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Today, after much deliberation, I finally decided to start my new Facebook page. We’ll see how this page develops and grows, but my hope is that it will be helpful if you follow FuturisTrendcast, LadaRay.com, LadaRayYouTube and my work in general, and if you also have your own Facebook account. Info on my various works and offerings will now also be posted on Facebook. I hope it will serve as an additional community link between like-minded people.

Link to Lada Ray Facebook Page

or url:


So, if you are FuturisTrendcast/ YT/ Twitter/ LadaRay.com follower, listener and reader, and also have a Facebook account, please stop by to say hello!


For those who’ve asked, I also have the following Internet / social media presence:

Main site LadaRay.com  (aka, LadaRay.info, aka, ladarayinfo.weebly.com – whichever you are used to is fine – all three will take you to the right place!)

Main blog & reader forum: FuturisTrendcast 

Additional: Lada Ray Blog (you are here now!)

Twitter @LadaTweets

Lada Ray YouTube channel   


Lada Ray Author Page on Amazon

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