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Eastern Ukraine. In the midst of inhumanity and a barbaric war, one man’s kindness stands out! This man, Sergei, is the only one left on his street; everyone else has fled the constant attacks and shelling by the #Kiev junta army that aims specifically at people’s living quarters. People in #Donetsk had been living in cellars and all those who could, already fled to Russia or elsewhere.

The money and food are very tight in Donetsk. But Sergei (god bless him) still makes the rounds of his destroyed neighborhood and feeds the abandoned pets. He says, “I also have 3 cats and a dog and I couldn’t abandon these animals.”

The poor pets have to survive in the destroyed structures left after the street was bombed by #Ukraine army.

#kievjunta #ukronazi #animalrights #animalrescue #kindness #hero

Житель Донецка подкармливает оставленных беженцами домашних животных: Сергей — единственный житель Донецка, оставшийся жить на улице Мехлиса. Его соседи бежали когда начались обстрелы. Многие из них оставили на произвол судьбы домашних питомцев. С тех пор Сергей заботится о брошенных животных, ежедневно подкармливая их. При этом он сам является владельцем трех кошек и собаки.