It started 2-3 months back… I was wondering why I was suddenly getting no royalties from Amazon! But since I was busy, I thought: maybe no one has bought recently, I’ll check when I have time. I should’ve known, because before that strange ‘royalty silence’ I had purchases every month, like a clockwork. 

I finally checked late last night and discovered that Amazon banned my books and erased my entire author account! All of my books, all the work that went into creating and setting all that up — GONE! 

There are still artifact pages left, as you’ll see below, but no books are on sale, except a couple of used Gold Train and Stepford USA. I don’t know who sells them: certainly not me and not Amazon. 

In my naivete, I had no idea someone could be so audacious as to delete YEARS WORTH OF WORK, JUST LIKE THAT, WITHOUT A WORD! Private property… author’s rights… illegal discrimination… just simple common decency… they don’t give a damn about any of those outdated notions! They just decide, based on some bogus whim, to cancel you and your work – and no problem! 

**By the way, that’s why always need to keep extra archives and copies of everything! And it’s always good when fans keep extras – Historically, there were cases when the fans keeping copies saved authors’ work that was otherwise destroyed by some fascists, like the ones sitting in Amazon office!

Note that at no time anyone advised me of anything. The whole thing just vanished, without any warning! 

I did not sleep all night, tried to go to bed at almost 7am, then got up and went to write this post. It’s about 9:30 am right now, on October 31, 2022! I haven’t had a wink. What sleep? It’s too disturbing of a world to fall asleep! 

Amazon now shows the artifact pages for my books (as seen below), with no sale price; the ebook pages were completely deleted in all four instances. Links to these pages don’t work from my Bookstore

Each book page on Amazon normally includes both paperback and ebook, with prices and buy buttons, plus a lot of additional info and my other books listed next to it, for reference! None of that is now on any of the four books’ pages! When they say ‘see all buying options’ it usually means used books or third party, not Amazon. This also means hundreds of distributors worldwide also won’t be selling my books – their inventory has simply just disappeared! If anyone anywhere around the globe tries to buy my books… they are out of luck!

My two short novelettes disappeared altogether.

My author stats page also vanished: I can’t see anything, can’t edit, add or subtract, can’t order my own books – nothing, zero, zilch! They just quietly, without a word, kicked me out!

**I was too shy to promote my books more aggressively, like other authors do. That’s a shame – I should’ve! Then maybe more of my followers would own the paperbacks! As it stands now, I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to publish paperbacks again! 

Perhaps foolishly, I had my books published almost exclusively with Amazon as the main hub. From there, Amazon would distribute to international distributors worldwide. Once they delisted my books, it means all distributors worldwide now do not have access to my books either!

For example, this is Indiebound site, indicating that my book GEOPOLITICAL ​QUANTUM CALIBRATIONS is ‘on backorder.’ Other sites have a similar message, something like: ‘This book is not available at this time and we don’t know if and when it’ll become available.’ 


I haven’t updated my bio since 2013 or 2014. In it I say that I was born in Russia. The books of mine often talk about Russia and also China, such as Gold Train and The Earth Shifter. Geopolitical Quantum Calibrations are also in part about Russia, but also about 100 countries and various organizations of the world. 

In other words, Amazon as part of the ‘cancel culture’ is discriminating against me and banning my books based on nationality! This, by the way, is unconstitutional, according to the US laws – not that they care about any laws! 

Basically, it’s outright banditry! 


We’ll try to contact Amazon to see what’s going on, but I have a very nasty feeling…

This follows the pattern of YouTube, who demonetized my channel (actually need to check if it’s still there). This also follows the shadowban pattern all those google-shmoogle searches, what not, practice – and don’t I know it! 

But Amazon is somehow always brasher and nastier with their approach. I remember how they in one fell swoop deleted a whole slew of perfectly good and legitimate reviews for my books, just because they decided there were too many 5-star reviews! Many other authors complained of the same: it was a wholesale deletion of GOOD reviews. In case you were wondering: all 1 and 2 star reviews were perfectly safe, even if they were unfair. 

Actually, it’s a good wakeup call! Time to review a lot of approaches and do something new and better! The hell with nasty and uncaring Amazon! This behemoth treats everyone as inconsequential numbers! The only problem: they are by far the biggest and almost only game in town. This fat monopoly sells a lot more books than anyone else, and that’s why I was forced to work with them. I once delisted my books from Amazon, and tried to go exclusively with small and more honest distributors – and my sales dropped precipitously! People often have no choice. 

But if people who are interested in my books simply buy from me, then I cut the middleman and we all get a better deal!


I checked and preliminarily, some smaller hubs still sell one of my ebooks! I’ll make sense of it all and make sure the GOOD ones are listed front and center in my Bookstore – all correct links will be there very soon!

I will be going to Plan B, and Plan C, if necessary. I’ll publish my ebooks with other platforms I’ve neglected previously – and that was a mistake. 

**I might just begin hosting my own books at! If I do, you’ll be able to buy ebooks directly through my site – I’m quickly warming up to this idea! I could make those ebooks I sell personally signed, as a bonus. And I could make them printable! 

I’ll be looking into paperback publishing alternatives – but those are harder to find. 

I may even publish second editions. However, presently, I need to first get the originals back on track. Then we’ll see!

Those of you who managed to purchase my paperbacks before, well, you likely own a collectible. 🙂

I must say, the whole thing has been a nasty surprise. But I’ll be ok. 


For now, if you are new and interested in reading some descriptions and checking out some reviews, you can go to:

Author site – home page has info and all the links
Bookstore – I’ll be deleting all Amazon links and posting new ones for ebooks soon!
​​Reviews & Excerpts – I’ll be adding more reviews and excerpts soon! And possibly some freebies!

Individual books:




**Only QUANTUM CALIBRATIONS ebooks are still available with some of the distributors! I’ll be listing all my other ebooks with those who don’t do such disgusting things, such as D2D, Smashwords, Kobo and Barnes&Noble!

**As I said, Amazon has grown too filthy rich and too fat, and they think they can do whatever they want! This does often end badly in the end!

I’ll be deleting ALL Amazon links from my Bookstore and from, and adding the GOOD links! 

Hopefully, I’ll have some better news for you in a few days! 

Blessing to all,




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