Just yesterday, reread the whole Gold Train (Accidental Spy Russia Adventure #2), for the first time since its final publication in 2012 – and had an unexpected blast. I was engrossed in the adventure and all the story’s twists and turns. I know it sounds strange, but it happens to authors; we go back to our works years later and marvel: 


I rediscovered how much I enjoy my two characters, Jade and Alexei, and how much I appreciate their otherworldly, yet forbidden, relationship! They are so 5D, so out of this world… yet firmly with their feet on the ground! They are amazingly blessed and strangely cursed at the same time; they are locked into this reality, yet free and united beyond this world. 

Gold Train was a bestseller in 2012 on Amazon, yet misunderstood by many truly ‘accidental’ readers when it first came out, who expected a typical ‘America first’ adventure, complete with American mentality and slang! Was it some puritanical ‘writing’ police, Dark State interference, or simply low-calibrated people, who judge everything in the darkest colors and are Russophobic to boot, who wrote those unfair negative reviews?… I don’t know, and what’s great, at this point I don’t care! 

Leaving Amazon was the best thing that happened to me – I feel a lot freer and a lot more myself! I feel free to love and create what I LIKE – AWAY FROM THE LOW-CALIBRATED, judgy EYES OF THE WRONG CROWD!

Rereading Gold Train was a healing journey. After all these years I am looking with the new eyes at all the books I loved writing, and on my whole writing process. I understood anew that finding the RIGHT readers is paramount!

I know I am far ahead of my time; I’ve been told that many times before – the curse of all visionaries! I think the time is now catching up!

 Gold Train (Accidental Spy Russia Adventure #2) has received a facelift!

I wrote an entirely new, very exciting book description, updated the manuscript and the stats. The steamy Jade-Alexei love scenes have been toned-down in this edition. I’ll be sharing all that with you soon!

 I’ll soon be unveiling the 2nd editions of GOLD TRAIN, as well as STEPFORD USA and GREEN DESERT!

 And I’ll be unveiling the NEW Accidental Spy 3.3 BOOK BUNDLE omnibus edition, which will include the secret unfinished manuscript, about 8 first chapters, of the third adventure, DRAGON GATE (Jade and Alexei, as well as Jason, meet again, now in Asia)! 

The only way to take a thorough peek at the Dragon Gate, where the new mystery, and new Jade and Alexei’s exciting adventure begins, is to purchase Accidental Spy 3.3 BOOK BUNDLE omnibus edition

 Great news: all manuscripts are being updated!

 The best news: all books are on kick-off Holiday sale at all booksellers! 




Maddie Walsh, 1EarthUnited:

Brilliantly written, I’ve reread it after many years and fell in love with the story all over again 
One of the best international spy thrillers, characters, plot, action, romance, intrigue, cliff hanger… destined to be a classic, ur book has it all!