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Deliberate cruelty, greed, gluttony and robbing others to enrich themselves: humans do this to each other, and to poor, innocent animals of Planet Earth.

Want your meat and your milk? This is what happens behind the scenes…

THE CRUEL PRICE OF MILK: cows and goats are artificially impregnated. Newly born baby animals are taken away from their mothers at birth, without allowing them to experience their mother’s love, so that humans could milk cows and goats for milk, yogurt, cheese and butter. Then helpless, hungry and terrified baby animals are sold for meat!

This is tweeted by a my Tweepal Maryanne (god bless her for her effort to help innocent animals who cannot help themselves).

Did you know….Mother goats do not forget the sound of their kids’ voices…even up to 17 months after they have been separated



Sorry for the graphic image, but I just couldn’t stand by and do nothing. Anyone who has any heart shouldn’t, when these things happen. 

  1. This pregnant cow was cut open with no anesthesia….Her baby was taken while she was dumped outside a Israeli dairy farm…to die in pain

    cow cruelly cut in israel and left to die.jpg

Doreen Virtue and her Hawaii rescue farm (Doreen has already saved 100 animals). Recently, she and her team rescued lambs being sold for slaughter:

In the beginning of this video Doreen talks about the baby cow and his mom they’ve rescued:

Blessings to all who show kindness, compassion and love to the most vulnerable and neglected.

Blessings to all those who protect those who cannot protect themselves…


Sweet dog Dasha, protectress of Donetsk

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