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Friends, thanks for all the wonderful comments in response to my latest post:

Nord Stream ahead!

Landmark Russia-Germany gas pipeline completedΒ 

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FT free repost: Nord Stream ahead! Landmark Russia-Germany gas pipelinecompleted


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John Casey

Wow! Big accomplishment and great prediction! I keep seeing sort of hints from the Russian side that the pipes could maybe, possibly, plausibly transport hydrogen too. Any truth to that, do you think? Thanks.

Lada Ray


Anthony R

Hooray! Big milestone for the Earth Shift πŸ™‚

Lada Ray

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Lada Ray

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Sebastien Chulu

Yes, Lada, you predicted long time ago. Here we have the confirmation. What accuracy in your predictions! Congrats.

Lada Ray


Teresa mc

Hurray!! And congrats to you BIG predictor!

Lada Ray



More to come,

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Best wishes,

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