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“Celebrate any joyous and positive occasion with all your heart, despite what may come in the 3D reality around us!

We owe it to ourselves and the world! The more positive and hopeful energy to go around, the higher the vibration and better the future of our Planet Earth!”

~Lada Ray

I always loved this holiday, which I consider the beginning of spring and the celebration of flowers and love!

Any excuse to experience positivity and joy in this world!

Today, sharing with you some lovely contemporary and vintage March 8 Russian postcards!

March 8 postcards — from my collection of the vintage Soviet postcards

My very best wishes to all the ladies. May your day, and year, be joyful, bright, abundant and blessed!

And of course, my very best to all our gentlemen. What would we do without you! 🙂 Find a way to celebrate and pamper your women:…

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