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I decided to reopen my Telegram!

On Telegram I am now also RealLadaRay – find me by using this link and SUBSCRIBE!

NEW TELEGRAM: https://t.me/RealLadaRay


As you know, my NEW RUMBLE CHANNEL is here: SUBSCRIBE TO RealLadaRay @ Rumble – POSTING NOW!


Also follow:

Twitter @LadaTweets – MY OLDEST ACTIVE SM!

On Twitter I pretty much announce everything I post for free on FT and now Rumble. But I usually do not announce my exclusive LADA RAY PATREON posts/reports and LadaRay.com events and happenings make it there only occasionally!

**To see what’s happening in PRIME go directly to LADA RAY PATREON and LadaRay.com!

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