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Biden or Trump? 

Dear LRpatreon members, let me know if you want my


Fair warning! Not all of you may like what I have to say! Don’t shoot the messenger! My view of what will happen is higher-dimensional and neutral to either party! 

Please note that I really, really am not interested in any infighting. I will simply tell you the truth, as I see it multidimensionally!

For reference, just remember that my prior US election predictions all came true. That includes the wins of G.W. Bush, Obama and Trump. In late 2016-early 2017 I also made a prediction as to the 2020 US election outcome, and we’ll soon see how that pans out! 

Note: I do understand that some may be very passionate about their views and not all are able to take it when something is said about their country or politicians that’s not to their liking. I had people leave LRpatreon after I wrote something their own political views had trouble accepting, even if it was the absolute truth and my predictions later came true. Each of us has to decide for ourselves: what’s more important? 

I say the truth is most important, even if it’s not to someone’s liking. The truth is liberating and seeing everything from a higher-dimensional/multidimensional viewpoint is especially freeing. This is my specialty and that’s what we do on LRpatreon

If the majority of you respond favorably, 

MY PREDICTION WILL BE PUBLISHED EXCLUSIVELY ON LRpatreon ON NOVEMBER 1, as a special perk for my loyal members!

Also vote: do you want to hear my take on Amy Coney Barrett and how her Supreme Justice confirmation may shift the reality and affect the US Supreme Court?


I plan to create a series of 3 WEBINARS, to be tentatively released between the end of November and mid-December. 

The new WEBINARS will address: 

1. The post-Election Reality & Future of America

2. Karma & the Future of Europe

3. The Expansion & Future of China

NOTE! I haven’t included Russia in this set because we have other webinars on Russia and I talk about it a lot. I want to cover the superpowers that have not been covered as extensively, especially the EU and China. The US is included because of elections and the shifting ripple effect they will create for the US and the world! 

But if you want me to create a dedicated webinar on Russia’s future, with more fascinating new details, I’ll be happy to do that, eventually. Let me know in comments!

I am working on making the new webinars livestreamed!

This format means that those who participate during livestream will be able to text me questions that will be answered for them during webinar Q&A. 

For those who asked: onscreen, only I will be visible, and you’ll have full privacy. Your texted questions will be visible to webinar participants. The participation is easy: after payment I’ll send you instructions and your private live link. 

I plan a pre-purchase option for live participants; the seats are limited.

Alternatively, those not interested in live participation and in having their questions answered, will be able to purchase the webinars as usual, and listen to the recorded version any time at their leisure. 

There will be special discounts for LRpatreon members!

Vote in comments below & let me know your interests! 

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!


Since August, I’ve been doing major amounts of research, to bring to you my latest pieces!

The Belarus & Navalny/Novichok investigations became so big and views vary so much that I am still working on them, partially because it hits so close to home and it’s taking me some time to fit in my head how low some people can stoop and how humans manage to harm themselves through their own fallacy and hubris. Both the Belarus and Navalny-Germany-Novichok cases are notorious in that regard. Just when I thought I’ve seen everything after 2014 Kiev Maidan, those two cases hit a new low. At the same time, I am glad I waited to tell you the whole story, because now more and more silver lining is showing and I am already seeing the good that will come out of the previously lousy situations! 

And as you know, I love to give you guys hope for the future – call it my angelic nature ;). See most recent Q&A, where I talk more about that: WATCH FULL MULTIDIMENSIONAL Q&A 2: Reptilians, Greys, 6D-12D, Archangels, Moon Landing, 3D Reality, Humanoids & Human Experience, Akashic Records, Spirit Guides & more! (w. Beautiful Upstate NY Fall Nature!)

THE BEST NEWS! My Belarus Miracle & Navalny Conspiracy REPORTS are coming and they’ll probably be masterpieces, lol ;). 

Much has already been written by me and I’ll finish them just as soon as I can reconcile everything I have collected, in one coherent system. Bear with me – those will be major pieces I think you’ll enjoy reading because of the rare, probably unique material with a positive and entertaining, yet future-oriented spin!

 Meantime, life goes on and I continue releasing major pieces! 

Please read my major Oct 26 article!

Final Battle for Nord Stream-2! The Good & the Bad! (THE RING OF FIRE AROUND RUSSIA SERIES)

Also, don’t miss my latest big report, full of rare and unique info and predictions

Moldova Elections Signal Major Eurasian Shift! Epic Clash of Pro-Russia vs Pro-West Forces & the Future Failed Maidan (THE RING OF FIRE AROUND RUSSIA SERIES)


WATCH FULL MULTIDIMENSIONAL Q&A 2: Reptilians, Greys, 6D-12D, Archangels, Moon Landing, 3D Reality, Humanoids & Human Experience, Akashic Records, Spirit Guides & more! (w. Beautiful Upstate NY Fall Nature!)

Stay tuned! On Oct 29 I am releasing a new article: 

PUTIN-LAVROV ULTIMATUM: Russia May Discontinue Dialogue with US & EU? (My Predictions)