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The big day is nearing!


Today, I am revealing the Inside Front Page of my new book, which includes at-a-glance description!

The OFFICIAL BOOK COVER REVEAL is soon! I think it’s looking good and I am very excited about it!

In the next 2-3 weeks before and after the book release, I’ll be posting inside peeks, exclusive previews, excepts and much more!

Please stay with me!

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**Yesterday’s big report includes material from the book! Read FREE on Lada Ray Patreon:

MOLDOVA SHIFT & Igor Dodon, the Putin of E. Europe (Multidimensional Geopolitics, Quantum Calibrations & Election Predictions)!

Book release date: February 20, 2019!

This book will become a fascinating read, an unsurpassed research tool and a handy reference for all those who want to know where their country, continent and the world in general is moving, who want to understand the whole truth and underlying reasons for each country’s conditions, and for those who want to compare various countries and regions of the world for academic or practical reasons, such as decisions on relocation. But this book does more! It gives you an in-depth look at my new core theory of Quantum and Geo Calibrations, allowing you to get in touch with the higher consciousness through my brand of predictive futurism. It gives you a good glimpse at my other core theory and practice, namely The Great Earth Shift and Russia the Great Balancer.


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