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1st Christmas-New Year 2022 Moscow holiday videos are here (from GoodWalkers)!

Enjoy the holiday spirit!

⁴ᴷ⁶⁰ Walking Moscow: Christmas Walk 🎄 GUM Shopping Mall

There is a bit of the Christmas/NY Fair on Red Square but mainly the spectacular Red Square GUM (Main Universal Department Store/Mall). The whole mall is full of hundreds of holiday trees, which is the GUM trademark: each luxury intl. store on premises decorates their own, and it becomes their calling card/advertisement. But the famous main GUM NY tree is located in the central gallery – starts @ about 20:30. Also the best views are on the second floor and above, on 3rd (my tip ;)). The Second floor starts @ about 26:30. I think it’s a Monday or some less busy…

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