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#EarthShift AFRICA RISING – Sergey Lavrov in Africa + The BRICS EXPANSION!

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Period 9 begins in 2024 and will last till 2044! 

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❗️🇷🇺🌟 RUSSIA IS STEPPING UP RELATIONS & PRESENCE IN AFRICA, as predicted! Africa is AWAKENING, ready to ditch the Western influence and claim sovereignty! Sergey Lavrov’s big African tour began in S. Africa. Next Angola, Esvatini (Swaziland), Eritrea, etc. — Sergey Lavrov landed in Eritrea

Image and text: https://t.me/RealLadaRay/1562


❗️⚡️Meantime in Burkina-Faso, Africa — The government of Burkina-Faso ‘asked’ the French troops to leave. Macron says the French troops will be withdrawn within one month. — This is yet another…

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