Some really great news for those interested in my exclusive, private Lada Ray Patreon membership!

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ORIGINAL LINK: Great News! Lada Ray Patreon Now Offers Both Monthly & Annual Subscriptions!

Friends, this is FYI!

My current members need not concern themselves with this, unless any of you are interested in switching to annual – then follow instructions below!

If you are thinking about joining, you now have two ways to do so!

This info is also now posted in “About Lada Ray” and “A Welcome from Lada Ray”!



now offers monthly and annual subscriptions!

It does not concern the current members in any way, unless you want to switch to annual, which can be done any time!

You get 5% off on your annual membership, which is mainly provided for the convenience of those who don’t want to remember their payment every month and want a peace of mind of knowing they will not be locked out of…

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