As part of the Holiday Season 2020-21, I am hosting a new series of 3 EARTH SHIFT WEBINARS!

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Because of COVID I am not going anywhere for New Year’s and I have an opportunity to do all three live (and recorded) FUTURE PREDICTIONS WEBINARS in December 2020! Or we can do two in December and one in early January 2021, if fewer of you are available at the end of the month. Because of COVID restrictions many of you may be staying home too, and if so, these webinars may become your timely entertainment and an opportunity for an enlightened and forward-looking discussion during the otherwise quiet holiday season! 

Participating in my webinars will be time much better spent than watching the dull TV. And it’ll certainly will be the time and money well spent in preparation for the future! 

Make no mistake: the future will continue being full of turmoil, uncertainty and fast, often confusing change! It’s much better to meet it forewarned and forearmed!

Just to reiterate, my latest predictions on the US elections again came true! So did the predictions on the outcome of the Armenia-Azerbaijan Karabakh warTurkey, Russia’s involvement and Putin’s real game. All this was posted for my patrons on LRpatreon between October and November 2020! 

Not to mention my predictions for COVID not being nearly as bad or dangerous for people’s health as the official propaganda would tell you. Instead, COVID has decimated global economy and became the catalyst of change! All this was originally predicted in March 2020 on LRpatreon & greatly expanded in COVID-19 CATALYST & 2020-2026 PREDICTIONS webinars!

So fasten your seat belts and tune in, if you want to know what I think and foresee for the USA, Europe and China! Many things will change, much will be very different, and many surprises will take place!

This will also be a rare opportunity to get together in a nice, cozy group of like-minded people and get some of your burning questions answered!

Here are my new webinar banners and proposed schedule:

Proposed ESW15 DATE: December 8 or 9, 2020 (Tue-Wedn – TBD)

Proposed ESW16 DATE: DECEMBER 17, 2020 (Thurs)

(after the electoral college vote on Dec 14, which by the way, falls on the eclipse!)

Since due to COVID I am not going anywhere for New Year’s, I have an opportunity to do the China webinar on Dec 29 (Tuesday), if enough of you are available for live participation. Those of you who are staying home may welcome some intelligent discussion and forward-looking predictions just before the New Year 2021 strikes, since likely not much will be happening otherwise! (Well, Trump did threaten to start a new war with Iran, but let’s hope he doesn’t right before New Year’s.)

  • NOTE! The timing above does not concern those who want to purchase a recorded version of this webinar after the livestream! As always, the recorded version can be viewed any time, at your leisure, just like with all prior WEBINARS.

Proposed ESW17 DATES:

December 29, 2020 (Tue)


Beginning of January 2021 (likely either Jan 5 or 7 – TBD)


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