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Friends, thanks so much for the awesome testimonials and comments! 👍👍

I already posted the best ones on the QUANTUM REPORTS​ INFO PAGE.

Thought I’d post them here, as well!


My parents left a communist country to come to Canada for a better life. Now I’m considering leaving a rapidly approaching communist country to possibly return to the former communist country they left in order to be more free. How ironic. Thank you Lada. We are amongst the luckiest people in the world to know this info and plan accordingly.

Anka & Ljubo Bosanac
We couldn’t agree more with your definition of freedom. Thank you very much, Lada!❤️

Great report, Lada! Positive for the planet, but it will be ugly for us in the West. Worst thing is that the majority of the people – min the next 15 years – will still believe everything…

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