A REALLY POWERFUL EYE-OPENING, HIGHER-DIMENSIONAL MATERIAL for those who want to know the real truth! (If you aren’t interested in the real truth, it’s not for you!)

Futurist Trendcast

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ORIGINAL POST: By Your Requests! My FREE ARTICLES on Hot Topics: Gay Issue and LGBTQ, Hoaxes, Alt Media & more!


In the past years I wrote several articles on various hot and controversial topics, explaining things in 3D from a higher-dimensional / multidimensional perspective. Those articles were written by multiple requests from my FUTURIST TRENDCAST and LR PATREON audience. Some of you asked me recently to re-share them.

The point of view is Multidimensional and Higher-Dimensional!

All pieces from FUTURIST TRENDCAST – click the links and read full repost below!

Also note – as usual! We never do and do not condone any sort of bashing, xenophobia or any phobia towards any group on Lada Ray Patreon or FT, or any of my platforms!

Always be respectful to all people and groups, and mind other people’s feelings! We always tell the Multidimensional truth, but we…

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