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Great and hopeful news for all of us, who feel the grave injustices of this world and who want to help the defenceless animals! Costa Rica Is Shutting Down Its Zoos And Freeing All Animals In Captivity!

Bless you for posting this, Lou! Let us hope that this initiative does go through and that it becomes an important global precedent.

What humans have done to our Planet Earth and her animals is truly appalling! It is time to reverse this horrible trend of enslaving other beings. It’s up to humans to grow up and realize they enslave themselves when they enslave others.

The word ‘civilization’ is misused and misunderstood by those humans who think they are superior to other beings. The word that should be used here is ‘CONSCIOUSNESS.’

When consciousness on our planet has grown sufficiently so that human race (or human civilization – the right usage of the word) at large realizes they can under no circumstances harm other beings, then our work is done. Only then the presently sequestered humanity would be allowed to truly rejoin the inter-galactic community.
(Please forgive me for digressing into cosmic matters, but all this is directly related).