrete said:

    Hi Lada,
    thanks for your excellent blog. I visited it a couple of time before. Excellent work. You have mentioned about russian vedic past before and i hope russians are now really taking more enthusiams in knowing their very ancient and glorious past. Anyway i mention that because i came across a blog from an india( a lady i Think) which was dissapointed at lack of interest in Russia for knowing their great and ancient past, because a court in Siberia were trying to ban the Bagavad Gita, ackording to that indian person. I do not know if it is still the same situation now, but that indian person wrote lot of information about russian vedic past. The webbadress to that blog is:

    Perhaps, you want to go and read, although my guess is that you already know all the information written in that blog, It is amazing. I really hope that in near future russians start to study more in deep and rediscover their forgotten history, or perhaps is already happening and if it is already happening, please i ask you to forgive my ignorance. Russia is a great ancient nation, like India and China and it is time for Russia to take her Place in the World.

    My kindest reggards,
    Rafael Navarrete

    • Thanks for your notes. I have a new interview in which I talk more about it:

      All future work – and there will be a lot – re.Rus Vedas and our true ancient origins as humanity will be posted on FuturisTrendcast:

      Thanks so much for visiting and the nice words!

      • Rafael Navarrete said:

        Hi Lada,

        Thanks for your reply. I listened to your interview and it was excellent information and you mentioned a little bit about russian vedas. I am looking forward to the next part of interview and also to your future work about Rus Vedas and our ancient origins. I totally agree with you. The indian vedas besides the spiritual aspect, which is very important, describe history of the vedic Culture of Russia and later on from India and i think several indian scholars knows that, although is perhaps not easy to say it clearly right now, but it is the time now that it should start to be spread. Anyway, your work is great, interesting with high positive energy levels.

        I know russians in general celebrate christmas in January, so i wish you in advance a merry christmas and also a very happy and succesful new year!.
        Rafael Navarrete

        • Very nice of you, Rafael. Thanks for the good wishes. Happy Christmas and New Year to you as well.
          I personally celebrate regular New Year’s, and Chinese New Year. I don’t celebrate Orthodox Christmas, although I love the spirituality and feel of Russian churches, as much as I respect any other houses of worship. All religions have wonderful (and not so wonderful) elements to them.
          If there is any religion on our planet I feel affinity with, it is Buddhism, although spirituality I live by draws on the best wisdom from all around Earth and beyond.

  16. Rafael Navarrete said:

    Hi Lada,

    I hope you had a great christmas and new year celebration.

    I have read your trendanalysis and your interviews lately and i think you are very accurate in your analysis. I guess i am becoming accostum to follow your take on the geopolitical events and on your history knowdledge:)). I am looking forward to your earthshifts rapports. i really like your combination of the politcal-economic happening with the metaphysical spiritual aspect, because our inner state is what reflects the happenings in the world stage.

    Anyway, i came across an interview of Sibel Edmonds, who is a former FBI analyst, turned whistleblower and in it, she talks about fjuture events in Georgia and Caucasus by the empire, as response for the blowback in Ucraine and also she mention about the next “Ucraine” being planned in China, in the xinyuang province. It is an interesting interview. Most probably you already know about her and whay she talks about, but in any case I attache the link, just in case you wish you Watch the interview. It is about one hour, but the first 30 minutes are very interesting i Think.

    The link:

    I wish you a very nice day,

  17. John Cook said:

    I keep trying to get on your mail list but I never recieve the confirmation email…

    • Hi John,
      Sorry you are having trouble getting on my email list.

      These are the instructions, which hopefully will work for you. They are from the FT BLOG RULES page:

      How to Follow/ Subscribe/ Receive email notifications from FuturistTrendcast (and Lada Ray Blog):

      1. If you do not have a WordPress account, sign up for email notifications by clicking on the “FOLLOW” Tab on the bottom right hand corner of your screen. As the tab opens, the ‘enter email’ signup form will appear. Add your email address and click follow. Then go to your email and confirm your subscription by clicking on the confirmation link.

      2. If you are a WordPress user, make sure you are logged on with your account. Then go to the top right hand corner of the sidebar and look for “FOLLOW BLOG VIA EMAIL”. Type in your email address and click follow. Then go to your email and confirm your subscription by clicking on the confirmation link.

      See BLOG RULES for more info.

  18. Hello. Thank you for all of your wonderful information you share with us. This is probably the wrong place for this question, but I am having difficulty adding comments elsewhere.

    I found your site after hearing a reference to the earlier Russian alphabet being a multi-dimensional Runic alphabet, often having the “letters” in a box which were meant to be read in many directions. Having multiple layers of meaning & interpretation built into them. An earlier Russian language being the true mother language of humanity.

    This also mentioned that while modern Russian is the closest modern language to this superior language, the Russian language borrowing from other tongues (muddying itself), ridding itself of a number of letters / runes, & changing these letters to mostly a phonetic alphabet had disguised & weakened the Russian language considerably from its past glory.

    A while back, I read in a book written in the 1800s that Latin was basically a corrupted form of Greek. I have never found details of this, but it was probably common knowledge to educated persons of the time with a foundation of study in Ancient Greek & Latin. Or at least my guess, for I wasn’t the author’s intended audience.

    I am also familiar with arguments of proponents of Hebrew & Sanskrit being “mother languages” in a sense, although they are of different language families. I know there are people who claim striking similarities between Chinese writing & Hebrew script as well.

    Sanskrit & Russian being originally one language.

    You mentioned Latin being an artificial language, per my memory & understanding. The Greek alphabet, perhaps the Greek language itself (my memory, not necessarily your writing), being copied from Russian / Cyrillic script.

    Most modern European languages at least, per my understanding, came from a universal Proto-Slavic which was spoken & understood by all. Illiteracy was not the norm until rather recently, contrary to what most believe.

    What about the idea of “you want to hear what PIE sounded like thousands of years ago… go listen to a Lithuanian farmer.” Lithuanian is the least changed, closest to its ancient form of at least any Indo-European language.

    I understand Lithuanian was written in Cyrillic script at some point in the past, but mostly late 1800’s / early 1900’s.

    I have heard Hebrew, whilst having a great deal of meaning within its roots, being a self-defining language, is not nearly as ancient as many other languages. What exactly is Hebrew in terms of the universal Proto-Slavic you write of?

    The Sinitic languages?


    Various languages of rather small tribal communities throughout the world?

    In myths throughout cultures, told in different manners, are some modern languages descended from those already here, & are others of the “gods,” however exactly this came about?

    A language that lends itself to understanding our roots, our true nature, allows for clear thinking, full expression… This Proto-Slavic sounds like it is much closer than the major languages of today.

    Sanskrit & Russian sound like they would be your recommendations, perhaps whatever study of Etruscan as a Russian script that is possible. A key to language itself.

    I’m sorry this post grew to such a length. If there is an article or book which explains this, I would be most appreciative to be directed to it.

    Thank you for your fascinating writings!

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