Thank you so much for your wonderful and sincere testimonials! 

I am truly touched and They Made My Birthday! 💐💖

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What clients say!

Anthony R: 

Thank you Lada. I want to give a testimonial and say these consultations have changed our lives (myself and my wife) and those of our children, in the best possible ways! It is really quite remarkable 🙂

Polli Oliver: 

Dear Lada, I have seen therapists over the years, sometimes for long periods of time. I can say that i learned more and gained more deep insight and healing in the consultations I have had with you and in a much shorter time! I have also found that the healing has been ongoing, even after our series of sessions. I encourage anyone who is looking for amazing depth of self understanding and healing to take advantage of Lada’s gifts that are shared with great love and compassion.

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Pleased to introduce! New & Upgraded Lada Ray Consultations 2021!