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Russia Begins Here  – Здесь начинается Россия

A cool video about the Kamchatka Peninsula, one of Russia’s easternmost gems on the Pacific Ocean, accompanied by a Russian song about Kamchatka.

Lots of wild, untamed nature: active volcanoes, snow, bears, seals, birds and sea. Tourist expeditions are organized to see Kamchatka, including its amazing active volcanoes and hot springs. But the main reason Kamchatka has been preserved this pristine is because it’s so scarcely populated, also being very remote from the nearest ‘civilization.’ I can’t help thinking that it should stay this way until humans at large learn to be truly gentle and respectful of nature!

(So sorry all, for the regrettable moment with the fish in this clip! I didn’t notice it at first while being busy putting this vid up. I almost took it down after I did. Really wanted to reach into the vid, snatch that poor fish and throw it back in the water! In the end I decided to keep this post up, as this also shows what life is about in those parts.)