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Welcome to Quantum Reports (QRs), next step in evolution of the famous Earth Shift Report! QRs are for those who’ve come to love Lada Ray’s writing style and who enjoy knowledge and reading. Your understanding of the world we live in will be greatly enriched, whether you are Lada’s old fan and follower, or are discovering her work and teachings for the first time! QRs boast a number of distinguishing features, such as Lada’s trademark Quantum Calibrations. Depending on the focus, each Quantum Report may also contain: Lada Ray’s world-renowned geopolitical and Earth Shift analysis, her special multidimensional predictions and/or claircognizant and clairvoyant revelations!

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Underneath all the noise and animosity by some countries, what are Russia the Great Balancer’s relations REALLY are with US, EU, UK, China, India, Turkey, Ukraine, Belarus, Venezuela, S. Africa, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, NATO, BRICS, SCO, ASEAN, and dozens of other countries and organizations? Want to know the real truth on What are Russia’s relations with YOUR country? Find out precise QUANTUM CALIBRATIONS, analysis, and Lada’s world-renowned predictions! This written report will give you clarity like only Lada Ray can! Includes generous bonus articles and new predictions on the US, USSR, Caucasus (Armenia/Azerbaijan/Turkey wars), the Balkans, the future of Africa and EU!


Fascinating Brand New Calibrations and Predictions for Russia and most significant world countries, organizations and unions! Hopeful, awful, surprising and shocking, and some, utterly predictable!

There’s nothing like Quantum Calibrations to take us straight to the very core of the issue. They cut to the chase and bring us the truth on a platter, like nothing else can! When in doubt, Quantum Calibrations bring us the ultimate clarity!
I am calibrating Russia’s current and near-future relations with over sixty countries and international/global/regional unions and organizations!

This includes 64 quantum calibrations with brief or expanded interpretations and predictions for the following:

  • All Anglo-American World countries, including, but no limited to, current Russia-USA relations (3 calibrations) and historic Cold War calibrations of the USSR-US relations – and it’s shocking how much better they were, compared to today
  • Special bonus article for the Anglo-American section, with analysis and PREDICTIONS
  • Russia’s relations with EU as a whole, with extensive bonus article, analytics and PREDICTIONS on the developing potential (unlikely) union between Russia-China-Germany
  • Plus many individual countries of the EU and non-EU Europe
  • Bonus article: insight and future of the Balkans
  • Post-Soviet space: several key individual countries and relations within EAEU and CIS
  • Bonus piece regarding Caucasus/Armenia/Turkey, revealing Azerbaijan’s real situation and Putin’s secret chess moves as part of Russia’s long Middle East – India – Asia game
  • **Separate category not fitting with others: the world’s extreme Russophobes!
  • **And guess who has the distinction of the world’s WORST Relations with Russia?
  • Moving on – key countries of the Middle East/Muslim World
  • SE Asia: India, China, Japan, Singapore and much more
  • L. America – several key countries and those on my close watch list
  • Africa sub-Saharan – whole continent; plus separately S. Africa and 2 others
  • Bonus prediction article on Russia-Africa relations and the future of the continent
  • Major regional unions and organizations, including EU, NATO, BRICS, SCO, ASEAN, etc.
  • Additional insight on the importance of ASEAN and why Russia has such good relationship with it
  • CONCLUSIONS & FINAL PREDICTIONS – very important, not to be missed!
  • What is Russia’s ultimate destiny in the 21st century and what will happen to certain countries!
  • LISTS: who and why has the BEST and worst relations with Russia!

The world countries’ and unions’ relations with Russia the Great Balancer are a litmus test to how well a certain country or regional organization is adjusting and coping with Earth Change and how smoothly and productively it will go through the Great Rebalancing. It also shows how well the Great Balancer is doing its job of rebalancing and harmonizing the world! This is why this report is so important!

If you enjoy my Quantum Calibrations, predictions, and my book Geopolitical & Geo-Economic Quantum Calibrations, you’ll love this special QUANTUM REPORT! It’s great on its own and it’s a complete work in its own right! Some love to listen and watch my EARTH SHIFT WEBINARS. However, I know that many of you follow me for my writings. For those of you who want it on paper, I have designed the new QUANTUM REPORTS! These new reports continue the tradition of the classic Earth Shift Reports which, by the way, will be going back on sale soon!

QUANTUM REPORTS are designed for all those who like to read and want Lada Ray’s Earth Shift Quantum Calibrations, Analysis, Intel and Predictions in a compact, yet all-encompassing form! It also is a great addition and expansion to my book and the new Webinar Series 4 and 5, as well as the classic Series 1!

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