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If I weren’t located so far away, I would have adopted this precious kitty in a second! And I would have never let her go.

On January 10, 2015, the beautiful long-haired cat called Masha became world-famous. Masha’s story went viral on the net and off.  Masha is a community cat adopted by an apartment block in the small city of Obninsk, located in the Kaluga region of Russia. She lives in a box in a private corner of the lobby, and neighbors take turns caring for her. Masha loves her freedom of coming and going as she pleases and she enjoys visiting various apartments to say hi. Masha is a very kind and gentle kitty.

On January 10, a retired lady from the nearby apartment heard Masha’s loud mewing, which surprised her as normally Masha was quiet, and moreover, she would come to her door to say hi. Thinking that perhaps Masha was hurt, she and others rushed to her box, where they discovered their favorite kitty cuddled next to the 2.5-month-old baby to keep him warm.

It appears someone placed the baby, who was well-nourished and well-dressed, along with extra clothes, food and diapers, in Masha’s box. Masha, who would soon be a mother too, kept the baby warm for several hours, while mewing to attract attention.

When the ambulance came to take the baby to the hospital, Masha, like a doting mother, kept circling around, making sure the baby was well taken care of. She wouldn’t calm down until the ambulance left.

The baby is doing well and thanks to Masha, he has not suffered from exposure at all. The investigators are looking for his parents. His name is unknown, but the hospital gave him the name of Ivan Petrovich Obninsky (after Obninsk, the city where Masha saved his life). Video report in Russian.

Many people have offered to help out and to adopt both the baby and Masha. Masha is now both local and world celebrity, but she longs for the privacy she used to enjoy. The celebrity status means dealing with cameras all the time. It seems for now Masha decided to stay with the kind people who always took care of her.

Video of Masha-the-cat and the retired lady who discovered the baby in her box. The lady says: It’s ok, Mashen’ka… she wants to go out. She is a bit agitated from all the attention. She’s been filmed even outside. I’ll come join you for a walk later, Mashen’ka.

Russia: Meet the hero cat who SAVED an abandoned baby

One more video about Masha with English subs: Hero cat rescues baby dumped in street by climbing in box to keep it warm in freezing conditions