Lots of interesting and new things, incl. freebies and fun stuff! But we aren’t forgetting the geopolitics and the world changes, as we go through the Great Rebalancing and Earth Shift!

Futurist Trendcast


I haven’t posted my monthly lists for the past three months, so this becomes a 3-month, all-Autumn 2021 Wrap! Lots happened, many LRP posts, many changes and many LadaRay.com events to look back to, as we head into the final month of the year and get ready for the new adventure in 2022!

Dive in with me, and keep for your records, in case you want to revisit these works later!


😘 My awesome, loyal, tried and true LRPatreon family and friends: as always, so happy you are with me! You warm my heart!

😘 New LRPatreon members – a very warm welcome! Make yourselves comfy for our mutual 2022 journey ahead!

I’m so happy you made a solid commitment to support my work, while I am equally committed to providing you with the best content possible! In addition to the newest…

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